Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monsanto, by any other Name, would be Murder Most Foul.

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‘You can teach a new dog old tricks’.

(Before we get into our world class deserving, Profile of Evil, let me make a brief statement. Several people mentioned that one should not air their dirty laundry in public. First of all, there was no dirty laundry. Second of all, if one doesn’t do it, it will be done for them, while they are in it. This is The Apocalypse, a fact I am particularly cognizant of. Sometimes things happen at these blogs, where the motivation is not readily apparent. Sometimes the reason for things is not the most obvious reason. I will add, in respect of this, the appearance of the individual from Origami, at the location mentioned in Smoking Mirrors. Now we’ll go back to the usual fare like nothing ever happened at all.)

There are few entities more richly deserving of a placement in Profiles of Evil than Monsanto; The Rothschilds, the pharmaceutical industry, the international arms industry, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto is right up there with them.

It should come as no surprise that Mon-Santo- My Satan- came into being as a Zionist enterprise. You can’t turn over a rock in a bad location, without that connection being made. You can seldom mention the pernicious effect of this demonic movement (Zionism), without someone coming along and telling you that they are just useful idiots being manipulated by others. You’re never going to convince me of this. I will concede that they are manipulated by the heart of darkness itself.

{I’d be remiss in my obligations if I didn’t, right now, mention the passing of one who was not a Profile in Evil. One of the great writers of our time, Joe Bageant passed on. If you’ve never read Joe, you’re in for a treat. I think I can say with some confidence that Joe has gone to his reward. Thank you, my friend, for your love affair with the truth. Thank you for doing it in public without shame. My greatest sorrow in your passing is that there aren’t more like you. I’m sorry I never got to sit on your porch with you and have a chat. You have my admiration and respect and I will see you up the road.}

There aren’t many companies that can claim they have caused hundreds, thousands of people to commit suicide, but Monsanto can. Monsanto is a modern version of The Black Plague and just as that was created by fleas hosted by rats well, I’ve no doubt Monsanto came into being by similar means.

There aren’t many companies that can claim to have successfully sued and ruined hundreds, thousands of farmers; some of the greatest unsung heroes of our times and one of the few, absolutely critical linchpins of society, but Monsanto can. There are probably no other companies that can claim the right and prove it; that a farmer has committed a crime when Monsanto’s demon seeds are carried on the wind and sprout in their fields, accidentally on purpose. How many companies can say that they even wound up with the farm that their seeds sprouted on?

Here are some of Monsanto’s fine contributions to contemporary life; dioxin, rBGH, PCBs and DDT. Monsanto also makes Roundup, the kissing cousin of Agent Orange. Monsanto also makes Agent Orange. Dow also made it, as did a few other firms. I’m mentioning this so that you don’t have to write in and tell me (grin). Here are the public kingpins of Monsanto. They’ve even got someone named ‘Snively’. Here are their major shareholders.

Monsanto must go the way of their product and be buried in the ground without the possibility of sprouting. It is permissible for them to grow in the opposite direction.

Monsanto has an army of lawyers around the globe, who operate under a common policy. It’s like Coca Cola and United Fruit in the third world. If there’s any particular property that they have in mind, all they’ve got to do is toss some seeds on it and then get a warrant. If you save your seeds, Monsanto can take your farm.

Let me tell you a little known fact about The Apocalypse. It is always attended by cosmic agency and it follows a schedule. It arrives at a particular time. Think of the planets of influence and their orbits as gears in a watch. The primary entry of The Apocalypse is awakening and this is accomplished through two mediums; external events and internal reactions. This is the initiatory stage. This stage is followed by identification of problem environments and a general response is stoked by governmental and economic policies. These are always in an oppressive state when The Apocalypse arrives and then they are amped up by cosmic forces that have a particular resolution in mind. A bellows is applied via public outrage, which is pumped up by increasingly insane antics, on the part of the ruling authorities; things like TSA, the lifestyles of the rich and famous and notable hypocrisies that are made known to those enduring under the bootheels of the psychopaths.

In the secondary, or it might be the tertiary phase, icons of industry, finance and government are made into targets, based on groundswells of evidence, concerning malfeasance and favoritism; bank bailouts, wars of various dimensions on the public, coupled with intensifying need. You are already seeing portions of this but it is about to go nova and the high and mighty are going to be living in direct fear of their lives. Monsanto is going to be right in the eye of this fury because they, like their vile associates in sister operations, are going to be inspired to behave ever more badly and their behavior is going to lead to increasing calamities upon the body public.

If you check your deck of cards, you will notice that The Jokers are now missing. They have become incarnate and animate and they are at work all over the place, turning every act of the high and mighty against them. Up to this point, The Apocalypse has only been engaged in minor tweaking; a little upskirt here, a little upskirt there, combined with some rattle and hum from Mother Nature and the assemblage of engaged entities that are now in motion for the benefit of humanity. It might not look like it is in humanities benefit, given all the exit tickets that are being handed out; the results of the misadventure in Japan are much worse than you are being led to believe, but there’s all sort of other dynamics coming up real soon and the whole shebang is in your interest.

As the poet said, “April is the cruelest month”, my spidey sense tells me this is unfortunately true but we’ll be walking in cruel shoes well past that. What doesn’t get mentioned very often, since it all looks like calamity is that good fortune and general cosmic benevolence is going to start falling upon various good folk, like rain in the desert so, you hang in there.

I haven’t said a great deal about Monsanto because most all of what I could say is known to you and, in any case, I want to invite the readers to add their details and perspectives into the comments section. This is a group effort and the quality of the readers that come here are the major portion of what makes these blogs the place to be. Is there a finer fellowship anywhere else? I don’t think so. This is no accident as will also be seen shortly. Oh there are some pretty mind bending surprises coming up but I’m not going to talk about those, because they wouldn’t be surprises then, would they?

Let me just say that you would have to hitchhike for a long way before you came across a nastier bunch of sleazy, killer clowns than Monsanto. As the play on words with the name says, they are agents of The Dark Lord, who is going to turn into an angel of light when judgment time comes around. What the Dark Lord does is compile the evidence concerning all of his followers and then turns into The Cosmic District Attorney. I’m talking about this because secondary and tertiary phases are coming around the corner and one doesn’t have to wait on the other because we are playing three dimensional chess with Escher.

I condemn you Monsanto and declare that your former protections are gone. I condemn you and declare you prize game in the context of open season. I tell you Monsanto that, though you think to cover the Earth like you were a paint company commercial, you are going to be hard pressed to find any portion of it to hide in. Almost anything can happen now and surprisingly quick, for that matter. Forget all you’ve formerly believed about time and the limitations of this plane of being because in any number of cases, they no longer apply.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Israel; the Ace of Spades of Evil.

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‘There are some things a dog won’t do, that’s why there are Israelis’.

Well, I do take requests. It’s nice to warm up because it’s been a while since I did any performing but that’s on the docket, coming up, so I hear. Speaking of requests, someone asked me to do a Profile of Evil on Monsanto (My Satan), which happens to be (don’t act surprised) a Zionista construction. However, there’s a last minute change in plans because of the world situation. Let’s talk today about the true Evil Empire, Israel. Israel would be The Ace of Spades when it comes to evil. Israel isn’t a country; it’s a state of mind. Professional serial killers often say to themselves, when they’re feeling particularly bloody, “I’m in an Israeli state of mind”.

Israel is planning to kill a whole lot of Palestinians real soon. That’s what it means when they start launching bottle rockets into stolen lands and causing serious damage, like some Israeli broke a nail. They know the hour is getting late but they don’t quite grasp what’s coming. They are about to become pariahs the world over. Everything they’ve been up to is going to be exposed. They are the primary target of The Apocalypse.

Now, I don’t know for sure but it looks to me like they just tried to kill Angela Merkel. It looks to me like Merkel and others are hip to their game and even shut down their nuclear reactors because, surprise, surprise, Israel is doing security there too. Israel doesn’t like the Germans because the Germans are some of the brightest people on the planet and are about to get their mojo back. All kinds of things are coming front and center and you are hearing about it here. I stand by what I’m saying and you will see whether I know what I’m talking about. The Evil Empire is about to get a world class butt-kicking from the master of butt-kicking. Those that aren’t dead are going to wish they were and death’s no escape either. I’ve got my reasons for saying what I’m saying now and what you are soon going to be hearing here. Awaken friends! Watch and learn.

There’s a couple of things that have to do with me that Israel doesn’t like at all and they can’t understand why force and more force isn’t being used on people like me. They’re about to find out the answer to that question. Their curiosity is about to be satiated.

The high and the mighty are being informed as I write these words. Look for the unreal to become commonplace shortly. In this world, some of us get the short end of the stick, or so it seems. That’s because some of us fancy near, ‘seeming’, mythical beings and serve interests that don’t pay off in the marketplace and... who knows more about the marketplace and the funeral parlors than those nasty little serpents in Israel and all over the world where they are playing snatch and grab and prospering by dint of threats and bribes and blackmail?

These times are different than any times you have read about or ever heard about. So, what may have been so for the long suffering among us, is about to be stood on its head. Sometimes you back the right horse and that horse is going to offer you a ride. I’m talking super-charged Pegasus and you’re going to be seeing a great deal of what I am talking about, this year and starting as of... last night? Yeah, last night.

There’s a blockhead with some kind of TV show called The Young Turks. He’s all hot and bothered about Glenn Beck saying things about people who happen to be Jews. Well, Glenn Beck’s a bit of a surprise in some ways. However, it takes a real moron not to see the total control of western governments by Jewish interests. They’re out there doing business in broad daylight. Some people may have reservations about Stuxnet and Japan and so on and so forth but I have none. Any time I hear about anything bad happening in the world, I instantly ask myself, "okay, what’s Israel’s angle here? They’re about to show the world, as if they haven’t already, just what psychopathic snake dancers they are and dancing is not going to be the word; inferring style and grace in movement. It’s going to be more like a chicken on a griddle.

They are in for a big surprise. They are in for a really big surprise. I know a lot of you out there don’t believe in anything. You can’t see it; it’s not there; even though you can see it indirectly in everything. Of course, your sense of time and the meaning of justice is a tad (snicker) limited. But some of us have had the veils parted. That’s why some of us talk the way we do and also why no one fucks with us; like you would naturally assume someone would. Wasup wit dat?

I’m not going to list the crimes of Israel. I will say, they’ve done more harm in such a short time than any other country that’s been around for any time. If I start listing the crimes, I’ll be here all day and I got better things to do; like celebrate some things I just found out. I don’t usually drink but I’m having some fine Rothaus Pils this day, celebrating the long overdue, finally arriving.

Here are some things you can look for; incredible meltdowns in the media where people say things and can’t figure out why, pants down events, humbling of the self-styled great, seriously embarrassing moments that are also, seriously funny. You can go ahead and feel sorry for them. That’s what makes you different. Oh, but Israel and your whores in high places and your villainous associates sucking the lifeblood of the public... the time has arrived and I am pleased and honored to announce it. You may cry out for the Earth to cover you but, good luck with that.

It’s not all going to be punishment but there will be a significant amount, specifically to each and everyone according to what they been up to and rewards across the board for the good guys, cause the good guys are going to win and win big. Watch and see. My own personal fortunes are off the charts and I can say, with some degree of authority that people reading these words are going to find that true of them. Oh... you have no idea. You can’t imagine, trust me. Hey! Don’t trust me. It don’t matter. Watch and see.

Now, there’s some things, quite a few things, I’m not telling you. I don’t have to. It will be self evident. Well, look at that, Elizabeth Taylor passed on.

Oh yeah, I could be wack, but I’m not and I look forward to every moment now as vindication runs amuck and censure walks the halls of power. Tremble, fools. Shake in your boots and shit yourself because it’s walking among you. Watch and see.

Israel is being made toxic for those who wanted it so badly. Oh boy, are you in for it. I was told by a reputable source (chuckle) “Watch how ingenious I can be and watch what happens when they go to the other guy and he tells them he’s me too and only played the role to gather the evidence”. Well, a lot of them have been informed already. I was there, sort of, when it happened. Yes, I wish I could discuss this and talk about what happened last night and is still happening today but... why spoil the surprise?

There’s not going to be any more Israel, built on Holocaust tales while causing them in far greater dimensions on and on; Viva Palestine!!! Okay you warmongering shitheels, you vicious predatory monsters, the floodgates are opening and powers and protections are removed; all that was in place to set the stage. Tremble Obama! Tremble Blankfein, Rothschild and Murdoch! You are in for some serious action and some of you have only been kept alive against this moment. Well, the time is here. Watch and see.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunbathing on The Sunless Riviera of the Devil's Anus

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"May your noses always be repelled by the smell of Rupert Murdoch".

The UK probably has the biggest collection of slime rags per capita in the world and there are all sorts of players from the House of Lords; Lords Rothermere, Northcliffe, and Beaverbrook are a few and the disgraced Conrad Black from across the water. I’ve even left some out. To a man, they are all pro-Zionist and all qualify as Zio-Ogres. The degree of sleaze is breath-taking, garbage in and garbage out.

The Smut king of all time though, is Rupert Murdoch and here you get an idea of how far his Kingdom of Garbage and Swill extends. Rupert makes his home on the sunny side Riviera of The Devil’s Anus; a living hemorrhoidal entity, a King of Shit, crowned with a viral toilet bowl in the darkest regions of the Kali Yuga. You’d be hard pressed to find a more influential profile of evil anywhere in the world.

All of these base and heinous scoundrels come out of The Crown Colonies; England, Canada and Australia. Rupert comes out of Australia, where he must have been spawned in one of those hidden, experimental labs in The Outback, far from any living thing besides the random serial killers of Wolf Creek and nine tenths of the poisonous snakes in the world, centipedes, crocodiles ...and assorted, all of whom had DNA extracted for the task. Of course you’d have to head for that strip from Cairns to Darwin to get the collection. People like Rupert are not born in any normal fashion. They are created by the same corrosive science that put all those nuclear reactors in Japan and then put them under the protection of Israeli security. What isn’t guarded by Israeli security? Your security and well being are two things that instantly come to mind. The reason Israeli security is there is because otherwise the biggest threat would be Israel, which it already is; irony?

Rupert Murdoch is the world media’s point man for Rothschild/Israeli interests on this planet. It appears they really do own the material world at the moment and are the main motivation for The Apocalypse.

Helen Thomas just failed the litmus test but I suppose she can be somewhat forgiven. She doesn’t even know who Glenn Beck is. I am guessing she has never looked too deeply beyond the margins of her basic interests and chosen task. She’s not much of a researcher. I like how she noted that the Playboy interviewer was a Jew and pointed out several other tangential associations of the same. She doesn’t go anywhere near Fox News and you might be as puzzled as I that she doesn’t drop in now and then to see what the competition is doing. It says, within her limited scope, that she is an honest purist and doesn’t want to sully her beautiful mind (grin) with any contact with Mr. HIV’s efforts to put every living thing in the emergency room of soul peril.

Does anyone doubt the need for an Apocalypse? The next couple of days could well give us one more enduring example that it is very much here. The signs are right and the times are spot on. So long as men like Rupert Murdoch are allowed to prosper and perform, the world needs a wake-up call and life under murderous scum like this dark icon, are all the evidence we need that a great price must be paid, until a traveling guillotine comes into effect for all such miserable creatures.

It’s been said, "By their works ye shall know them". In that case, can you imagine what must go on in Rupert’s private life? Can you imagine what it must be like inside his mind? I can see flaming wreckage and souls crying out in torment, as Rupert travels in this thoughts thinking, "How can I increase it"?

I am near finished with my next novel, "The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine" (still looking for people to read what’s done; it won’t hurt sales because the final part and the ending are something Poe might appreciate... criticism before publication is a lot more useful than criticism after the fact. I’m not into 20-20 hindsight. Heck, I sent it out to a couple of people who asked to read it and they haven’t even answered me.) ...and there is a character in there based on Rupert. Heck, unlike most books that have that big disclaimer about no one being recognizable, everyone is but... who is who? Aye that’s the rubdown. Hey, go ahead and sue me. Not only do you give me publicity that money can’t buy but I don’t have anything.

I do in this book something very similar to what Rupert does in reverse. I say things that I have never seen said in this kind of format; there must be a reason for it (grin) and they are true. Rupert says things (through his proxies) that are beyond anything I’ve ever seen for consistency of prevarication, more so than anything I had previously seen, in any similar Zio-Ogre operation of any size.

Rupert, like the rest of his Israeli whore handmaidens, likes to fabricate polls about what the public thinks, alongside of photos of exaggerated cows udders (got milk?), to tell the public what it thinks, so that the public won’t be confused about it. These polls are lies from the ground up. The majority of the world DOES NOT support Israel and the majority of world leaders do, in opposition to the very principal they were put into office to fulfill. The war in Libya now continues because Israeli-hired mercenaries are carrying it out. Of course, there is no mention of this in the catamite media.

These polls are skewed to push, gay marriage (part of the effort to destroy Christianity); by the way, opposition to gay marriage has nothing to do with one’s perspective on being gay. Everyone is gay in one life or another, just as everyone gets to be all the colors and creeds. They are skewered to push the wars, economic policies, slander of any opposition and whatever the hell else they want to push. Most of the public KNOWS that 9/11 was an inside job but... yeah, you know.

All of this comes at the behest of Israel that was created out of myth on many- every- level(s) and is really just an organized crime syndicate and the seat of The Dark Lord on this planet. They needed to be a country because then... then you can get away with a whole lot more. As people like Murdoch, publish endless lies about this mass-murdering, mob enterprise and as it is echoed by lesser minions everywhere, the scope and details of Israel’s crimes are more and more in a position to come face to face with The Apocalypse. This is all being engineered from the force of the approaching avatar as he precipitates down from the inner planes, sweeping all of the entrenched malefactors before him, into the material plane for judgment; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

This is the reason that Israeli interests and the long term agenda of the same have been becoming increasingly more public. They are actually working against their intended results by the manipulation of an unseen hand. They were quietly going about it in the shadows for a long time and now they’re trumpeting themselves in public. That’s not good strategy. It’s the same thing that is causing world leaders and so many public figures to identify and define themselves, to their lasting shame, for a few pieces of silver or the lack of necessary courage and integrity. Everything is seen and will get its earned imprimatur when the time arrives. They’re singing their song before hand. After comes the backhand.

Rupert, I wouldn’t want to be you, although I know there’s a part of you in all of us, more or less restrained, whereas you are the absolute liberty as license, of those bacteria you are the poster boy for. What the ingenious mind of the cosmos has in store for you, I could not guess but one day you will hear that word, "incoming", in both senses of the word.

As a possible digression, let me say that so many of these new age gurus who declare Obama as a ‘lightworker’, work for the same source you do, like the ones who come up with absurd and commercially directed efforts, aptly titled, "Honoring your Rage", or "Rampage of Love". They’re all out there looking for one more way to say, "Send me your money"! ...until they wind up selling things like this and this. One should take a gander at the degree to which this whole ‘industry’ has raised trivia to an art-form. They’re sunbathing on the soft side of the Riviera, across the inlet from Rupert. It’s like the way T’ai Chi relates to Kung Fu. I’ll be putting up a post today here that explains what I intend to do with any money that comes my way and which is being set up before hand as a protection against what happens to so many people when they get this $ in their eyes instead of pupils. Isn’t the pupil one of the places where the master is supposed to live?

Rupert, you are a boil on the fat ass of humanity that no longer resembles the term. You’re an infected sore, crying out for penicillin. You are an STD that is the product of a "fuck ‘em all" mentality. Your day is arriving, Rupert and we shall see the meaning of that phrase; "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Your day is coming.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Henry Kissinger; a Loathsome Toad.

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‘Romance is in the air when you meet her, if you step in some Henry Kissinger’

Well, the Ides of March are here and so...

Oh I do not want to write about this man. I don’t know what I’m going to say and I would appreciate the readers being my temporary research assistant and putting all the details in the comments section. Maybe if one of my new heroes cruises through here he will add his thoughts, cause he has got his own personal encyclopedia walking next to him as an invisible friend.

Henry Kissinger is a loathsome toad. I think that pretty much covers everything that need be said. He is the protégé of Nelson Rockefeller, another one of the most evil men of the last century. He and his brother David are book-ending demons on one of the shelves in Hell’s library, where those so inclined go to read for a few hours of torment. Henry probably was a regular there. It’s where he came from.

There are some pure psychopaths that you can spot just by looking at them. Donald Rumsfield is one, Ehud Barak and Olmert also. Henry Kissinger is one. Henry gives me the impression of a creature that burrows through the brains of dead serial killers in search of special nutrition; my doctor says I’m low on Sinisterium. Sinisterium is the protein that allows you to murder millions and not be depressed about having fallen short of your goals. Although the AMA says that this protein is not essential for rounded human health it does promote long life and it also combines with other proteins to create any number of unknown syntheses, of which there is not a great deal of documentation.

Henry is one of those special few who, like Cheney, Bush and most Israeli leaders, could be arrested in foreign countries. That’s not likely to happen yet but there is no question that will become a reality fairly soon. It’s yet one more side effect of The Apocalypse.

Here are a few quotes by Henry, “Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets.” “I am being frank about myself in this book. I tell of my first mistake on page 850.” “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” “The longer I am out of office, the more infallible I appear to myself.” “The nice thing about being a celebrity is that, if you bore people, they think it's their fault.” “The security of Israel is a moral imperative for all free peoples.” These comments, measured against his actions, make him appear like a bi-polar Oscar Wilde with a butcher knife.

Here are some comments ‘about’ Henry Kissinger; “'Former Nixon aide Charles W. Colson, the Watergate victim who spoke out clearly about conspiracy in high places, has said that Nixon told him as early as December 18, 1973, that Kissinger 'is really unstable at times'.” “'He's got us all buffaloed. He can (and will) lift your security, get you a foundation black ball, bong you at the colleges, put you in Coventry. He's got spies in every department. He's running the Ministry of Fear. All of his phones are tapped and he keeps long dossiers.'” “'Thanks to the sworn testimony of Guerzoni, Italy and Europe but not the U.S. learned that Kissinger was behind the death of Aldo Moro. This tragic affair demonstrates the ability of the Committee of 300 to impose its will upon any government without exception. Secure in his position as a member of the most powerful secret society in the world, and I am not talking about Freemasonry, Kissinger not only terrified Moro, but carried through on his threats to 'eliminate' Moro if he did not give up his plan to bring economic and industrial progress to Italy. In June and July of 1982, the wife of Aldo Moro testified in open court that her husband's murder came about as a result of serious threats against his life, made by what she called 'a high ranking United States political figure'. Mrs. Eleanora Moro repeated the precise phrase reportedly used by Kissinger in the sworn testimony of Guerzoni. 'Either you stop your political line or you will pay dearly for it'. Recalled by the judge, Guerzoni was asked if he could identify the person Mrs. Moro was talking about. Guerzoni replied that it was indeed Henry Kissinger as he had previously intimated.'” Let’s make a new paragraph for appearances sake. Okay?

“'In any case, by 1971 Henry had become, as the Times noted, virtually 'all-powerful in the sprawling sector of the government which seeks to advise the President on national security matters. His dominance of the expanded, 110-member National Security Council was so complete that he controlled every piece of intelligence to reach the President from the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Central Intelligence Agency.'” “'In my book Hank Kissinger is a suspicious, fearful misanthrope surrounded by people who are compelled to maintain a low profile to keep their jobs. I'd sooner dig ditches than work for him again.'” “'Phyllis Schlafly and Rear Admiral Chester Ward (U.S.N-Ret.) produced an exhaustive study of Kissinger deeds, misdeeds, and mentality. Their 800-page analysis, Kissinger on the Couch, concludes that Kissinger is obsessed with both megalomania and defeatism. They contend he is a man so driven by a lust for power that he would lie to anyone, including the President, to achieve a goal.'” “' Another example of the influence of the CFR can be seen in the meteoric rise of Henry Kissinger. In 1955, Kissinger was merely another unknown academic who attended a meeting at the Marine Corps School at Quantico, Virginia, hosted by then presidential foreign affairs assistant Nelson Rockefeller. This meeting was the start of a lengthy friendship between the two culminating in a $50,000 outright gift to Kissinger from Rockefeller. Kissinger soon was introduced to David Rockefeller and other prominent CFR members. Through the CFR, Kissinger obtained funding and entree to ranking officials of the Atomic Energy Commission, the three branches of the military, the CIA, and the State Department. He used this access to produce a best-selling book entitled Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, in which he argued that a nuclear war might be 'winnable.' By the time of Nixon's administration, Kissinger was secretary of state, and he remains a formidable force in world affairs.'

And finally, this, “'From my experience I believe Elvis was a puppet, a pawn, and in the end totally directed, and finally, used by these men in control of him....After awhile Elvis couldn't function any longer. Henry (Kissinger) and his buddies laughed and said that Elvis was like the tin man, all rusted up and ready for the junkyard. They waited for him to become seriously dysfunctional from the increasing amount of drugs prescribed by his doctors. Then they 'stopped his ticker so he didn't have to suffer no more.'”

Looks like I didn’t have to write about Kissinger after all because all I really want to say is that he is a loathsome toad. He and Little Georgie Sorrows are also book-ending demons in Hell’s Library, bearing many similarities of character.

I don’t know if it was Kissinger or The Crown who compromised Christopher Hitchens but it bears thinking about if these things interest you. This will probably come out too because The Apocalypse is pretty comprehensive. The way The Apocalypse works is that it presses down equally on everyone. This force is compounded by the degree to which, whoever it is working on has something to conceal. That’s a nice tight sentence (heh heh) and we all hope around here that Henry gets a nice tight sentence too. The best place for evil men and women at a later age is prison, like Madoff. Perhaps Henry could get conjugal visits with Madeline Albright.

One of the events that made it absolutely clear to me that 9/11 was an Inside Job was when they tried to appoint Henry to head the 9/11 commission. That said it all. They had to settle for another Zio-Ogre named, Zelikow. Actually, I knew, when I saw the buildings coming down. I knew that buildings don’t come down like that unless they are scientifically mined or acted upon in ways other than what is reported to have occurred.

I think when you try to understand Kissinger that there are two ways to proceed, if you want any success at it. One is to take him simply at face value and attribute the obvious components of bad character manifesting in public affairs. The other is not to attempt to understand him. What needs to be understood is that people who behave like this should be dealt with as soon as they appear and the inability of society to do so is its biggest failing.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club

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‘It’s said that a dog can die from a single hit, of concentrated Rockefeller shit’

I know you’re waiting for Kissinger to ooze onto the screen like one of the devil’s darkest wet dreams but The Ides of March are not yet at hand, on that day, that toad, will before you stand. But Toooooooday, we have D...D... D.... David Rockefeller, the brother of Kissinger’s mentor (Nelson) who shoehorned the skell on to the world stage as an emissary from Hell.

In any case David is higher up in the fellation order than Henry. I presume this in any case. One of the rumors you hear about The Chase Manhattan Bank is how they foreclosed on the mortgages of World War 2 widows in the time following the conflict. I don’t have access to the source where I originally read this but given that David is who he is, there is no evil so dark or depraved that he would not willingly be associated, were he to have the opportunity.

He wrote an obituary for Mao Tse Tung in which he praised the Chinese leader for his higher moral standards and also for his reign during which 60 million Chinese were killed. This dovetails right into the agenda closest to that location where his heart would reside, supposing he had one; eugenics.

Let us consider eugenics, as it relates to its purpose in the socio-political intentions of David. According to David there are too many people in the world. What this actually means is that the portion of wealth that David and people like him can control is reduced. It’s not the number amount of your wealth that counts. It’s the percentage of it as it applies to the wealth held by the rest of the world that counts. David’s vision is a world in which there are a great many less people on the planet and, of those remaining, the majority are in the servant class.

The true evils of a man like David Rockefeller are not the most obvious. Sure, he was probably involved in the decision to have Pearl Harbor attacked without warning, given his placement in the scheme of things at the time. Sure he was probably connected to 9/11 one way or another; directly, or through people he leveraged into place over time. Sure, he actively engaged in promoting wars around the world throughout his life and definitely, he and brother, Nelson visited the most terrible of conditions upon Latin and South America. They and the Rothschilds must have been stepping all over each other every time they turned around. Can I get a hearty, ‘Rio Tinto, te quiero’!

You probably cannot find any great evil of the last 6 decades that David didn’t have some kind of a hand in, profited from or approved of but the real impact of his presence isn’t noted as it should be. In a similar fashion to his brother’s draconian drug law when he was governor of New York, David’s association with The Free Trade Agreement had more to do with destroying America and the livelihoods of the poor and middle class Americans than anything else you can think of. You probably know it as NAFTA.

What this piece of legislation provided was the opportunity for American corporations to go into the 3rd world, set up factories, pay slave wages and reduce the cost and quality of a significant portion of imported goods consumed. This assisted in the destruction of the manufacturing base in the US ...and you can imagine all of the other conditions that have resulted from this. Think about it. Take a moment and think about it and realize that that was David’s primary intention. David doesn’t give a damn about America or anywhere else. With David it is all about the bottom line and maximum profit with minimum expense, with human suffering thrown in for sexual gratification.

David’s favorite film is The Sixth Sense because of that one line in the movie. You can see David mouthing the words and sometimes becoming significantly audible, perhaps even rising from his chair as he says, “I see dead people! I see dead people”! He gets hard for the same reason Larry Silverstein does. Freudian psychiatry was not created for gentiles but sometimes a psychopath is just a psychopath.

Judaism is like classical Latin. One is a dead religion and the other is a dead language but the principles have been transposed into new forms and are the root of many modern follow-ups that are in use every day but people don’t notice. There’s a reason that they drive on the left hand side of the road in The Crown Colonies. There is a reason that Hebrew reads from right to left. There is a reason that German is the language of economics and that ties right into the wars with Germany. The Jews don’t exist as a specific race, they are a collection of tribes and one or two of them are bad news. These hang out in the crowd of the other tribes and do nasty shit and then work the Anti-Semitic counter thrust while having orchestrated the cause in the first place; ‘they cry out in pain when they strike you’.

David is one of these people. Pope Rottweiler is another. You don’t have to what is considered a Jew to be one of these and you don’t have to be a Latin country to have Latin as your root.

David founded the Trilateral Commission. This gives some idea of the power of the man. Yet when you hear him speak, or look at him, you think, “Hmmm, he’s not so much”. He doesn’t look the part. That’s a big part of it. David, The Bush Family Manson, members of The Tribe Psychopath and others, invested in and brought into being, The Third Reich. Then they set up the Holocaust Industry and mind control aftermath filled with myth, hysteria and the works while sacrificing some totem entities for the purpose of what has followed. The game has been afoot for a long time.

This is how it comes that the entirety of Jewry is painted as either the world’s biggest victim or altogether evil; neither of these are true. This is how the conditions manifesting in the bank bailouts and what Governor Walker and others are up to came about. This is how the endless series of straw men and non existent Al Qaeda stay in the news without cessation, presenting a target that can’t be hit, while this cabal performs all of the acts blamed on them. This is how the hearings against ‘all Muslims’ under the guise of terror prevention comes about. David’s got a hand in all of this and the Muslim angle is Ground Zero in his eugenics projections. David is our man in The New World and Rothschild is centered in the Old World and there are different cabals that usually go along to get along. Unfortunately for them, something new has arisen in their midst. The Joker is here. The divine as The God of Mischief has arrived and he is sowing the seeds of discord and exposure throughout the ranks. It’s nothing like it’s going to be very soon though; not hardly.

Don’t buy into all the unhappy horseshit of doom and gloom. It is certainly coming but selectively so; when it has to hit major groups of people that’s just a feature of awakening, where the evidence that it wasn’t going to occur, has required radical steps to insure it.

We really are on the threshold of an age of universal brotherhood and wonder. We are witness to one of the greatest periods to ever take place here, since it only comes around after a long time and is already long forgotten when it does return. The biggest blessing is the rare opportunity to travel into locations beyond present imagining. We are going to see some thing and experience some things that presently smack of science fiction and fantasy. Look into the past at all those enduring symbols and vanished civilizations that we have commonly understood interpretations of and remember... those interpretations are not accurate; not hardly.

David, you’re on your way out, any day now. You and a whole lot of your henchmen are also going to see and experience some things that presently smack of science fiction and fantasy; accent on smack. Where’s a double entendre when you need one?

End Transmission.......

I didn't have a song for David but this will do, heh heh
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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Monday, March 7, 2011

Larry Silverstein Gives Shithouse Rats a Bad Name

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'May your noses always be cold and wet!'

We’re still a week away from the Ides of March, so Henry Kissinger will have to wait a little longer. That’s no reason why we can’t celebrate his un(soul)ed brother, Larry, ‘the rat’ Silverstein.

Larry looks like the kind of guy that gets arrested near a playground in a trench coat with a Hebrew National wiener strapped to his own. The reason for that is he is working the whole street’s worth of moms and kids. It’s not like there’s enough force in his own to make the Hebrew National salute. No amount of exposure is going to accomplish that. He has to be able to kill the women and children to get hard and I suppose the only positive result we get from that is the premature ejaculation.

Larry looks like a rat. He looks just like one of those NYC dumpster rats outside a Chinese Restaurant on Canal Street, dressed up in a three piece suit. I’m not singling the Chinese out for this. It might have something to do with Canal Street. I shouldn’t go on without giving you a picture of Larry along with some bio. I don’t think I have to use another link for the Ratster (who will be known from now on as Ratso Silverstein), because the Aussie who wrote this, and who I think may be connected to that Wake From your Slumber crowd, has said it all.

I can’t be grateful enough for all of the fine bloggers who take care of the details. I’m not that much of a details guy; more of a big picture person. There are some unusual writers out there that I check in on now and then and if you ever want to know who they are you need only ask me. I don’t really follow anyone, so if your name is not on the list of only around 2 people don’t feel overlooked or ignored. My focus is on the invisible and what I’m supposed to be doing here. I don’t even listen to music anymore. I bring this up simply to point out that I think one of the reasons I don’t have more name recognition and contact from many people in the field, is that I have this annoying habit of talking about the divine.

I keep religion out of it and I stay away from rules, regulations, dogma and cant but that’s not enough. Just to mention the divine, curdles the blood of a lot of highly intelligent people, because they bought into religion actually having anything to do with the divine. They’re angry with religion, is what it is, and since all neo-Pharisees and Zio-Ogres are atheists, they’ve got these guys right where they want them. Some of them believe in their own powers and that cancels out concerns about the divine and some of them don’t know what to think and opted for scotch over psychedelics, which does have an effect. In some cases, like Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs and others, it didn’t matter how many psychedelics they took; the connection wasn’t going to be made in this lifetime.

Talking about God and not being a member of an established church is bound to get you isolated, because you’re not talking the party line or, on the other hand, stating that there is no line or that the line is disconnected. I know two things; one of them is that the divine bares scant resemblance to what religion makes it out to be because they need a large piece of the action and that diminishes, by degree, their understanding of what they are supposed to be representing. The other thing I know is that the God the atheists don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

Sorry about the digression but I can do what I want to do and I usually have a reason for the things I say and for when I say them. I don’t always explain but that’s usually because everything I do is monitored to the degree that I don’t even notice it any more.

Back to Larry, ‘the Shithouse Rat’, Silverstein. Larry’s mobbed up in the only real, long term criminal enterprise besides The Vatican on the planet. I suppose you could include the Satanists as well but they’re comprised of mostly the same people. They like to give you the impression that there’s an Italian Mob and probably most people think Bugsy Siegel along with Mickey from LA and Meyer from Miami are Italian. People think the Italian Mob owns Las Vegas (snicker). Of course there was Al Capone and others and they had their moment but they’re junior varsity. Like the Irish Mob in New England, they’re only around to be trotted out as a form of misdirection from the real item.

Larry Silverstein is not only a cold blooded, calculating, premeditating, mass murdering, still in the business, vampire from Hell, but he also was a profiteer from this activity and to show you the kind of power this shit house rat has (appearance of power), he got everyone to pay him off double for his losses, of which there weren’t any; not when you consider the benefits the whole thing brought to the nation he serves.

Maybe Larry isn’t a rat specifically, with those reptile eyes and rats are warm blooded. He’s more like a creature from outer space or something that crawled up another evolutionary track, out of ancient hog lagoons that The Devil had pissed in, after a hard night out on the town. I suspect the special FX people had to work overtime to give him that human appearance in a suit. Larry’s a friend of the Prime Minister of Israel who was in NYC on the day, overseeing the event, that was also participated in by Dov Zakheim and mastermind Ehud Barak and a cast of supporting actors you can find listed here, in another fine piece of detail work. I can’t imagine a punishment that is suitable for these monsters, but I’ll leave that to the infinite imagination of the divine who told me, “You watch how creative I can be”.

Yes, Larry isn’t a rat in the species genre. He’s a special blend of the worst to be found in all the various kingdoms of existence. They took a gene from the Poison Nightshade plant, some uranium or similar substance from the mineral kingdom; maybe more from both ...and they took various genes from the animal kingdom, after some work got done on them at Fort Detrick and then they went into Hell and got some choice samples also. They sent probes into outer space to forbidden worlds and brought back life forms and elements that went into the mix ...and didn’t forget other dimensions in their research and harvesting of everything bad and noxious, that was available everywhere that could be arrived at.

Larry, you’re a living, breathing piece of shit. You’re a stone cold, dead in the body, anti-life marauder, who makes The Vikings that plundered the Irish Coast and the Barbary Pirates look more like benign Disney characters by comparison. You’re an ooze of death that infects at a distance, the way garlic emanates from the room after a Turkish wedding (I love garlic but it can be pervasive if you eat it with meat). You’re a walking, talking HIV virus of something that crawled up somewhere and died and then got revitalized by some kind of radioactive infusion of evil. You’re right up there with the rest of the heavy weights, although your role as front man does make you second tier. I’d like to see you beaten to death with pig bladders, embedded with razor blades, by a mob of feral, Favela kids ...but that would have to be the denouement. A lot more would be necessary, leading up to the event and it would have to be an eternal looping as well. It’s a clear example of how evil you are that you can get me to talk this way, because there is no other way to talk and it still needs to be said.

You and your friends are going to a special section of Hell that is so bad that even Hell denies any connection to it and Satan is on record for saying, “Hey, there are some things I wouldn’t do, don’t associate me with that place”. You’re going there and if I have anything to say about it, it’s going to be online and onscreen and available at the video rental store for anyone who needs closure.

Larry, I guess you know by now that I don’t much care for you, but I'll bet Bill Maher does. You are what makes ‘compassion for all living things’ such a difficult art and proof that I haven’t reached that station yet. However, there’s no proof that you are a living thing either. Like I said, you’re anti-life. We’re looking forward to the commencement ceremonies Larry. It’s going to be one of the hits of the season.

End Transmission........

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And then I Wound up in Padmasambhava's Lap

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‘May your noses be filled with roses, when you’re riding on the Beltway around Shit City”.

Once again it is time to write about the Toad King; the Gila Monster of international diplomacy, who likes to do the satanic foxtrot of buggery and the lash, but once again I must defer the moment. The fact is that the Ides of March are approaching and what more fitting period is there than histories most defining moment of treachery and literal backstabbing. So Henry Kissinger must wait yet a few more days, to be celebrated at the fitting time. I promise you will see him at the Ides of March unless, hopefully, the Ides of March see him first but not in such a gentle manner as the anniversary is noted for.

I wonder at this blog and I wonder about all the blogs, where I feel compelled to draw attention to inhuman creatures, for which I can find no sufficient comparison, except in each other. It’s not what I would wish for myself; delineating the horrendous crimes of psychopaths, who walk this world to the measured applause of people too stupid to live and who prove that point with each succeeding incarnation. I can see the divine shaking his head, when they get awarded one of- for them- those rare human births, where very little human happens and the divine mutters to himself, “Well, he didn’t make much progress as a dung beetle did he? Dung Beetle Diddy.... Hmmmm, “Honey, get Sean Combs on the phone would you”?

I know most of us are waiting for the day that Kissinger tosses off this mortal coil and walks directly through the gates of Hell and does not pass Go. Well, he spent his life at Free Parking anyway. He’s the guy who came up with the idea of building a kitty there for whoever lands on it.

For some reason, unknown to myself, I continue to travel in these environs, when what I really want to do is talk about Peace, Love and Brotherhood. I keep hearing they’re about to go on tour but Ticketron doesn’t seem to know anything about it. So, I’ll make one of my occasional sincere apologies for playing Phil Hartman as an Alcatraz guide and just keep on keeping on, until I get parole. At least I don’t have to play Machine Gun Kelly’s bitch.

I think that’s what I wanted to talk about on today’s Profile in Evil. Why do I have to be the sketch artist in this one horse tourist town?

I could nominate Governor ‘Stroll’ Walker who definitely fits the bill. He’s an appointed hitman for the Koch Brothers, who like to pronounce their name as Coke, like that confuses anyone as to their genealogy. Well, a lot of those people who used to be dung beetles must have voted for him; not that public voting and election outcomes have anything to do with each other.

I could nominate Michelle Bachmann but you have to have at least a certain IQ in order to be considered evil and she, like Sarah Palin, are not going to get there in this life.I could nominate John Stewart and what’s his name because they fit the definition of a certain type of authentic evil, where you pretend to be one thing when you most definitely are another. It’s a Bill Maher kind of an item.

I could- and will- nominate a lot of people as times marches by and this blog fills up with posts concerned with those who either directly commit evil; finance evil, profit from evil, pretend not to be evil, while leading the stupid into bondage and destruction and taking bows for being a spokes parrot for something that runs every time it sees them coming The ones who worship and serve evil in the hope of reigning in Hell; there seems to be an impression of that happening, according to something John Milton once said and which those who hadn’t died of boredom enroute to it, actually wound up reading. I think it qualifies as folk wisdom. There are all manner of celebrants of evil these days because this is the tail end of the Kali Yuga, where the dregs in the cup have risen to the surface of whatever that liquid is.

I want to write something. I feel like I’m supposed to write something but I don’t want to write about any of these smug, bloodstained cowards. Did you just get a flash of Tony Blair when you read that? I got a flash of Tony. Both he and George W. instantly enter my mind whenever I hear the word coward.

The probable reason why I can’t write about anyone in particular today, besides not falling asleep last night and then moving like a blue streak all day are these wild bursts of energy shooting through my form, since the day after I got out of the chop shop. I’ve been in such a good mood lately that I find myself singing no matter where I am. I was doing it in the doctor’s waiting room today and people started leaving to go wait in the hall. Why that kind of thing is scary, I have no idea. I hear someone singing and I try to harmonize and that’s usually okay, unless they’re on some kind of a trip, or don’t sing very well and get angry with me shoehorning them into key while they’re trying to stay out of it.

The last few days, I’ve been walking around the house singing and reminding myself not to get too frisky, like that does any good. My mood has been incredible. It’s like something is about to happen (maybe the financing for that house) and whatever it is, it’s good (according to how I define that). It feels a lot like I felt when I was going around and announcing on stage that I was going to Europe and two month later I was there. It’s an ‘in motion’ thing. Sometimes life goes into motion and the rest of the time it only looks like it is but nothing is really happening

I could talk about Madeline Albright and how the backs of her thighs looks like a topographical map of her morality. Now I feel a little twisted just for saying that. Last night, I was lying in bed and floating on a pulsing wave of liquid nectar that was impersonating my mattress. Love was pouring out of my ears, my nose and every one of those little portholes in my skin. I kept swimming up into it and speaking in poetic soliloquies of a reaching kind of needing it, as bad as I might need oxygen underwater and wondering if I was finally getting close to what I’ve been after all my life. Maybe that’s why I bought that pressure washer today, so that I could hose down everything around me while I pretended I was putting the outside into some kind of Spring expectant order.

I know how dark and deadly so many of these people are but I just don’t want to talk about them right now. Hosing them down would be okay and watching them impersonate Chinese lanterns- in every sense of the word- would be okay because I don’t have any of that vengeance shit running through my bloodstream .Maybe nobody sending me any Vitamin K is part of some sort of chemical release thing that’s trying to get ignition in my system. I remind myself that everything is under control, even the things I don’t want to be. Still, arid moments come and go but sooner or later what looked like a boulder against a rock wall slides away and I’m talking to Devas, jinns and genii.

I can’t handle this energy so I’m not even trying. That works real well of course and anything else does not work but I suspect I look strange. I catch Susanne studying me out of the corner of my eye but she’s seen all of it that she can see by now and the things she can’t see… that’s just as well. The dogs see though. They make a lot of funny moves lately. Someone’s trying to keep my emails from getting to the people who link my posts. It’s pretty sophisticated but by this time anyone who’s supposed to be reading any of this, finds their way here on their own.

I’m higher than I’ve been in a long, long time but certain things are useful when it comes to interpreting what I can’t see, unless I’m in that particular kayak. I do realize I’m not supposed to know certain things sometimes, because it cuts back on the spontaneity and interferes with the entertainment factor of the divine, for whom I am some kind of a song and dance act without the red nose. The energy thing is impressive. I’m buzzing like a bee hive but it’s a good buzz. You know that feeling where you get the sensation that you have a new circulatory system just under the epidermis and which hits its high points in the cheekbones under the eyes, just behind the ears and at the nape of the neck? Sure you do (grin).

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me for wandering all over the map and winding up in Padmasambhava’s lap and feeling nothing but gratitude that this is now over and I can go back to the internal massaging waterbed that doesn’t need quarters to keep playing, Long Train Running, even though all I’m hearing is the chorus; apparently sometimes you do ride for free and ass, grass or cash doesn’t do anything like this anyway. You can’t buy something like this. It comes out of nowhere and there is no receipt. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sound different. We’ll have to wait and see.

End Transmission.......

I’ll probably have an update announcement in the comments section in a little while. Right now I’ve got to go through the spin cycle.

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