Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monsanto, by any other Name, would be Murder Most Foul.

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‘You can teach a new dog old tricks’.

(Before we get into our world class deserving, Profile of Evil, let me make a brief statement. Several people mentioned that one should not air their dirty laundry in public. First of all, there was no dirty laundry. Second of all, if one doesn’t do it, it will be done for them, while they are in it. This is The Apocalypse, a fact I am particularly cognizant of. Sometimes things happen at these blogs, where the motivation is not readily apparent. Sometimes the reason for things is not the most obvious reason. I will add, in respect of this, the appearance of the individual from Origami, at the location mentioned in Smoking Mirrors. Now we’ll go back to the usual fare like nothing ever happened at all.)

There are few entities more richly deserving of a placement in Profiles of Evil than Monsanto; The Rothschilds, the pharmaceutical industry, the international arms industry, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto is right up there with them.

It should come as no surprise that Mon-Santo- My Satan- came into being as a Zionist enterprise. You can’t turn over a rock in a bad location, without that connection being made. You can seldom mention the pernicious effect of this demonic movement (Zionism), without someone coming along and telling you that they are just useful idiots being manipulated by others. You’re never going to convince me of this. I will concede that they are manipulated by the heart of darkness itself.

{I’d be remiss in my obligations if I didn’t, right now, mention the passing of one who was not a Profile in Evil. One of the great writers of our time, Joe Bageant passed on. If you’ve never read Joe, you’re in for a treat. I think I can say with some confidence that Joe has gone to his reward. Thank you, my friend, for your love affair with the truth. Thank you for doing it in public without shame. My greatest sorrow in your passing is that there aren’t more like you. I’m sorry I never got to sit on your porch with you and have a chat. You have my admiration and respect and I will see you up the road.}

There aren’t many companies that can claim they have caused hundreds, thousands of people to commit suicide, but Monsanto can. Monsanto is a modern version of The Black Plague and just as that was created by fleas hosted by rats well, I’ve no doubt Monsanto came into being by similar means.

There aren’t many companies that can claim to have successfully sued and ruined hundreds, thousands of farmers; some of the greatest unsung heroes of our times and one of the few, absolutely critical linchpins of society, but Monsanto can. There are probably no other companies that can claim the right and prove it; that a farmer has committed a crime when Monsanto’s demon seeds are carried on the wind and sprout in their fields, accidentally on purpose. How many companies can say that they even wound up with the farm that their seeds sprouted on?

Here are some of Monsanto’s fine contributions to contemporary life; dioxin, rBGH, PCBs and DDT. Monsanto also makes Roundup, the kissing cousin of Agent Orange. Monsanto also makes Agent Orange. Dow also made it, as did a few other firms. I’m mentioning this so that you don’t have to write in and tell me (grin). Here are the public kingpins of Monsanto. They’ve even got someone named ‘Snively’. Here are their major shareholders.

Monsanto must go the way of their product and be buried in the ground without the possibility of sprouting. It is permissible for them to grow in the opposite direction.

Monsanto has an army of lawyers around the globe, who operate under a common policy. It’s like Coca Cola and United Fruit in the third world. If there’s any particular property that they have in mind, all they’ve got to do is toss some seeds on it and then get a warrant. If you save your seeds, Monsanto can take your farm.

Let me tell you a little known fact about The Apocalypse. It is always attended by cosmic agency and it follows a schedule. It arrives at a particular time. Think of the planets of influence and their orbits as gears in a watch. The primary entry of The Apocalypse is awakening and this is accomplished through two mediums; external events and internal reactions. This is the initiatory stage. This stage is followed by identification of problem environments and a general response is stoked by governmental and economic policies. These are always in an oppressive state when The Apocalypse arrives and then they are amped up by cosmic forces that have a particular resolution in mind. A bellows is applied via public outrage, which is pumped up by increasingly insane antics, on the part of the ruling authorities; things like TSA, the lifestyles of the rich and famous and notable hypocrisies that are made known to those enduring under the bootheels of the psychopaths.

In the secondary, or it might be the tertiary phase, icons of industry, finance and government are made into targets, based on groundswells of evidence, concerning malfeasance and favoritism; bank bailouts, wars of various dimensions on the public, coupled with intensifying need. You are already seeing portions of this but it is about to go nova and the high and mighty are going to be living in direct fear of their lives. Monsanto is going to be right in the eye of this fury because they, like their vile associates in sister operations, are going to be inspired to behave ever more badly and their behavior is going to lead to increasing calamities upon the body public.

If you check your deck of cards, you will notice that The Jokers are now missing. They have become incarnate and animate and they are at work all over the place, turning every act of the high and mighty against them. Up to this point, The Apocalypse has only been engaged in minor tweaking; a little upskirt here, a little upskirt there, combined with some rattle and hum from Mother Nature and the assemblage of engaged entities that are now in motion for the benefit of humanity. It might not look like it is in humanities benefit, given all the exit tickets that are being handed out; the results of the misadventure in Japan are much worse than you are being led to believe, but there’s all sort of other dynamics coming up real soon and the whole shebang is in your interest.

As the poet said, “April is the cruelest month”, my spidey sense tells me this is unfortunately true but we’ll be walking in cruel shoes well past that. What doesn’t get mentioned very often, since it all looks like calamity is that good fortune and general cosmic benevolence is going to start falling upon various good folk, like rain in the desert so, you hang in there.

I haven’t said a great deal about Monsanto because most all of what I could say is known to you and, in any case, I want to invite the readers to add their details and perspectives into the comments section. This is a group effort and the quality of the readers that come here are the major portion of what makes these blogs the place to be. Is there a finer fellowship anywhere else? I don’t think so. This is no accident as will also be seen shortly. Oh there are some pretty mind bending surprises coming up but I’m not going to talk about those, because they wouldn’t be surprises then, would they?

Let me just say that you would have to hitchhike for a long way before you came across a nastier bunch of sleazy, killer clowns than Monsanto. As the play on words with the name says, they are agents of The Dark Lord, who is going to turn into an angel of light when judgment time comes around. What the Dark Lord does is compile the evidence concerning all of his followers and then turns into The Cosmic District Attorney. I’m talking about this because secondary and tertiary phases are coming around the corner and one doesn’t have to wait on the other because we are playing three dimensional chess with Escher.

I condemn you Monsanto and declare that your former protections are gone. I condemn you and declare you prize game in the context of open season. I tell you Monsanto that, though you think to cover the Earth like you were a paint company commercial, you are going to be hard pressed to find any portion of it to hide in. Almost anything can happen now and surprisingly quick, for that matter. Forget all you’ve formerly believed about time and the limitations of this plane of being because in any number of cases, they no longer apply.

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And, Patrick W. hits another bases loaded home run-

The Frayed Angels

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Gypsy scholar said...

Dear Fellow Caravanners,

We will soon get back to our regular programming about the world as it unfortunately is, after a brief personnal note.

I have been attending the Visible Caravan of Truth University in good faith for 4 years. I have researched and commented responsibly about a plethora of untruths the MSM tries to foist upon us. I have done my honest best to use only the truth in my contributed endevors.

Therewith it is with great pleasure that I accept my Bachelors of Truth from this fine institution of higher learning. My present plan is to continue my graduate studies here with a specialisation in the area of Rothschildean global hegemony.

My Masters degree will focus on how the people of all countries in the world can practically come out from under Rothschild universal central banking and debt slavery.

Thank you Dean Les for all your valuable lessons in truth during my four years of undergraduate studies here. Visible University is my true alma mater and very dear to my heart. Your "caravan" has made me into more than just another gypsy scholar.

Now back to work:
Before 9/11 there were 7 countries without Rothschild central banks;
Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Cuba.
I note a definite pattern here.

Afganistan: invaded (now central bank)
Iraq: invaded (now central bank)
Libya: invaded
North Korea: low level invasion
Iran: planned invasion (?)
Sudan: planned invasion (?)
Cuba: planned invasion (?)

9/11 was formulated by Rothschild in the UK and then carried out by israeli and US secrets services.

It was Rothschild who through a young Rockefeller 2½ years before 9/11, told Aaron Russo first hand that 9/11 would happen. This is confirmed in Russo's film: Freedom to Fascim. As a side note it was Aaron that introduced Ron Paul to the actual workings of the Rothschild controlled Federal reserve in America.

It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his family who lie behind all of the recent terror deeds: train bombing in Spain, London tube bombing, 9/11 demolition, and the invasions of Afganistan, Iraq, and now Libya.

Of note: in Spain, London and New York there were terror drills scheduled months in advance for the very day of the attacks.

There is a terror drill (with 100's of thousands of body bags, food and water supplies for millions of 'survivors') planned for the area of the middle America fault-line on the 30 April 2011.

There is ample, but not conclusive evidence, that the 3/11 earthquake off the north-east Japan coast was in fact precipitated by Rothschild controlled Haarp.

If the mid-west fault line ruptures on the 30 April 2011 and the Yellowstone volcano becomes active, perhaps the sleeping masses will finally awaken to their planned genocide at the hand of Rothschild.

192 of 197 countries and counting.

The truth will set us free.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I made two emotional outbursts to the life-eternal yesterday, the first was upon stepping outside after a rain and watching the pines swaying overhead in the wind, the sudden fresh gusts and sparkling leaves on the privets,

"i love you" (actually directed directly at the earth)

And then later back inside the house reflecting on the absurdity of being hampered in living by a gaggle of psychopath, no-talent moneychangers,

"it's time for these f*ckers to go down"

instant words flying away into the ether, leaving as fast as they came, and it did feel good, amen.

Visible said...

Well, it's not easy being me, make no mistake about that. The more I interact with people, the more I realize how frightened they are by the machinery of government. I'm using a lot more care in picking my associates, I can tell you that. I've got no room in my life for the fearful who tell themselves they are fighting the good fight and who run like scared little children the moment they get tested.

Anyway, please read the comments before you advise me to move on and not do this and not do that and you won't have to make your comment. If I say I'm not going to revisit this matter that means I'm not going to.

Some of you miss a very important feature of these blogs or maybe you don't even know what my general mindset is behind them.

I operate with transparency. You're going to have to live with that. Most of the time, I only involve myself occasionally in what happens here; autobiographical digressions, anecdotal tales and so forth but... these blogs are part and parcel of me and I enter into the mix no matter what. It can't be helped.

When I write a posting like this one, or the one at Origami, I have good reasons for doing it and usually it is because I am aware of certain things taking place and I want the reader to be aware of them too. When I mention getting high, which is RARE; should I type that again? RARE, I do it because there is nothing wrong with it and no criminal government is going to tell me what to do. I'm not afraid of them like so many people are. I've already taken their best shots. I did hard time in some hard places and they have routinely tried to kill me here and there but, unfortunately for them, my life is not in their hands.

If you want to be hiding in the woodwork and hope they don't see you then that's you. It isn't me.

I openly do what I do and I make no excuses. I am what I am and if someone tells lies about me I will print the truth and that includes admitting mistakes on my part should they have occurred. I'm not going to lie to you, no matter how convenient it might be for me and no matter how I might be able to get away with it, trusting in your good nature.

I had very good reasons for posting these recent articles and you will see the why of that when the time comes. You'll note that no one from these places has shown up to dispute my version. That's because my version is the truth.

Now I've got someone I really like angry at me because I don't play hideaway in fear of temporal forces. Their day is at an end. I can't be me and be afraid of these forces. It's not possible.

You may not like my having said what I did because you like me and don't want to see me go that route but given what's going on behind the scenes, I had no choice and sooner or later I would have to answer it one way or another anyway.

I know you like me. I know you trust me and I know, if I were smarter or more aware, I might know better how to do all of this but let me tell you, these things needed to be said.

I'm off now doing something else and you will remember now, should something similar surface, what you read here these days and there won't be the kind of concerns and questions there might have been if I hadn't done this.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, one final thing, Les Visible is not a pseudonym. It's what my passport and driver's license declare.

Visible said...

Gypsy Scholar, I'm giving you an A+ for this week's homework assignment.

Ben said...

As I've commented previously (back when I was still being "anonymous", Father God is allowing those who commit evil to "fill their cups". They will later drink from those cups they've filled.
Solomon, the second wisest man that ever lived, says something quite intriguing in his Ecclesiastes. He says this: "For to the one who pleases Him, God has given wisdom and knowledge and joy, but to the sinner (evil ones) He has given the business of gathering and collecting, only to give to one who pleases God."
One of the things the Cosmic District Attorney will do is to ensure that His people inherit (and make prudent use of) what the evil ones have collected over the past many many years.
Thanks for your blogs, Les. They are a witness to those whose eyes and ears are open and would be a warning to those whose eyes and ears are closed. However, as you know, those whose eyes and ears are closed do not see nor hear "warning".... they see and hear "threat" and react accordingly.

Visible said...

Damn Ben; you've really upped your game of late.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that there seem to be very few people who have a love for the truth. To those of us who do, Truth has a certain special shine.
There is no version Les.
You appear to be quite shiny Sir.
Forge ahead.


kenny said...

In my area cracks are beginning to form in the mysatan armour. The farmers are hesitant to come to terms with being duped by state ag agents and the Farm Bureau but are seeing one thing they understand ... loss of profit.

Poison resistant weeds are coming up in their fields and costs are getting out of control. The money factor may be the turning point but won't happen quickly as promises of new and improved will continue to influence.

Ben said...

It is the game itself which is being upped and as you know the stakes could not be higher. Absolutely great times! And again, thanks for your witness.

siamsam said...

Evil fookers are - well just read the headline it says it all.


God bless

Visible said...

Let me be very clear here about something I haven't said so far, I consider farmers, bauers to be the greatest souls among us. They are the ones who feed us and whose personal lives, often enough, are bookended by work and sacrifice. Small farmers, like local shopkeeters, give us all those easily forgotten amenities that we take for granted. How many of us understand how hard these farmers work or what is in their hearts, on the most part when they do?

I have my heroes which is why my contributions are shit alongside of them. i know who the real heroes are and I don't care about their politics or temporally held opinions. I know who does the hard work and who is close to the angels as they do. I know what little credit they get. One of the reasons that I love Willie Nelson and John Melencamp is that they put their money where their mouth is.

You know, I stayed on Maui ten years longer than I would have because it always looked like Willie would hear my songs. I wrote a lot of them for him. When the taxman came after his ass for giving his money to his friends, I said to myself, that's a man to admire, heart and soul. I never did get my songs to Willie but they do echo in our collective heart.

Willie and John are my natural brothers and I don't care how we might find distance between us personally. I would die over and over again in the hope they would appear, whether it was Blood on the Scarecrow or anything else.

The media never reports on the best among us but God sees and judgment is here now.

gurnygob said...

Like Willie Nelson would say, or sing.

"The harder they come (Monsanto)the harder they fall one and all."


Neko Kinoshita said...


Of course it’s about controlling (and destroying) the food supply.

They are also moving on controlling and poisoning the water.

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:12

I’m not hiding in the woodwork, but for the sake of the responsibilities, I don’t go out of my way to be a target either.

It’s all good Les, You just keep on doing that thing you do, and I’ll be echoing along.

Perhaps an old cat, can continue to learn new tunes. ♫ "Because a cat's the only cat who knows how to swing," ♫


Anonymous said...


Sowers of vile poison seed,
Reap thy tare; foul weeds;
Sibilants: Ssssso’s thy dread deed!

pax verbum

Visible said...

See? and I thought that was Jimmy Cliff.

Gypsy scholar said...

Where ever you see the word "zionist" just substitue the word Rothschild.

As stated at the beginning of these comments Rothschild and his family are directly behind the invasions of Afaganistan, Iraq, and now Libya.

The israelis and amerikans are a kind of foot-soldiers for Rothschild in his progression to universal global dominance through the establishing of Rothschild central banks in all 197 countries.

Proof that zionists (Rothschild) organised the invasion of Iraq:


Gypsy scholar said...

As per the first comment on the Monsanto post.

Libya now has a Rothschild central bank and 'rebels' have also begun exporting Libyan oil.


193 of 197 and counting.

Aside; Syrian gov't has now stepped down which leaves the flood-gates wide open for a Rothschild (long planned) invasion on Iran.

But hang on to your remotes sportsfans - Rothschild is in for a negative surprise in MHO.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Much needed. And honest farming is indeed likely the noblest of professions.

Aspartame btw, as I'm sure most people here know, is a Monsanto creation, and is about as "safe and harmless" as you can expect from Monsanto.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Donald Rumsfeld played a big role in Monsanto buying Searle Pharmaceutical after it created Aspartame, and sold under the trade name "Nutra-Sweet". Everyone involved with creating this nuro-toxin got raises and promotions. What a sick world we live in.

I lived in the mid-west in the late 90s, and got to know some of the old fashioned farmers. They aren't the conservative old fools that seem to rule in that part of the country. They know the land, they know the cycles and rhythms of the Earth, and they know natural rememdies as well. I always saw them in the natural food stores buying the homeopathic remedies for sore joints, etc...

The 80s is when war was declared on the farmer and the politics of the Populists got squashed.

My relatives from the old country were farmers when they came to America. It stopped with my grandfather when he went to college and became a pharmacist. He always made up our medicine when we were sick. He stayed true to his heritage of the land, and never ever gave up the natural way of medicine. Maybe that's what was passed down to me through the genes of my farming ancestors. Stay close to the land and nature. It feels so natural for me to do so.

M. Qaaddafi said...

Gaddafi demands coalition stop genocide on Libya

Mar 29, 2011, 12:45 GMT

Cairo/Tripoli - Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi called on coalition representatives gathered for a conference in London Tuesday to stop the genocide on Libya.

Foreign ministers and senior representatives of the United Nations, NATO, and the Arab League gathered for an international conference aimed at working out the next steps in the conflict.

"Stop your brutal unjust attack on Libya. Leave Libya to the Libyans, you are committing a genocide on peaceful people and destroying a developing country," Gaddafi said in the letter carried by the official JANA news agency.

Gaddafi said the conflict in his country was created in order to implement a new crusade or neo-colonial plan (read new world order).

"What is happening now is a support for al-Qaeda, so it can control North Africa and turn it into another Afghanistan," said colonel Gaddafi.

He added that "hundreds of Libyans" are killed by the airstrikes.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Hew to the line;
Let the quips fall where they may."

Sergej said...

Add another freah crime there. Yet another win for the Frankenstein lobby - the EU "parliament" just decided NOT to ban cloned flesh in the EU as of today.

To add insult to injury, they also ruled that no labeling on the packaging is needed, so the sheeple don't start asking stupid questions, god beware.

How far will they go for god's sake? Don't these idiots even care about their own children, who WILL inevitably also consume that junk?

Just disgusting.

Biblar said...

I have to admit I only became wholly aware of; and deeply interested in Monsanto, along with it's many malevolent undercurrents when the comapny began bringing lawsuits against farmers for so called patent infringement.

It's incredible sometimes how the human brain/mind can instantly strengthen associations, via language, visions, memories and connections, even when ones outer knowledge of the subject matter in question is severely limited.

When I first became aware of Monsanto's work in genetically modifying plant cells back in the eighties I had, for some unexplicable reason (then), an instant visual association with a film I watched years before titled 'Soylent Green'.

Only later when Monsanto's work and potentially ominous role within the world food chain, did this resonate.

Another funny thing; I've always had a morbid dislike of clowns.

Josh in North Carolina said...

Les said,"The Apocalypse follows a schedule, is attended by a cosmic agency, and arrives at a particular time." "Think of the planets of influence and their orbits as gears in a watch." Heh Heh READY OR NOT HERE I CUUMMMM!!!!!! Yeah I think I can time the Apocalypse according to the monumental transits, progressions, and solar returns that I am currently experiencing. If my calculations are correct(grin), the largest fireworks will be here by July or August and the entire landscape will be changed by October or November. I resonated with what you said Les at the last SM post where you said the larger events aren't quite here yet but will be very soon. As far as how the astrology relates to me, Neptune and Pluto are heavily involved but actually pretty much everything is involved. I've got planets making five passes across my ascendant by transit, conjunctions and trines by transit, multiple planets changing houses by progression one right after the other, solar return eclipses that fall on my birthday, the whole she-bang. It started for me around 2008 and won't quiet down until 2013. I am definitely feeling it right now. I'm doing what I can and I can only hope I'm ready. If I'm not, what will be will be and I am as ready as I will ever be for that as well. Poison in the food, poison in the water, poison in the air. What a world we live in. I think I got a closer view the other day of the goons spraying their chentrails. The plane was flying lower than usual and I could almost clearly see the extra sprayers attached to the back that was putting out an extra stream of chemtrail beside the regular contrail. Thick stuff and it didn't dissapear. As a comparison, other jets where flying at the same time and there were no extra streams being released from these other jets. You could plainly see the difference. They may be spraying poisons but I know for a fact this stuff blocks out the sun and I really get tired of the constant grey cloudy overcast days. The truly sunny days here in NC are few and far in between compared to what they would naturally be if they weren't spraying. Spring is here now so the sunny days are on the increase. On another note, went dumpster diving last night. It was time to stock up again. Arrived and saw two stray cats, one black and white and one orange and white. Black and white fled, didn't get to feed it. Orange and white stayed, I gave it some food and it ate. Fed it last time I was there too. It's a sweet kitty, very vocal and will talk back, maybe a female. We bonded. Tame too, someone else may be feeding it as well. Has a den under a couch and some pallets that are at the pond's edge which is behind the dumpster. Meow Meow from the dumpster indeed. Peace yall', Pond Owl

Anonymous said...

agent orange
demon seeds
of broken knowledge
ruptured chords
killing feilds
poisons ground
frustrates the mind
disturbs the sound
below and down
monsanto satan
a living death
collapsed vibration


James W. said...

Les, what will happen in April, please be more specific, trust me, it won't be a good surprise for me, I've been recovering from another heart attack I had the night of January 15 just worrying about everything, I hope I live to see another day.


Anonymous said...

congratulations gypsy scholar,
rothschildean pig stench and israhell is going down bigtime is one of my favorites too..well done,
I still have a little work to do on my bachelor of truths though,but hope to be their some point this year....

respects neil

Josh in North Carolina said...

Yeah I enjoyed reading Joe Bageant too. I'm from a younger generation and I just discovered him months ago but I'm from the South and I have some Irish blood running through my veins so I never could resist seeing what Joe had to say. Godspeed Joe, off to see that Spirit in the Sky. Pond Owl

Anonymous said...

Les, here is a little clip about monsanto and a suggestion for the next Profile.....



Although in 1970 GE had been warned by Monsanto - the manufacturer of PCBs - to prevent PCBs from entering the environment, GE discharged PCBs until 1977.

Now for my suggestion for the next prifile...(grin)


Neko Kinoshita said...

Such good Karma Josh.

Anonymous said...

We must also consider that "loathsome toad's" contribution to these ends as he was quoted as saying "contol the oil, you control nations - control the food, you control the population" or something similiar.
These clowns are just a further manifestaion of the Rockefeller's "green revolution" - which was merely a continuation of their eugenics program.
Hybridization was only the first step in our dependency on these bastards.
My first exposure to this agenda was back in the early 80's when the family farm I grew up on was foreclosed on by the same vultures that have waged this multi pronged war on humanity for centuries. I did not have access to the info to make the connection at the time, nor the inclination to look any further.
I almost can't wait for the day to arrive when we are rid of this scum.
By the way Les, thanks for taking the time to write this one.
I emailed you the nomination.
Mysterious ways to be sure, had these events not transpired as they did, I would have most certainly held much different views than I do now.



Odin's Raven said...

Here's a hopeful message from someone who claims that nature is more proficient at clearing things like radiation than we are told, and that avoiding fear greatly lessens the likelihood of incurring a lethal illness from radiation.


"Nature has a multitude of ways of removing toxins and radiations out of the environment. Even the bacteria in the ocean are converting poisons into fish food quicker than textbooks would state. As long as the toxic load is not too high, nature will remove the fallout in months; not decades or millennia.

The poisoning of the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico with heavy metals in Corexit was an attempt to slow transmutation and the natural processes which would have cleared the Gulf of petroleum and the radiation created by the nukes used by BP to reach Abiotic Oil. Fortunately, there are bacteria that eat arsenic; like children eat ice cream.

Somehow, this information has to reach the Japanese people, as the decades-old fears of radiation could kill more people than the tsunami did.

Eliminating fear is a Zen practise. It is time all Japanese practise their old traditions and overcome all fears. "

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to play right now, so I'll be short and clear on this subject"FUCK MONSANTO"!

Anonymous said...

Is this farfetched or horrifically possible?




Anonymous said...

NSW Australia, the 16 year Labor government has just been decimated by a people fed up with corporatised corruption and incompetence. The downside is that the 13% swing went mainly to the more right wing Liberal party. Gives me a taste of the how the Apocalypse might look though, in the early stages.

Unfortunately I use a couple of Monsanto products, roundup and Grazon. I use them judiciously and aware of who's products I am using. It's a devil's choice though. They orignally said Roundup was "biodegradable" but that label disappeared, unlike the Roundup. Grazon is 'beaut. It kills the weeds whilst leaving the grass, just like the Apocalpyse is said to, when the cows come home.

A question for you Les, 'if' the Apocalypse of which you speak does not eventuate in the next few years, would that matter to you? would you have a crisis in confidence? would you change the time line?. I ask this with the view myself that it doesn't matter, as long as each person adopts propper process and attitudes, regardless of proofs. (and chekkily I'll bring up the scene in Monty Python Life Of Brian, the prophets tin pan alley.
- please laugh, it helps us to stay sane. I vote for the third guy, he's so specific. hehe)

checking your draft of new book, slowly. will email later today.

let me plonk this one by Oscar Widle.
"America is the only country to go from barbarianism to decadence without passing through civilisation."


ps Looks like Ghadaffi fails the "Al Queda exists" test.

Daphne said...

Les, you said:
"Let me be very clear here about something I haven't said so far, I consider farmers, bauers to be the greatest souls among us. They are the ones who feed us and whose personal lives, often enough, are bookended by work and sacrifice. Small farmers, like local shopkeeters, give us all those easily forgotten amenities that we take for granted. How many of us understand how hard these farmers work or what is in their hearts, on the most part when they do?"

I worked on a small dairy and pig farm in Australia for 17 years. These were the hardest years of my life. But although I would not go through it again, I value that time. I understand exactly what you say. In Russia they destroyed the serfs. In America, Australia and all over the western world, they have nearly completed the job of destroying the small farmer. When it is too late, city dwellers will understand how important they are (or were).

One great thing that is occurring in many places is the "Farmers Markets". Perhaps this concept will save lives when the time of hunger arrives.

Les, I love your work. Truth is my passion and I find it more completely here than anywhere else. So thank you. Daphne

Anonymous said...

To James W

relax. Make your peace with The Almighty - whoever/whatever that may mean for you personally...if you haven't already done so. And be at peace. Neither you nor I nor any individual can change what is to come or when or how, so, try not to expend precious energy on such thoughts. Instead, reflect upon the good things - both interior and exterior, and, most of all, have FAITH!

Chin-up, buddy!

God bless one and all.

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion.

Josh in North Carolina said...

Yeah just a few weeks ago I was perusing the internet and I was looking at some site and wouldn't ya know up popped a Monsanto ad. I also see the Monsanto signs when I go walking through town on the fence and the building of the agricultural warehouse/store. Neat little names and numbers for all their genetically modified seeds and their chemicals and poisons. Makes me sick. I don't have a garden but I worked a bit with someone who did a while back and the local garden greenhouse and shop is full of GM plants. I'm sure most of you already know this as at this site I'm just preaching to the choir. Anyways it was full of GM plants and I'd say only about 25% of the plants were natural(I think that's what you call heirloom?). You would think the home gardeners would be more aware and active and demand natural plants as it's not related to the almighty dollar like the large scale farming, but no. They just buy what's in front of them like zombies. Like Joe Bageant said, "America, why ur peeps be so dumb"? Okay, back to the stupid fucking internet Monsanto ad. This ad popped up and it was showing multiple pictures of American farmers and farm families. It was showing pictures of these salt-of-the-earth, humble, hard-working, good people and of course Monsanto was associating there name with it as if it had any fucking thing to do with these people. That's what the bad guys do they put out this psycho mind-trickery bullshit to fog up the truth and confuse people. Monsanto was spouting shit in the ad like "We stand behind America's farm families" and other such blatant lies and putting up pictures of these honest people alongside their lies. To fog up the truth. See what I mean? I know you do(grin). Those kinds of techniques are used commonly to brainwash the public on any number of subjects. Since coming to this site I've gotten a better idea why some people can't or won't see or do anything about this deception but it still amazes me to see such large masses of people swallow this bullshit. So much of it has to do with the "almighty dollar". Thank God my interest in that has always been, I think it's safe to say, below average, when compared to my fellow citizens. So I think that even as a young dumb teen that was one of my first weapons in seeing through the lies. I had below average interest in materialism and working 40 hours a week for the system. I just wanted to fucking party.(grin) Peace y'all, Pond Owl

G. Scholar said...


"If you control the food you control the people, if you control the energy you can control continents, and if you control the money you can control the world."

Rothschild bought the media (aka MSM) and that is why you almost never hear a disparaging word about the man/family who control the world.

And it isn't with grandfatherly benevolence - just look around you.

Gypsy said...


Thank you. I do it because I love it.

Now if I could only get a real time, real life meeting with Evelyn to point out what he is doing and to politely ask him to stop.

At least I'd like to give it a try.

The alternative will be all of mankind warring and killing each other in an Armageddon scenario.

It will be a lose/lose for everyone - including him. So unless he (Rothschild) is the devil incarnate who desires mankind's complete destruction, he really should take the meeting. I'll be taking Dean Les to do the taking.

If no meeting can be arranged, then Rothschild as being the devil incarnate will be confirmed as fact, and in that unfortunate scenario - God himself is going to have to send Jesus back to sort this whole thing out because we mortals cannot.

Study hard.


Gypsy Scholar B.T.

Visible said...

I'm looking directly at it. Why would I have to change my mind? Ask me again in the fall (grin).

Hey mister, you got a moment? said...

"Mr. Katsumata, 71, is taking over leadership of Tokyo Electric Power after the president, Masataka Shimizu, 66, was hospitalized. Mr. Shimizu was being treated for hypertension and dizziness, and drove himself to the hospital, the company said. Mr. Katsumata said he expected Mr. Shimizu to return to work soon.

Mr. Katsumata also offered his “sincere apologies” to those affected by the nuclear crisis, which has forced thousands of people to evacuate the area around the plant and left farmers unable to sell radiation-tainted produce.

Earlier on Wednesday, Japan’s nuclear safety agency said seawater tested near the Fukushima Daiichi plant was found to contain sharply increased levels of radioactive iodine.

The sampling, taken on Tuesday about 300 yards off the coast from the plant, was found to contain iodine 131 at 3,355 times the safety standard, said Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director general of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. He said the readings posed no immediate threat to public health, and no fishing was being conducted in the area."

Well. So the man ultimately responsible phoned in sick. How convenient for him. And the man subbing for him said he was "sorry" - so I suppose that makes everything alright.

Except, why if there is no immediate threat to human health, why is there a ban on fishing in the water around Fukushima?

This absurd contradiction occurs in the very same sentence!

I wonder if Rothschild is realising his 'I'll show those Japs who's boss with a little help from my haarp' got a little out of hand (grin).

This could end up being a planetary shake'n'bake for hundreds of thousands of years (plutonium half life).

If we all become sterile and start getting rampant cancer growths within the next couple of years we'll have our answer.

Maybe Gaia has had enough of the whole ungrateful bunch of us. I heard cockroaches will survive though. Maybe in a few billion years a new human form will evolve.

It's been a rush was it lasted.


Jeffrey: I'm melt(down) said...

"I nominate Jeffrey Immelt.

Immelt is chairman and CEO of General Electric. General Electric designed all six of the faulty Fukushima reactors. General Electric built three of them. General Electric claimed it was safe to build these reactors next to the ocean in an earthquake zone. General Electric built 23 reactors in the United States exactly like the ones melting down right now in Japan. General Electric has made colossal profits promoting nuclear power in Japan and around the world. Jeffrey Immelt made $15.2 million last year.

He makes the most money, it’s his company, and he tells everyone else what to do. At any time since taking over GE in 2000, he could have said, “Those plants are too dangerous. We sold them to Japan. We need to shut them down.” He didn’t do that. Hence the nuclear waste in Tokyo’s drinking water belongs to Jeffrey Immelt.

This is what Immelt says on the GE website: “I’m out talking about this company seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with nothing to hide. We’re a 130-year-old company that has a great record of high-quality leadership and a culture of integrity.”

That is the statement of a moral turd. A shameless, sociopathic, moral turd."

You can't make this stuuf up said...

For all that, GE has been named “America’s Most Admired Company” in a poll conducted by Fortune magazine.

For all that, Jeffrey Immelt has been named Chairman of Obama’s Economic Advisory Panel.

For all that, I say give Jeffrey Immelt a one-way ticket to Fukushima and a bucket of wet cement. While he’s pouring it on the burning fuel rods, he can throw in his MBA from Harvard.

Then give another one-way ticket and bucket of wet cement to Jack Welch, who was head of GE from 1981 to 2000. He can toss his #1 best-selling autobiography, Jack: Straight from the Gut, onto the fuel rods as well.

Then the Japanese get to pick between their prime minister and the head of the Tokyo Electric Power Company. But GE should go first. It’s the honorable way. Harakiri for the 21st century.

Erik said...

James W.

It would be easy for me to say to you "You shouldn't worry, it's bad for your heart-condition"

I have been on 'the worrying side' for a major part of my life, and it literally brought me on 'the very verge of death'

As Les keeps saying: "It's all under control", and some of this control is beautifully 'portrayed' by our astrologer friend Pond Owl here on the blogs ...

If it's all under control, why worry ..?

Anonymous said...

Les and everone else, take a moment if you can spare a moment and go here...


You will find the comments and links are priceless.... Thanks.

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Hey Mom, is that Me in The Petri Dish?.

Terrance said...

Josh.... Orgone cloud buster ....look it up! It works....

Mad Farmers Liberation Front said...

Please, please, please support your local, organic farmer wherever possible.

Monsanto have many good people Pharming instead of Farming. Yes some conventional farmers are aware of the problems Pharming is causing the soil but still many millions couldn't bare the thought of raising food without chemical because they HONESTLY don't think it is possible.

It's a spell and anyone who eats must do their best to support organic growers to ensure the movement continues.

Community Supported Agriculture and farmer's markets are the best for scale, seasonality and connection to the land.

We've started a new model of CSA in Australia called organicfarmshare.com where city folk OWN the farm (how the fuk am I going to buy a farm on farm wages??).

Honestly "they" have us all by the short and curleys. Farmers are leaving the land in droves because the next generation head to the cities for bigger dollars.

Sir Albert Howard said, "the future of our civilisation depends on the fertility of the soil".

Monsanto are mother fukers. They are fuking our earth mother deliberately. It's like living inside the movie avatar.

But as one famous organic farmer Wendell Berry said,

"Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do".

Visible said...

A rather hodge podge Origami-

Here Comes April. Don't be a Fool.

fioan said...

Monsanto, rothschild et al all this operates at low vibrational speed and so the way to go surely is to raise our vibrational speed through whatever inner work your gut/intuition leads you to. They do not hold power they hold force, we on the other hand are power when we raise our vibrational energetic vibration because once more and more do that game over - hopefully that will be before helter skelter gets worst, otherwise in for 'bumpy' (understatement) few years.

Just reading chapter 19 of alvin boyd kuhn - rebirth of christianity today and it summerised succinctly for me the 'hell' I see when I look out from here in Cornwall - it realy hit the rothschild nail on the head for me. Also caught up with the blue star prophecy of the hopi....chaos, check; genocide, check, empty people walking around, check...

wordy again, sorry.

Mo visible said...

Don't post much here, but read incessantly, Don't know why but Jimi Hendrixs' line " Go ahead on ,mr. business man (rothchild) you can't dress like me", or think like me or love like me, or go where I'm going, thank God, "sing on brother, play on drummer" because les is more than..
highest regards
Mo Visable

Visible said...

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There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

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There is a new Les Visible posting up-

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Redneck said...

Me and my Family farm. Have been doing so for Generations.

I will say this, although Monsanto is evil; we all know this, it is very hard today to farm without using their products. It is a regret that many share deep inside, and anger as well.

We dont use their products, only because we dont farm much anymore. Our ranch land is about the only thing making money today, with hunting leases, and such.

I dont like hunting leases, but we have to pay very high taxes on our land that goes to the local Municipalities, and farm and ranchers are the only thing keeping these municipalities afloat.

We own around 7 thousand acres of land. Because of that amount, when my Mom dies, me and my sister will have to pay the Government around 1.5 Million dollars for "inheritance tax".

So we will mostly go under.

Its a very weird feeling working land that you know will be gone from your family one day, that has been in your family for Generations.

But that is what they are doing, and redistributing wealth and land, by the inheritance tax.

Here in Texas all the large Ranches are mostly gone. Im talking hundreds of thousands of acres that have been in families for years.

And Monsanto is behind this as well. Their lobby groups are behind the inheritance tax of today, so that they then come in and buy the land up at half the value, after the land is sold to pay the worthless bas*****.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this forever, as it really chaps my hide, but it is just a waste of energy.

Keep up your musings and thoughts Les, they comfort the soul in these difficult times..

Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

Great Les, as ever and a useful pointer to further research, as if it's not staring everyone in the face by now (Libya rebels set up central bank blah blah crap).

FYI - Fritz was released to a halfway house under one injunction amongst many not to get involved in 'any politics' - http://www.henrymakow.com/fritz_springmeier_released_fro.html

then re-imprisoned:-

Evil Bauer Web doesn't get more blatant than that. His "Monarch" is worth a read, too, IMO:-


as is another whistleblower; this time from on high in MI6:-

John Coleman - Diplomacy by Deception
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/diplomacy_deception/diplomacy_deception.htm#Table%20Of%20Contents -

John Coleman - Conspirators Hierarchy

justabod with love