Monday, March 7, 2011

Larry Silverstein Gives Shithouse Rats a Bad Name

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'May your noses always be cold and wet!'

We’re still a week away from the Ides of March, so Henry Kissinger will have to wait a little longer. That’s no reason why we can’t celebrate his un(soul)ed brother, Larry, ‘the rat’ Silverstein.

Larry looks like the kind of guy that gets arrested near a playground in a trench coat with a Hebrew National wiener strapped to his own. The reason for that is he is working the whole street’s worth of moms and kids. It’s not like there’s enough force in his own to make the Hebrew National salute. No amount of exposure is going to accomplish that. He has to be able to kill the women and children to get hard and I suppose the only positive result we get from that is the premature ejaculation.

Larry looks like a rat. He looks just like one of those NYC dumpster rats outside a Chinese Restaurant on Canal Street, dressed up in a three piece suit. I’m not singling the Chinese out for this. It might have something to do with Canal Street. I shouldn’t go on without giving you a picture of Larry along with some bio. I don’t think I have to use another link for the Ratster (who will be known from now on as Ratso Silverstein), because the Aussie who wrote this, and who I think may be connected to that Wake From your Slumber crowd, has said it all.

I can’t be grateful enough for all of the fine bloggers who take care of the details. I’m not that much of a details guy; more of a big picture person. There are some unusual writers out there that I check in on now and then and if you ever want to know who they are you need only ask me. I don’t really follow anyone, so if your name is not on the list of only around 2 people don’t feel overlooked or ignored. My focus is on the invisible and what I’m supposed to be doing here. I don’t even listen to music anymore. I bring this up simply to point out that I think one of the reasons I don’t have more name recognition and contact from many people in the field, is that I have this annoying habit of talking about the divine.

I keep religion out of it and I stay away from rules, regulations, dogma and cant but that’s not enough. Just to mention the divine, curdles the blood of a lot of highly intelligent people, because they bought into religion actually having anything to do with the divine. They’re angry with religion, is what it is, and since all neo-Pharisees and Zio-Ogres are atheists, they’ve got these guys right where they want them. Some of them believe in their own powers and that cancels out concerns about the divine and some of them don’t know what to think and opted for scotch over psychedelics, which does have an effect. In some cases, like Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs and others, it didn’t matter how many psychedelics they took; the connection wasn’t going to be made in this lifetime.

Talking about God and not being a member of an established church is bound to get you isolated, because you’re not talking the party line or, on the other hand, stating that there is no line or that the line is disconnected. I know two things; one of them is that the divine bares scant resemblance to what religion makes it out to be because they need a large piece of the action and that diminishes, by degree, their understanding of what they are supposed to be representing. The other thing I know is that the God the atheists don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

Sorry about the digression but I can do what I want to do and I usually have a reason for the things I say and for when I say them. I don’t always explain but that’s usually because everything I do is monitored to the degree that I don’t even notice it any more.

Back to Larry, ‘the Shithouse Rat’, Silverstein. Larry’s mobbed up in the only real, long term criminal enterprise besides The Vatican on the planet. I suppose you could include the Satanists as well but they’re comprised of mostly the same people. They like to give you the impression that there’s an Italian Mob and probably most people think Bugsy Siegel along with Mickey from LA and Meyer from Miami are Italian. People think the Italian Mob owns Las Vegas (snicker). Of course there was Al Capone and others and they had their moment but they’re junior varsity. Like the Irish Mob in New England, they’re only around to be trotted out as a form of misdirection from the real item.

Larry Silverstein is not only a cold blooded, calculating, premeditating, mass murdering, still in the business, vampire from Hell, but he also was a profiteer from this activity and to show you the kind of power this shit house rat has (appearance of power), he got everyone to pay him off double for his losses, of which there weren’t any; not when you consider the benefits the whole thing brought to the nation he serves.

Maybe Larry isn’t a rat specifically, with those reptile eyes and rats are warm blooded. He’s more like a creature from outer space or something that crawled up another evolutionary track, out of ancient hog lagoons that The Devil had pissed in, after a hard night out on the town. I suspect the special FX people had to work overtime to give him that human appearance in a suit. Larry’s a friend of the Prime Minister of Israel who was in NYC on the day, overseeing the event, that was also participated in by Dov Zakheim and mastermind Ehud Barak and a cast of supporting actors you can find listed here, in another fine piece of detail work. I can’t imagine a punishment that is suitable for these monsters, but I’ll leave that to the infinite imagination of the divine who told me, “You watch how creative I can be”.

Yes, Larry isn’t a rat in the species genre. He’s a special blend of the worst to be found in all the various kingdoms of existence. They took a gene from the Poison Nightshade plant, some uranium or similar substance from the mineral kingdom; maybe more from both ...and they took various genes from the animal kingdom, after some work got done on them at Fort Detrick and then they went into Hell and got some choice samples also. They sent probes into outer space to forbidden worlds and brought back life forms and elements that went into the mix ...and didn’t forget other dimensions in their research and harvesting of everything bad and noxious, that was available everywhere that could be arrived at.

Larry, you’re a living, breathing piece of shit. You’re a stone cold, dead in the body, anti-life marauder, who makes The Vikings that plundered the Irish Coast and the Barbary Pirates look more like benign Disney characters by comparison. You’re an ooze of death that infects at a distance, the way garlic emanates from the room after a Turkish wedding (I love garlic but it can be pervasive if you eat it with meat). You’re a walking, talking HIV virus of something that crawled up somewhere and died and then got revitalized by some kind of radioactive infusion of evil. You’re right up there with the rest of the heavy weights, although your role as front man does make you second tier. I’d like to see you beaten to death with pig bladders, embedded with razor blades, by a mob of feral, Favela kids ...but that would have to be the denouement. A lot more would be necessary, leading up to the event and it would have to be an eternal looping as well. It’s a clear example of how evil you are that you can get me to talk this way, because there is no other way to talk and it still needs to be said.

You and your friends are going to a special section of Hell that is so bad that even Hell denies any connection to it and Satan is on record for saying, “Hey, there are some things I wouldn’t do, don’t associate me with that place”. You’re going there and if I have anything to say about it, it’s going to be online and onscreen and available at the video rental store for anyone who needs closure.

Larry, I guess you know by now that I don’t much care for you, but I'll bet Bill Maher does. You are what makes ‘compassion for all living things’ such a difficult art and proof that I haven’t reached that station yet. However, there’s no proof that you are a living thing either. Like I said, you’re anti-life. We’re looking forward to the commencement ceremonies Larry. It’s going to be one of the hits of the season.

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Visible said...

I don't know much about this guy and haven't seen the videos but I suspect the reader will want to check it out. It's early days for me but it looks fascinating. I've not idea of legit or not so I'm not promoting anything. Right? Right.

Frog said...

Your comment, the first one, has me puzzled. Don't know much about what guy? Silverstein? Is what legit? Did I miss something?
As always, thanks for giving us your thoughts.

neko Kinoshita said...

There is such a concept.
It's called "Righteous anger."

Riding along, nose is still cold and wet. Thinking of the cost of allowing such to exist in this would, causes my eyes to be wet as well.


wv: glumier - Can't get much more glumier when you see what is allowed loose in the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I respect you for your thoughts and depth of insight on these subjects and I am grateful for your work.
“I can’t imagine a punishment that is suitable for these monsters, but I’ll leave that to the infinite imagination of the divine who told me, “You watch how creative I can be”.”

Your statement above inspired these questions:

What solution is Divinity offering humanity? I’ve heard you say many times “something big is going to happen”. It reminds me of the Noah’s Ark story. The people had a clear warning and a clear solution was offered them. The majority of the people didn’t take Noah’s advice (which came from divinity) and so perished in the flood. All the same, there was a solution offered. Where’s our proverbial ark? Have you received this insight from Divinity?

I think most of the people here on this site are conscious of the evil that is perpetrated on a daily basis by the powers that are in control of this system, and most everyone is eager and hungry for a different dimension. Isn’t it so that we are responsible for our reality? I mean, that we have a choice in what we are experiencing. What I’m trying to say is, should we not be focusing on creating a better experience in the now, even if that means rising above the evil and focusing on healing ourselves right now? Focusing on the evil can be destructive to ones self. It’s enough that it exists at all, so how do we rise above it and do some healing? What do you think? LEE, Egypt.

Anonymous said...

looks like rough country out there i grew up east of that part of qld but went to school with alot of blokes from that neck of the woods so i think i could find somewhere more comfitable than a tent to stay

Visible said...

Lee in Egypt;

I get the impression you just got here. All of the blogs are peppered with what has come to me over time and what keeps coming from the divine. What the reader takes from it is up to them.

I know people object to the idea that I might have God's telephone number because, if God was going to call anyone, of course he would call them, not someone like me but anyone can get God's telephone number. Most people lack the persistence, steadfastness and patience required. Even the worst of us can get God's phone number if they tried.

The New Shangri La is one solution and there are permutations of that and the exhortation to get out of the cities and off the grid and to be prepared but mostly to strive hard to communicate with the source. What the source may have to say to one of us might not be all encompassing; always better to make your own connection. Anyone who says they can't hasn't' tried hard or long or sincerely enough.

Frog said...

Thanks Les,
Hm, hard to know what to make of Andov. I am distrustful of people that offer all the answers; "2012 equation solved" appears on his page.
I'll look into his material more as I have time. Still the guys that show up and say that the end is near, sell your homes and move to some place elsewhere... They tend to be wrong, whether it's Australia or Guyana.
I admit to being cynical and distrustful of things and people of this world. I am trying hard to hear the Divine and do what I should. Live with the love of God, look at the world with the skepticism of a accountant. Innocent like a dove, wise as a serpent.
Speaking of reading, I'm about 110 pages into Halls "The Secret Teachings". Interesting stuff for the most part.
When I was younger and more self absorbed, a Pakistani man I worked with said to me "God is good". I have meditated on that as well as "God is love". Some days I wonder what more I need to know other than those two statements.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Les,

Thanks. I don't object to you having God's number and I agree, we all have access to God's number. We are all part of the whole, not separated from God.

Take some advice from a "new born". Although Les, you really can't know where I've been and what my path was like to reach where I am today. Just like I don't completely know yours. It doesn't matter. We have one thing in common and that's that we are part of Divinity.

You said in your piece that you're experiencing health problems again....Are you surprised? My advice (and it comes from Divinity) the focus of your attention is making you unwell. You need to shift the focus to something more healthy and life giving. Love and light Les, Love and light. Lee

Visible said...


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Anonymous said...

The current condition of humanity might be explained with the following observations .

"If you talk to God you are praying. If God talks to you. You are generally considered schizophrenic. "

Further to that.

If you see a person walking down the street waving their hand wildly and talking loudly to no one, they are generally considered to be mentally ill. Unless of course they are holding a cell phone.

And Larry. When you decided to "Just Pull it" were you referring to building 7 or er... ? I know it's hard for you to resist those urges with the photo of the WTC rubble taped above the commode.

Apology's for the Nasty Visual.

Thanks for your Blog Les

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...


You couldn't be more wrong about the cause of my temporary physical distress which I might add is now passed. I suspect as you implied that you have no idea of my focus which is specifically on what you seem to be recommending. Quite often trials come to people for purification and as a result of karma and the glib suggestion that one just has to tune their attention another way is scant comfort. As the lives of many people on this path indicate, there are periods of intense suffering that have good reason to occur. It's how god separates the wheat from the chaff, across the board and on a personal level.

Visible said...

By the way, divinity did not tell you this.

Anonymous said...

Good addition Les. I hadn't thought of him, mainly because he stays out of the light, like a cockroach.

Interesting bit of info:

Mr. Ratster (silverstein) now owns the former Sears Tower in 'Shitcago'. We have to wonder if he's insured it for 'nuclear disasters', considering the Mossad plant, dual national Israeli, Rahm Enanuel is now taking up space in the Mayor's office of Shitcago.

Just a thought.

Visible said...


As far as I'm concerned, don't hold back. I know there are a number of people who feel that because I myself speak like this at times that I don't match up with their Ivory Snow spirituality. I'd be a hypocrite and a liar if I did otherwise than I do. The thing people miss is that everyone working this field are not always dressed up in white robes and being followed around by chanting sycophants. They are not all presenting the Wonder Bread purity of language by way of Reader's Digest and destined to not offend anyone and to bore the majority.

There are so many sections and levels of expression and any of them can be used by God for his purposes. It always amuses me that people who accept that God is unfathomable and incomprehensible always have such a certainty and assurance of exactly what God is and what God wants. What I see is that they have created a God who is a big version of themselves and that only the official line is acceptable, preferably from books that have been edited and changed in meaning to the degree that they mostly serve the enemy of the spirit.

Visible said...


That very thought has been playing through my head and we must remember all the mentions of the Sear's Tower from the past recent years.

That wouldn't surprise me at all. They would do that just because, 'in your face' is their mode of operation.

Josey Wales ll said...


"May his nose always be warm and brown".

For the murdering of thousands of Americans, he must be exposed, and pay his debt with interest.

Anonymous said...

that yurt sounds perfect,but I am in the same position as yourself mr visibles ,not enough money,surely with enough of us here we could have a whip round and maybe raise some sort of deposit.

respects neil

Anonymous said...

I used to indulge in the same.... Larry is only one of a long list of perps with an agenda going back 30+ years. I say indulge, as when we do so, this has the effect of putting us in a un-powerful place. There are four universal laws and the bitch one for most of us is the "Law of Allower". Our most powerful place to stand in the face of the Larry's of the world is within the laws of the universe. Being present to what is occuring but not emotionally engaged to the extent of giving up our power to be the desired change.

Visible said...

To the person whose comment I did not put up just now. You've been needling me for awhile as you talk about peace and love and paint yourself as so high minded but, if you were, your approach would fit that template and it doesn't.

I know what your problem is but I'm not in the mood to do and autopsy. I kept you out of the comments because the readers would just let you have it for being a poseur and a dick and we don't need that kind of thing around here.

Spirited debate is fine but disingenuous commentary and seeing yourself in the mirror and thinking it is someone else is best handled at web sites where that kind of thing is routine. Scat.

Visible said...


That doesn't make very much sense, however, why do you think everyone should emulate your position. If that works for you fine. I think the best place to start is to accurately understand the intent of the person you are seeking to reform before you go about it. Otherwise that's like giving out dangerous medication for the wrong condition (metaphorically speaking).

Keep those identities coming. I should probably put them all up just for the amusement of the other readers who will be able to see what I see, right off the bat. Too bad that expunged comments stay expunged. There must be a department for that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference in "being an allower" and agreeing with someone.

Visible said...

As there is a huge difference (unless one is the mirror of the divine) between a person's perception of someone and the reality of their being.

In the case of Larry Silverstein I was too kind but I chose to err on the side of uncertainty in what I could not clearly see.

Rob in WI said...

Enjoyed the post; Thanks. Looking fwd
to the Ides and Henry K. Hope you saved enough appropriate vitriol to do Henry as he well deserves. Keep up the good work. It would be so nice if every subject of the profiles reads their entry. Then again, most of them would probably be so proud it would lead to a masturbation session.

Anonymous said...

You didnt post it because you don't want anyone to know the truth. I am 100% honest and that's what you can't handle. Your only weapon is slander. I am extremely diplomatic. Your a fake and clearly and agent for TPTB. TEZCATLIPOCA indeed. Adios.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les

I'm not sure if I'm the Patrick you were referring to earlier ?

If so you misunderstood my comments.

If not I think I mighta got caught into between you and the other fella who felt he knew what you should be doing and how to do it.

That's not me. I don't give advice. I'm generally looking for it.

I hate fluffy white BS gurus.
The only people I can listen to are real flesh and blood beings, warts and all. That's why I love reading your stuff.

Patrick V1.0

TheSparkle said...

Neat videos Les.

I'm just on the first one, and he is describing the awakening of the kundalini....

Anonymous said...

Just to add a word to what has already been remarked upon : Chicago and a tower figure in various lucid dreams, bad dreams and attempts at prophecy. Also something to do with barges coming up the St. Lawrence, to the Great Lakes, as atom bombs. Even the Germans had plans back in WWII. Given the people already there now, Chicago seems more obvious than the other choices, namely LA or SF. Lap.S.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Initial release Patrick,
(Warning! poor attempt at humor ahead!)

I'm not so sure about what you are talking about here. (Picking up a plank)

Pie Jesu Domine, (*Whack!*)
dona eis requiem (*Whack!*)

Pardon me while I wonder down the street this way dressed in a brown robe.


Visible said...

Actually Patrick, I wasn't clear enough on my post to you. I didn't confuse you with anyone. You're spot on. I was talking to and thru you to others. At least I think that's what it was (grin). I'm kinda busy now and can't back track. I did put up this troll who's dogging me though; the anyonymous oracle of truth

Josey Wales ll said...

Thanks Les for the links. I have most of the data...and then some, but does not always appear in one place.

Can you add me to the list of those other 2 people? will send you my email with Josey in it.

Also, I should read a book. What might be good for me? I need to add more "Wales" to my Josey persona (grinning wide).

Stay the course, throttle-up.


Visible said...

Add you to the list of those two other people?

Anonymous said...

a sacrificial mediator
doing backroom deals with hell
the stench of 9-11
encompasses the smell
spelt in lines of chaos
silversteins wicked name
and all of those around him
who seem to feel no shame
possesed by inhumanity
chained to hate and lies
consigning destruction
of its own savage mind
dispersing into history
caught by unawares
for chasing falsity
never having care's


Zoner said...

Watched all Of the material from Pane and found it - interesting.

Of course he also has DVD's for sale and will work with you one-on-one; for 70 per via skype.

Maybe we take up a little collection and let someone with the best BS meter interact? He set off my detector a bit, that's all I'm saying, but only because of the promotional and financial angles.

I dunno. I just dunno anymore.

Larry is really a prime example of the worst of us, and is likely revered and held in high esteem by many simply because he's a "success".

We'll see how far that gets him when the one that really counts passes judgement......


LorieK said...

Another excellent observation, Les. I have a great picture of the greedy weasel on the page from when he tried to hit up the public for MORE $$$ to "help" re-develop the WTC area, after he cashed in big time on its destruction. Enjoy...

Visible said...

I didn't watch more than five minutes but I don't really have an interest in much of anything that comes my way because I know it's all secondary to the inner teacher who has never charged me a dime but has demanded hard work, attention and some pretty challenging tests.

I was interested in hearing what the readers had to say because you're a pretty savvy bunch. In what I saw he made some powerful claims for himself and his lineage. I don't know what to think. There seems to be a lot of people going in and out of spaceships these days. I suspect some of them are true and most of them are not.

It will be interesting to see what's coming further on in the apocalypse when the wrappers really begin to come off. I keep praying to be relieved of my shortcomings and granted the continuous presence, along with the same things I always ask for, hoping I can suffer or work hard enough to be free of any possibility of delusion experienced or proliferated all the sooner.

Visible said...

There is a new posting at Visible Streams of Consciousness-

More Than Blue Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Although it's self evident larry's a very unsavoury degenerate, and your description of him apt. The unenlightened will still sympathise with this criminal, who's portrayal in the msm, is that of an unfortunate victim of terrorism, despite the fact that the bastards made millions out of it. Too bad for him he won't be able to buy any favours in hell.

DaveR said...

I've heard that the restaurant at the top of the John Hancock Building (do they still call it that?) was called the Top of the Cock. I doubt that's true, it's just fun. To me it's not what's at the top that matters, but what's below the basements of that edifice.

If you'll follow the link hiding under my handle you'll get to a blog that has Khalezov's book, which all should read. Then perhaps someone who works in "The Cock" can get ahold of the city Building and Safety people and find out if there's a plan in place for nuking that building.

Then cruise to the website about the "vicsims", i.e. the 3000 people who actually didn't die on 9/11. Interesting stuff over there. Seems the buildings were ~85% empty at the time.

Strum said...

hey if i draw geometric figures on a google map will people give me lots of money as well?

The Pane Andov is a fraud, set my BS detector off in seconds.

Good luck to anyone planning on heading to way outback Queensland with him, take plenty of water and a good hat.

It's tragic there are still people around prepared to believe this sort of nonsense, and give money to be told it, Tragic.

wv: minical - the top of a very small mountain

Mad Farmers Liberation Front said...

Yes if only Alex Jones could muster up the courage to rant about the "jew problem" with the same integrity as you Mr Visible; a lot more young amerikan folk would be informed of the true brutality behind the scenes of Zion.

I too look forward to see how you mold the english language to reflect the horror of creation that is Big H Kissinger. Gosh the mere thought of the man (if he is that) is just repulsive.

Visible said...


There's little doubt to me that that's what the locals and out of towners in the know called it. It's just more proof that its never a good time to be low man on the scrotum pole, according to appearances.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Josey Wales ll wrote this in regard to Sliverstein:

"For the murdering of thousands of Americans, he must be exposed, and pay his debt with interest."

I totally agree but I seriously doubt whether the perpetrators of the 911 scam will ever be brought to justice in this lifetime because the people who have the power to bring them to justice are the very ones who are shielding them from the consequences of their actions. But they damn sure will pay their debt in the end, and they'll pay it with interest too. It sort of amazes me that these people think they're getting away with these crimes simply due to the constraints of time. How long do they expect to live even under the best possible circumstances? But what then? What most amazes me about them is that they seem to totally overlook the 'What Then?' factor. To my knowledge none of the prophecies recorded in the Christian Bible have ever been proven to be false. Do these so-called 'God's Chosen People geniuses' not know about the prophecies in the book foretelling the eternal torments that await those who do things to other people the things like they have done (and continue to do)? Even if they manage to live twenty more years, do they think during that time the Lord's judgments against them are going to somehow magically go away? Those guys are in a hell of a mess (pun intended)... I wouldn't trade places with one of them for all the money in the world. I saw a brief glimpse of hell one time about thirty years ago in a dream I had and I can tell you that I'd sooner live out the rest of my life in abject poverty and finally die of starvation than to trade places with one of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Les. National Hebrew hot dogs were the only dogs I would eat and I don't eat very many of them. Damn, it was bad enough having Hebrew on the package. Sometimes I get a craving for a hot dog and I figure at around five bucks a pound the manufacture doesn't have to use all that crap in them. Now every time I eat one (assuming I ever will again) it will remind me of shithouse Silverstein. That's as repulsive as it gets.


Josey Wales said...

Les, This is what I was talking about.....

"There are some unusual writers out there that I check in on now and then and if you ever want to know who they are you need only ask me."

I think I may have mis-read what you said.


P.S. But who is them?

Visible said...

Sorry Fud; Years ago they were the only one's I ate too. I suggest switching to tofu dogs, some of them are really excellent now. I also suggest telling yourself, "Well, at least this one didn't get tired to Silverstein's dick".

Josey Wales ll said...


I read and watched all on Andov's material. Here is my impression Les.

It seems strange to me.

How do we (most people like me) with little experience in meditation, all of a sudden, absorb and integrate all that was said about combining my Charkra's, then causing them to pour-out of my Aura, then create a super-Aura, then multiple Super-Aura's, that then interact with other people's Aura's.

Seems like a pretty tall task,....and to be accomplished before 12/13/2012. I'm not that fucking fast, Sorry.

In other words, I'm suppose to use my limited 2 to 3% Double-Helix DNA, to open the realm to my 100% Triple-Helix DNA.

And do this in 20 months?

And the instructions were just lacking in enough details to get it right, ie, to sit quietly and meditate with others of like mind. O.K., I'll do that, but then, with the clock running down, I'll be tempted to keep checking to see if my Aura is exihibiting, and if my Charkrah's are merging! ?? Not sure he gave me enough instructions.

And if I believe, which I'm tempted to, then i know a horendous blast of Cosmic, Magnetized, Cloud Energy, of Un-Believable Immense Proportions is headed my way, that can and will incinerate everything, including our SUN, ....How can I CONCENTRATE?????

But if you need me to try I will.

Visible said...


One of them is Jim Kirwan. I haven't seen enough of Fred Reed, "Fred on Everything" I hear he can be pretty crude but funny. I have read some pretty sharp work from him. That will have to do for the moment.

P.S. I figured that was what you were talking about but I wanted to make sure.

Josey Wales ll said...


Why I picked my screen name? The first name they gave me as a kid was Josey, long before the movie ever came out. Also I always liked Clint Eastwood from the days of "Rawhide".

I chose Josey Wales because of that and because he sought justice against large odds against him, when no one else would.

He showed courage and moral strength. he also was not squeamish about administering justice to those who so well deserved it, with no regrets.

He also put himself constantly in harms way for what was right and stuck up for others who were weak or dead and could not defend themselves.

I have tried to live up to the same standards that he set for himself, not always achieving them, but trying, and will continue.

How do I add this short bio to my name so people can read it if they look up my name?

Thanks, Josey

Visible said...

Josey; I figured it wasn't for me very quickly but then, nothing ever is. I just wanted to see what the reader's thought. they notice specific things and they mention them and they always turn out to be the things I would have keyed on; like the 70 dollars for a one on one, or the nature of the location where whatever I didn't get to hear about is supposed to take place. It all sounds a little too Heaven's Gate for me.

I'm sitting on my couch right now watching "Hall Pass", a silly comedy and not paying much attention and just crying out to the divine with all the strength I have within, asking for the same things I always ask for like I need them as much as my next breath and that's all I know about any of it and what I've come to thru all of the roads and incidents that led me here.

It just feels like pure unrestrained desire for the divine is all I'm left with; no books or practices seem to do anything for me like that does.

In a few hours I will go in to sleep and I will lay there doing the same thing until I fall asleep, if I do, and I'll wake up with it on my mind. Events of the day will distract me and I will forget for a little while but it isn't long before I am reminded that I lack something and want it more than everything else put together and want it to the degree that nothing else is very important and want it to the point that I'm doing everything I can to make it the only thing on my mind until whatever is supposed to happen happens. That sort of sums it up for me.

Clint was great in The Unforgiven and is generally one of the success stories where quality of entertainment is concerned. Everything is just a distraction to me now. The whole Shangri la thing is just about getting together with the right people to build a particular spaceship/solar body so that we can sail across the great divide.

Visible said...

This puts my Profiles of Evil to Shame.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out.

reenie said...

I think Brigitte Gabriel would fit in Profiles in Evil but the list is long....


angelovski said...

Funny thing about rat poison. After a while the rats learn to eat the food and leave the poison behind.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Streams of Consciousness up-

Two Poems of Revolution and Change.

Visible said...

A New Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown from Long Island.

Infensus Mentis said...

Muchos respectos, brother (and even some divine love), from the Aussie "details guy" from that Wake Up From Your Slumber crowd.

I hadn't seen this site. You've got more blogs than Larry has pockmarks (figuratively speaking, of course - the exact number of facial craters on Larry may well be one of those infinite quantum headfucks).

Anonymous said...

Your assessment of Silverstein reflects the range of emotions one would have upon discovering the depth of evil that lives in this world to a heart where such malicious cowardice has no place and no home.

I too am at a loss for words to describe the multifaceted repulsiveness of this creature and his business partner, right on down to every last player in this engineered catastrophe orchestrated and carried out by an odious collection of subhumans all of the seed of Cain, whose father was the Serpent himself, whose descendents live among us in their towers of evil and lies.

What many Goyim are unfortunately unaware of is just how far into their society this plague upon humanity has spread. They control the banks, the media, the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, State governments, Christian evangelism, Wall Street, Hollywood, professional sports, and any other significant industry.

What is worse is, they are succeeding in the most important aspect of this battle for the identity of America....the spiritual aspect of this conflict that is consuming America like a malignant cancer. How do you hate the Devil you've become?

Oh yes America....make no mistake. We have BECOME the Devil. By standing idly by as these wretched people bamboozled us into sending our sons and daughters to kill peasants in foreign lands, by allowing Jewish pornography into our minds and hearts, by electing Jewish politicians whose first concern will ALWAYS be Israel, and by buying into the massive fraud of 9/11, Islamophobia and the "war on terror."

I'm speaking to the average Joe Citizen out there now: if you don't know that your country is controlled by Israel as I have stated above, then you are deserving of the title "Willfully Ignorant" or worse. I don't give a flying FUCK if you want to call me an Anti-Semite for saying these things.

Go look at what some of Israel's most powerful Rabbi's have said about us 'Goyim', how our only supposed purpose in life is to serve the Jews, how our death would be mourned as if they lost one of their pack mules to carry their things. This is what you support when you elect a Jewish politician, or fail to be vigilant about what your elected representatives support.

Jesus said to the Jews in John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Now that you begin to realize the evil in your midst, it is incumbent upon YOU now to ACT. DON'T support Jewish businesses. DON'T vote for Jewish politicians, and DON'T send your kids off to fight, kill and die for "Greater Israel." Until you recognize and shut their influence out of your mind and out of your will continue to be the "Stupid Goy" they laugh at behind your back.