Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And then I Wound up in Padmasambhava's Lap

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses be filled with roses, when you’re riding on the Beltway around Shit City”.

Once again it is time to write about the Toad King; the Gila Monster of international diplomacy, who likes to do the satanic foxtrot of buggery and the lash, but once again I must defer the moment. The fact is that the Ides of March are approaching and what more fitting period is there than histories most defining moment of treachery and literal backstabbing. So Henry Kissinger must wait yet a few more days, to be celebrated at the fitting time. I promise you will see him at the Ides of March unless, hopefully, the Ides of March see him first but not in such a gentle manner as the anniversary is noted for.

I wonder at this blog and I wonder about all the blogs, where I feel compelled to draw attention to inhuman creatures, for which I can find no sufficient comparison, except in each other. It’s not what I would wish for myself; delineating the horrendous crimes of psychopaths, who walk this world to the measured applause of people too stupid to live and who prove that point with each succeeding incarnation. I can see the divine shaking his head, when they get awarded one of- for them- those rare human births, where very little human happens and the divine mutters to himself, “Well, he didn’t make much progress as a dung beetle did he? Dung Beetle Diddy.... Hmmmm, “Honey, get Sean Combs on the phone would you”?

I know most of us are waiting for the day that Kissinger tosses off this mortal coil and walks directly through the gates of Hell and does not pass Go. Well, he spent his life at Free Parking anyway. He’s the guy who came up with the idea of building a kitty there for whoever lands on it.

For some reason, unknown to myself, I continue to travel in these environs, when what I really want to do is talk about Peace, Love and Brotherhood. I keep hearing they’re about to go on tour but Ticketron doesn’t seem to know anything about it. So, I’ll make one of my occasional sincere apologies for playing Phil Hartman as an Alcatraz guide and just keep on keeping on, until I get parole. At least I don’t have to play Machine Gun Kelly’s bitch.

I think that’s what I wanted to talk about on today’s Profile in Evil. Why do I have to be the sketch artist in this one horse tourist town?

I could nominate Governor ‘Stroll’ Walker who definitely fits the bill. He’s an appointed hitman for the Koch Brothers, who like to pronounce their name as Coke, like that confuses anyone as to their genealogy. Well, a lot of those people who used to be dung beetles must have voted for him; not that public voting and election outcomes have anything to do with each other.

I could nominate Michelle Bachmann but you have to have at least a certain IQ in order to be considered evil and she, like Sarah Palin, are not going to get there in this life.I could nominate John Stewart and what’s his name because they fit the definition of a certain type of authentic evil, where you pretend to be one thing when you most definitely are another. It’s a Bill Maher kind of an item.

I could- and will- nominate a lot of people as times marches by and this blog fills up with posts concerned with those who either directly commit evil; finance evil, profit from evil, pretend not to be evil, while leading the stupid into bondage and destruction and taking bows for being a spokes parrot for something that runs every time it sees them coming The ones who worship and serve evil in the hope of reigning in Hell; there seems to be an impression of that happening, according to something John Milton once said and which those who hadn’t died of boredom enroute to it, actually wound up reading. I think it qualifies as folk wisdom. There are all manner of celebrants of evil these days because this is the tail end of the Kali Yuga, where the dregs in the cup have risen to the surface of whatever that liquid is.

I want to write something. I feel like I’m supposed to write something but I don’t want to write about any of these smug, bloodstained cowards. Did you just get a flash of Tony Blair when you read that? I got a flash of Tony. Both he and George W. instantly enter my mind whenever I hear the word coward.

The probable reason why I can’t write about anyone in particular today, besides not falling asleep last night and then moving like a blue streak all day are these wild bursts of energy shooting through my form, since the day after I got out of the chop shop. I’ve been in such a good mood lately that I find myself singing no matter where I am. I was doing it in the doctor’s waiting room today and people started leaving to go wait in the hall. Why that kind of thing is scary, I have no idea. I hear someone singing and I try to harmonize and that’s usually okay, unless they’re on some kind of a trip, or don’t sing very well and get angry with me shoehorning them into key while they’re trying to stay out of it.

The last few days, I’ve been walking around the house singing and reminding myself not to get too frisky, like that does any good. My mood has been incredible. It’s like something is about to happen (maybe the financing for that house) and whatever it is, it’s good (according to how I define that). It feels a lot like I felt when I was going around and announcing on stage that I was going to Europe and two month later I was there. It’s an ‘in motion’ thing. Sometimes life goes into motion and the rest of the time it only looks like it is but nothing is really happening

I could talk about Madeline Albright and how the backs of her thighs looks like a topographical map of her morality. Now I feel a little twisted just for saying that. Last night, I was lying in bed and floating on a pulsing wave of liquid nectar that was impersonating my mattress. Love was pouring out of my ears, my nose and every one of those little portholes in my skin. I kept swimming up into it and speaking in poetic soliloquies of a reaching kind of needing it, as bad as I might need oxygen underwater and wondering if I was finally getting close to what I’ve been after all my life. Maybe that’s why I bought that pressure washer today, so that I could hose down everything around me while I pretended I was putting the outside into some kind of Spring expectant order.

I know how dark and deadly so many of these people are but I just don’t want to talk about them right now. Hosing them down would be okay and watching them impersonate Chinese lanterns- in every sense of the word- would be okay because I don’t have any of that vengeance shit running through my bloodstream .Maybe nobody sending me any Vitamin K is part of some sort of chemical release thing that’s trying to get ignition in my system. I remind myself that everything is under control, even the things I don’t want to be. Still, arid moments come and go but sooner or later what looked like a boulder against a rock wall slides away and I’m talking to Devas, jinns and genii.

I can’t handle this energy so I’m not even trying. That works real well of course and anything else does not work but I suspect I look strange. I catch Susanne studying me out of the corner of my eye but she’s seen all of it that she can see by now and the things she can’t see… that’s just as well. The dogs see though. They make a lot of funny moves lately. Someone’s trying to keep my emails from getting to the people who link my posts. It’s pretty sophisticated but by this time anyone who’s supposed to be reading any of this, finds their way here on their own.

I’m higher than I’ve been in a long, long time but certain things are useful when it comes to interpreting what I can’t see, unless I’m in that particular kayak. I do realize I’m not supposed to know certain things sometimes, because it cuts back on the spontaneity and interferes with the entertainment factor of the divine, for whom I am some kind of a song and dance act without the red nose. The energy thing is impressive. I’m buzzing like a bee hive but it’s a good buzz. You know that feeling where you get the sensation that you have a new circulatory system just under the epidermis and which hits its high points in the cheekbones under the eyes, just behind the ears and at the nape of the neck? Sure you do (grin).

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me for wandering all over the map and winding up in Padmasambhava’s lap and feeling nothing but gratitude that this is now over and I can go back to the internal massaging waterbed that doesn’t need quarters to keep playing, Long Train Running, even though all I’m hearing is the chorus; apparently sometimes you do ride for free and ass, grass or cash doesn’t do anything like this anyway. You can’t buy something like this. It comes out of nowhere and there is no receipt. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sound different. We’ll have to wait and see.

End Transmission.......

I’ll probably have an update announcement in the comments section in a little while. Right now I’ve got to go through the spin cycle.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

Ride on, write on.


wv: repite - respite without the "S" ence.

kikz said...

enjoy your buzz :)

Visible said...

Boulderdash... if you see this could you ask Michael Rivero if he is gettig any of my emails? I've even tried writing him from different servers but... nothing. Or anyone else might help me out here if they can reach Michael. This happened once before and I was off his site for almost a year thinking he didn't want to talk to me. But he said he had no idea about any of it. Meanwhile I was off his site for a year. I know how strange this sounds but it happened.

Anonymous said...

feeling quite disturbed at the moment,one of the people who I thought may of killed my dog years ago got killed by a train the other day,the name of a dog walker interviewed at the time was very close to my own name,whole thing has spun me out...its just too coincidental..

anyway enjoy your vibe mr visibles
I couldnt be more futher away from that place today,I could do with a sit down with padmasambhava...respects neil

Anonymous said...

I had hoped their wasnt any truely evil people in the world,just some extremely misguided ones,after the past few weeks I am starting to see different...
god help them when they do make it to padmasambhavas door.... neil

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the rites of spring have manifested.

Refreshing post Les.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

Will the solstice festival be in Germany or Italy? Just trying to plan ahead if possible.

Peace, Mouser

Visible said...

Didn't you get my email several hours ago? I told you it's near here. I assume you know I'm not in Italy and haven't been for over a month. I'll let you know my brother when it is.

Meanwhile I should mention we have only two cars, a Touran van and a VW Golf. That means we can ferry about ten people (maybe a few more riding on the roofs or tied to the doors with bungee chords so it you come after the first amount you'll need to rent a car, hitchhike, walk (100K) travel on the ethers at night and or whatever works for you.

Visible said...

Hmmm, I am completely cut off from reaching Michael Rivero. If anyone does reach him please tell him I am not able to send him any emails (god knows why and I am not getting any replies). Somebody isn't a fan... hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Very nice...

Was this a reference to the scene in "so I married an axe murderer"?

"So, I’ll make one of my occasional sincere apologies for playing Phil Hartman as an Alcatraz guide and just keep on keeping on, until I get parole. At least I don’t have to play Machine Gun Kelly’s bitch."

Nice reference... :P Just call me Vicky... :P

Visible said...

Well done Vicky! There are double entendres and all manner of things through the post.

Anonymous said...

hmmm more coincidenses....

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling zippy.

Emailed WRH to let Mike know.


siamsam said...

It is not just poloticians that are recruited to serve satan. (Bob Geldoff was a minor 70s popster prior to being recruited - he is now Sir Bob following the mysterious deaths of his ex wife, and later her pop star partner Michael Hutchins.) Just thought I would elaberate on Geldoff for those not aware. Tony, bono and Gore - say no more!

Tony, Bono, Geldoff and Gore

Iraq, Asia, Africa, - nothing said at home
Our Honors and our privileges shield us from your scorn

One big happy family come and join the club
To sell your soul to Lucifers’ the only little rub

Reduce the Prolo numbers now they’ve served the cause
Better left unspoken, unless behind closed doors

Give them bread and circus, idols by the score
Fluoride in the water helps us even more

GM food, of course its good, one step at a time
Aspartame for the little ones to help them tow the line

We know they’re hard of thinking
So let’s not pay to care
The game is done – the party’s won

Yours sincerely

Tony, Bono, Geldoff and Gore

Nayon said...

Talking about psychos and weirdows, you got to check this one out.

Someone found the antichrist!

And they call me a nut!

Love you all

Terrance said...

Hello Visible, Man a lot of your stuff goes right over my head, however you do make me laugh....your explaining what honey tastes like, to someone who has not tasted The Honey.... Good on you!.....

siamsam said...

Re Michael Rivero: maybe he is hiding in his nest

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

While I do totally agree with your appraisal of TPTB, I have to ask you, what good does it do to keep hammering on about it? It's as if you think the hyena is supposed to have the disposition of a Basset Hound. It ain't gonna happen, never, ever, ever. A few years ago I read an article that said that the money spent in one year on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would wipe out all the world's poverty for ten years. I don't know if that's true or not, but it probably is. And if it is, then the reasonable/sensible/logical thing for TPTB to do would be to end the wars and start spending the money to help the world's people. Can you imagine? They'd come off being the world's all-time heroes. But instead they've given themselves over to the kingdom of darkness to do the will of their father the devil. He gives them the money because he knows he can trust them to do what he wants with it. When he was trying to talk Jesus into becoming subservient to him he showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time (probably something akin to a brief astral projection type experience) and all the wealth of them, and then here's what he said:

"All this power will I give you, and the glory of it all, for that is delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will I give it." (Luke 4:6).

The Rothschilds and their ilk think they're performing the greatest feat in history by taking over the world (and turning it into a hellhole in the process). They've been duped by the demonic realm into believing that they can turn the world into a paradise, but they have to do it according to the demonic plan which will culminate with Satan sitting on the royal throne. The demonic plan is to throw the world into utter chaos in order to arm-twist the world's peoples into going along with the New World Order agenda. And the oligarchs think they're doing such a great thing. The reason they think so is because they've lost it. They're beyond crazy. They've gone beyond crazy to having become demonic. And so now they can't think straight. And you can hammer them about it all day long every day until Jesus comes back and it won't do a bit of good.

Most people think all this talk about the devil and the demonic realm is a bunch of laughable nonsense. And so they laugh about it and have great fun laughing about it. Who are they trying to kid? The truth about it is that the only ones they're really kidding is themselves.

GTRman said...

A while backI was going to nominate Albright for a profile , but as soon as I started reading this I had a strong feeling she'd get a mention , sure enough. Glad you're well , here's some info on Albright :

Coincidentally , (siamsam)here's some on the kosher Oirishmen , Bono and Geldofs offspring:

"“My grandmother Rankin , on my mother’s side”

“Jack was a travelling salesman , as many of my uncles were , and they came from a long line of travelling salesmen. And in fact I am a travelling salesman. I sell songs for U2 ,door to door , city to city , and I promote ides like debt cancellation or fair trade at the market , and I reckon I must have got it from the Rankins , which , by the way , is usually a jewish name. They all looked jewish , too. Ive heard it said that the Rankins were jewish at one point when they were based in Scotland , then they came over to Ireland and they weren’t jewish anymore , which I think used to happen a lot. I don’t know if that is true , but I’d like it if it were.

“My mother was a protestant and my father was a catholic and their love affair was practically illicit at the time.

“I should admit to my first family nick-name: The Antichrist! It wasnt completely wide of the mark. I haven’t met many other kids who were nick-named the Antichrist !” -Bono

( U2 by U2 , page 15 , Harper Collins 2006 )

GTRman said...

Q. Whats the difference between Bono and God ?
A. God doesn’t think he’s Bono.

Visible said...

What good does this comment do except to refocus the hammering to your preferences? What good does anything do when anything anyone does is an expression of the limitations of what they know?

The site(s) exists for the benefit of those who gain benefit from it; informational, entertainment, whatever. It doesn't exist for anyone else, so the real question the reader should be asking themselves, not me; is 'why am I here when I could be somewhere else"? I don't even need to know the answer to that because I just go on hammering until the construction end is finished and its time to call in the painters.

I'd be getting ready to ask what good is it to have all those brushes and rollers going back and forth over those surfaces. I'd like to add one other question that anyone can ask at any time. 'What good does it do to keep inhaling oxygen if I have to keep exhaling afterwards'?

Neko Kinoshita said...

"Show me the face that was yours before you were born."

Hey DumbGoyNot, never forget, one of the names for that served by TPTW is "The Deceiver." They think they are going to rule their little kingdom of a half billion souls, but their fantacy is already beginning to collapse.

Les, I come here for the echo, and for the sheer entertainment of not only what you say, but what others say as well. Howl on Dog, the poetry is worth the journey.

Thirsty now, hungry later,
maybe more to say later as well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les.

Having communicated with Mike Rivero previously; I sent him an e-mail this morning; below is the reply (sorry it's not immediate,I received it a few hours ago, but I've been out of the office this morning and no access to my own PC).

"I tried to email him but no reply. I do not know what is going on."

Michael Rivero

What Really Happened

Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem

Very odd Les.

Sorry I couldn't help further.

Anonymous said...

I trully think that there are many players at work here, many factors and factions.
There's hyperdimensional space being used for negative purposes through taking the art of occult practices and using it for evil purposes but I also think there's an ET agenda here at work and I also think that us humans have been tampered with with implants for a very long time through ET invasions and our memories wipes out.
I'm sure many here know of this theory already and I also think there are benevolent ET's that want us to join the cosmic brotherhood and live in harmony again and get back to our reactivated DNA.
Doesn't this all sound so crazy and woo woo? But I believe it and I will keep stancing by the fact that there is ascension and an awakening happening to reactivate our frequency to be able to absord the new age and the new vibrations coming through at this period of time.
I see evil in myself many times. WHen I drive and I am behind someone that's going slower than me in front of me, or when someone's tail gating me.
The words and thoughts that come out of myself are pretty cruel, it's like an animal that's so angry at what is, no patience, no tolerance, and then I think I'm such a peaceful and good person when I'm feeling okay stuck in the world of polarities and good and bad and I'm learning about wetiko and how I do project the dark aspects of myself into others w/o looking or integrating these aspects.
We're all crazy, the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can be free or this, nobody's better or less than. Half of us are just beginning to learn a little peace of the truth about what the fuck we are and doing here. What gives.
Today at work, everybody was praising an outsourced Indian worker for working so many hours that his missed his son's birthday and for that they praised him. WOW! what a sacrifice!
I was thinking to myself, we're all a bunch of certifiable lunatics, the only ones getting better are the ones that know they're lunatics.
Lvoe, Debbie.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up

The Weirder it Gets, the Stranger it Looks.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream.

Yancey Purcell said...

The 47 Minute Revolution:

1: Pull your money out of the Big Bank and put it into a credit union.

2. Stop voting for rich people and start voting for working people.