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Israel; the Ace of Spades of Evil.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘There are some things a dog won’t do, that’s why there are Israelis’.

Well, I do take requests. It’s nice to warm up because it’s been a while since I did any performing but that’s on the docket, coming up, so I hear. Speaking of requests, someone asked me to do a Profile of Evil on Monsanto (My Satan), which happens to be (don’t act surprised) a Zionista construction. However, there’s a last minute change in plans because of the world situation. Let’s talk today about the true Evil Empire, Israel. Israel would be The Ace of Spades when it comes to evil. Israel isn’t a country; it’s a state of mind. Professional serial killers often say to themselves, when they’re feeling particularly bloody, “I’m in an Israeli state of mind”.

Israel is planning to kill a whole lot of Palestinians real soon. That’s what it means when they start launching bottle rockets into stolen lands and causing serious damage, like some Israeli broke a nail. They know the hour is getting late but they don’t quite grasp what’s coming. They are about to become pariahs the world over. Everything they’ve been up to is going to be exposed. They are the primary target of The Apocalypse.

Now, I don’t know for sure but it looks to me like they just tried to kill Angela Merkel. It looks to me like Merkel and others are hip to their game and even shut down their nuclear reactors because, surprise, surprise, Israel is doing security there too. Israel doesn’t like the Germans because the Germans are some of the brightest people on the planet and are about to get their mojo back. All kinds of things are coming front and center and you are hearing about it here. I stand by what I’m saying and you will see whether I know what I’m talking about. The Evil Empire is about to get a world class butt-kicking from the master of butt-kicking. Those that aren’t dead are going to wish they were and death’s no escape either. I’ve got my reasons for saying what I’m saying now and what you are soon going to be hearing here. Awaken friends! Watch and learn.

There’s a couple of things that have to do with me that Israel doesn’t like at all and they can’t understand why force and more force isn’t being used on people like me. They’re about to find out the answer to that question. Their curiosity is about to be satiated.

The high and the mighty are being informed as I write these words. Look for the unreal to become commonplace shortly. In this world, some of us get the short end of the stick, or so it seems. That’s because some of us fancy near, ‘seeming’, mythical beings and serve interests that don’t pay off in the marketplace and... who knows more about the marketplace and the funeral parlors than those nasty little serpents in Israel and all over the world where they are playing snatch and grab and prospering by dint of threats and bribes and blackmail?

These times are different than any times you have read about or ever heard about. So, what may have been so for the long suffering among us, is about to be stood on its head. Sometimes you back the right horse and that horse is going to offer you a ride. I’m talking super-charged Pegasus and you’re going to be seeing a great deal of what I am talking about, this year and starting as of... last night? Yeah, last night.

There’s a blockhead with some kind of TV show called The Young Turks. He’s all hot and bothered about Glenn Beck saying things about people who happen to be Jews. Well, Glenn Beck’s a bit of a surprise in some ways. However, it takes a real moron not to see the total control of western governments by Jewish interests. They’re out there doing business in broad daylight. Some people may have reservations about Stuxnet and Japan and so on and so forth but I have none. Any time I hear about anything bad happening in the world, I instantly ask myself, "okay, what’s Israel’s angle here? They’re about to show the world, as if they haven’t already, just what psychopathic snake dancers they are and dancing is not going to be the word; inferring style and grace in movement. It’s going to be more like a chicken on a griddle.

They are in for a big surprise. They are in for a really big surprise. I know a lot of you out there don’t believe in anything. You can’t see it; it’s not there; even though you can see it indirectly in everything. Of course, your sense of time and the meaning of justice is a tad (snicker) limited. But some of us have had the veils parted. That’s why some of us talk the way we do and also why no one fucks with us; like you would naturally assume someone would. Wasup wit dat?

I’m not going to list the crimes of Israel. I will say, they’ve done more harm in such a short time than any other country that’s been around for any time. If I start listing the crimes, I’ll be here all day and I got better things to do; like celebrate some things I just found out. I don’t usually drink but I’m having some fine Rothaus Pils this day, celebrating the long overdue, finally arriving.

Here are some things you can look for; incredible meltdowns in the media where people say things and can’t figure out why, pants down events, humbling of the self-styled great, seriously embarrassing moments that are also, seriously funny. You can go ahead and feel sorry for them. That’s what makes you different. Oh, but Israel and your whores in high places and your villainous associates sucking the lifeblood of the public... the time has arrived and I am pleased and honored to announce it. You may cry out for the Earth to cover you but, good luck with that.

It’s not all going to be punishment but there will be a significant amount, specifically to each and everyone according to what they been up to and rewards across the board for the good guys, cause the good guys are going to win and win big. Watch and see. My own personal fortunes are off the charts and I can say, with some degree of authority that people reading these words are going to find that true of them. Oh... you have no idea. You can’t imagine, trust me. Hey! Don’t trust me. It don’t matter. Watch and see.

Now, there’s some things, quite a few things, I’m not telling you. I don’t have to. It will be self evident. Well, look at that, Elizabeth Taylor passed on.

Oh yeah, I could be wack, but I’m not and I look forward to every moment now as vindication runs amuck and censure walks the halls of power. Tremble, fools. Shake in your boots and shit yourself because it’s walking among you. Watch and see.

Israel is being made toxic for those who wanted it so badly. Oh boy, are you in for it. I was told by a reputable source (chuckle) “Watch how ingenious I can be and watch what happens when they go to the other guy and he tells them he’s me too and only played the role to gather the evidence”. Well, a lot of them have been informed already. I was there, sort of, when it happened. Yes, I wish I could discuss this and talk about what happened last night and is still happening today but... why spoil the surprise?

There’s not going to be any more Israel, built on Holocaust tales while causing them in far greater dimensions on and on; Viva Palestine!!! Okay you warmongering shitheels, you vicious predatory monsters, the floodgates are opening and powers and protections are removed; all that was in place to set the stage. Tremble Obama! Tremble Blankfein, Rothschild and Murdoch! You are in for some serious action and some of you have only been kept alive against this moment. Well, the time is here. Watch and see.

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Karyn Weese said...

Greetings Visible! I wish you could share more about your insights and visions, I'm sure it would be quite fascinating and enlightening. There is no denying that the temperature is being turned up and floodlights are suddenly shining into dark places world-wide. This post makes me wonder again about a "subscribers only" portal, where you could talk more freely and openly with your friends and supporters. Until then...keep up the great work. All the best, Karyn
wv: dismol (!) Things are looking more and more dismol for the big Israe-LIE!

Visible said...

You'll note that I wrote and posted this before the news of Jerusalem hit. I know what I'm saying. I was told by the one himself about what's coming. Watch and see!

Visible said...

Karyn; He said a lot of good things to me about my role and what he intends for me. I can hardly talk about that. It's not something I can even countenance because it sounds impossible. It makes me think I'm insane (grin). Could these things be? We'll see. I can tell you this much, look for New Shangri la to have all kinds of benefactors soon.

siamsam said...

I have been wondering all day if the attempt on Merkle could be 'the Israel mistake' - as per a recent Webbot.

What these peopls fail to understand is that many of those that play the role of loyal servants actually despise them. There are many recent examples of this. One being when the previous British Foreign Secretarys Personal Assistant was arrested and hauled before the courts for shouting 'fucking Jews' whilst watching a news report at a London gym. Of course David Milliband is a Jew.

I also think people in general are sick of seeing public figures being destroyed for for so much as mentioning the word Jew.

This is their weakness they can't contemplate how normal people feel. Psychopaths just can't empathize.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Cheers Les or as bush the dumb said bring it on

DaveS said...

Ah Les,

Good to be back among the living again. So many walking dead meandering around these parts it's amazing the Black Canyon isn't full to the brim with those who stumbled off in the wrong direction...

Am I the only who looks foreword to April Fool's Day? Yeah, I didn't think so.

NIce post, the truth hurts those who would ignore it. Once a person sees how messed-up the world is thanks to the creation of that pip-squeak, pain in the wallet, crap hole known as Israel, then change starts. It starts in how they think and evolves into how they feel. The latter is when big change happens.

It pisses people off to be lied to everyday. And since the late 1800's that's all that's really been happening, at least here in the bad ol' USA. Once you see the lies and who has been telling us the bulk of them, you find it very hard to believe anything that comes out of the idiot box.

I'm rambling... sorry.


wv: dayinsti... a dayinsti is better than a dayinstink. Or so I've been told ;)

zazz said...

As one of Palestinian descent,I grew up thinking it was simply about the occupation of Palestine. I now believe it is a reflection of a larger occupation project of the world itself. Palestine is simply a microcosm of what has been in preparation for the world. Why Palestine?, because it is the house of Jesus and represents the spirit of Christ. Seems like a natural base for the deceiver who is by definition an anti-Christ. From a wider perspective, occupation becomes enslavement, which suggests larger forces at play. It is a relatively well known fact that the Star of David symbol on the Israeli flag is a geometric representation of three sixes.

Thinking back on my parents’ recollection of happy days in Palestine with their Arab Palestinian neighbors of the Jewish faith, I have come to believe that the intended spirit of ‘Israel’ and Judaism have for a long time been hijacked by the deceiver through those that have appointed themselves as leaders of Jews. As before with the pharisees, sadducees, and sanhedrin, as today with AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, ADL and other minions of satan who seat themselves in the chair of Moses. Evil’s motto is emblazoned on their mossad symbol for all to see: ‘by deception, thou shall wage war’. The deceiver tries to hold in bondage the Gentile (and non-Jewish Semitic people) using accusations of anti-Semitism, as he holds the Jew in fear over the holocaust.

The deceiver cares little for Gentile and Jew alike.

As for predictions of imminent upheaval, I would counsel that we heed the Master's words, which tell us that not even He himself knows the timing of events (only the Creator knows), but that it will be as obvious as the changing of the seasons.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thanks DaveS, I stole a piece of that. It's just too good to forget.

Zazz, we may not know the hour, but we all know its on its way.

Wonderful post Les, nice to see this one.


Anonymous said...

"those nasty little serpents"!?

That's foul, Les Visible. Snakes, nagas and naginis everywhere winced at the comparison. *smile*

Anyway, this is a good place to disclose a vision I was given many months ago, and the reason for my nom de plume. Probably will amuse or creep out some people who don't Believe. Heh. (Contains sex and graphic description of violence).

I saw an incredibly beautiful woman who was snake from the waist below, sitting on my blue couch in a dark room. I marvelled at her... And wanted to be her? Then my perspective changed and I was Her (and at that point, I was not directing the Vision consciously, I refers to She from now on). I saw a man with a facial expression thet was the mixture of Billy Graham grin and Dick Cheney scowl, a nasty, beastly brute of a man with eyes drunk with Power.

He captured me (as I was her), pinned me down, and started raping me, or that's what he thought he was doing in a "take it, bitch" sort of way. I wrapped my lower body around his legs and started squeezing, and broke out a smile as if to tell him that "you're trapped". He was terrified but couldn't stop at that point. Pretty soon He was spent, I *ahem* milked Him for all his worth. Power gone from him, I cradled his head in my arms - I didn't hate him, I pitied him - and licked his cheek... And the flesh melted in my mouth (yum! I was hungry). Pretty soon, I was in a feeding frenzy making quite a mess. Nothing remained of him, not even bones. He was completely dissolved.

After that, I went to cave, laid some eggs from which emerged children who were as servant-creatures, grayish green and sexless. Their task was digging and gardening, or broadly put, terraforming.

Later, She was back in the sofa and it was day. The servants brought fruits and fishes and jewels to Her, and She loved them. I saw Behemoth frolicking in the nearby lake, and Chimera flew overhead. At that point, human thoughts intruded and I thought "what about humanity, what will happen"? She was visited by couple of my friends (I was in kind of ghost mode, observing). They addressed Her by my name and looked quite worried so She told them to not worry, that they will be alright as long as they do not seek to harm me.

Twas a bit weird vision because I'm male :). I was bit freaked out at the time, but no longer, I'm grateful. Rich in metaphory yet real :).

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Dear God

I've craved justice soo badly all my life.

Not for me but for the starving oppressed sick and weak. I never understood how people could let this stupid thing called money cause so much suffering.

I always knew things were just WRONG !

I know I'm a sinner and I suffer with my sins everyday because I deserve to.

But I will gladly take my punishment if I can just for a single moment see justice for all !

I so thank you for this message Les it's what i've dreamed of all my life.

I'm just gonna believe this because I KNOW it has to be true once and for all.

From the heart Patrick V1.0

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

While reading this post i felt a great surge of energy pass through my body leaving me feeling exhilirated and refreshed,and with a certain anticipation filling the air.
It sounds like the calvary is on its way.
You know Les i'll think i'll have a beer with you....cheers.

Smashing post and a much needed tonic for tired bodies and minds alike.


Dan said...

Wow Vis, you got me all pumped! I have been feeling it too, can hardly sleep these nights, like trying to sleep after a good deep psychedelic experience, you just don't seem to need all the rest! Great news, we are all ready for this, been waiting for years since wife and I saw it in a vision..

bumper stickers I promised should get there soon, thx Les!


Sergej said...

Obviously not everyone in the western media is afraid to speak up:

This is quite a big readership too, kudos to Playboy for the courage.

Les, I'm intrigued by your announcements and am eagerly awaiting to see what happens.

p.s. not all reactors in Germany are shut down, just the seven oldest ones which are declared to be less safe than the later designs

Ben said...

There are many who have been awaiting this... and many who have been praying for its arrival. I have been aware of Israel's imminent demise for the last four years and I'm anxiously awaiting the fall of Mystery Babylon. Remember, when Mystery Babylon falls, the saints rejoice.
The Apocalypse indeed; the Unveiling or Revelation is upon us.
Israel was founded on terrorism, corruption, coercion and bribery; they even usurped a name for their nation which does not belong to them. That is one of the things that will require recompense.
And recompense, as well as restitution, is coming. Since lives, unlike money or property, cannot be recompensed, there will be quite a few lives due from those that took them or were instrumental in taking them.
As far as the stolen wealth of the world... there will be so much available that people will say "Give me no more, I have sufficient to my needs."
Great times and thanks for being part of the unveiling, Les.

Anonymous said...

WOW Visible. Wow! I don't think you're insane. Thank you always. Melanie Stone

Anonymous said...

Hey Les

I'm all excited and jumping for joy. Will comment later got to get back to work.

Walking Hawk

FINALLY!!! (big ass smile)

Anonymous said...

Brother Vis,
Last week as I viewed the pictures of the reactors in Japan, I felt then that this was the game changer, I could see that this was the event horizon for me of the coming changes. Since then Germany has done an about face in it's attitude toward Isrehell, the coalition of the damned targeted the next country for "liberation" and Obama "rhymes with Osama" enjoyed the rays in Rio(almost rhymes with Nero, can you dance to that jig?). Yes the gloves have come off for the soon to be tptw, good riddance I say. I agree that we will all get what we deserve, for the better or worse, I hope we all can find the better in the coming days. maybe love has something to do with it?

kikz said...

sabrosky over on vetstoday in effect, says...

the mil now unequivocally know that mossad did 911.

i certainly hope the samson option of stuxnet is now lock'd down, as well as 'the football'.. and that strategized countermeasures are forthcoming.

can't be too damn soon for me.

as the grunts are currently fond of saying...

light it the fuk up.

Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to them for the sake of humor:

9/11 - America cries for help

26/11 - Indian massacre (dont feign confusion - you know whom I refer to)

3/11 - This was an act of God I know, but with all of the HAARP allegations about this at the
FUK-U-shima plant!! (not Hiro-shima)

The enemy has been found and the enemy is us - Israel is Europe and America's placeholder for oil and geopolitical presence in the whole Middle East and Central Asian "Arc of Tension aka Brezhinkski). So instead of scapegoating Israel and its hapless, hopeless immigrants, find the alternatives and solutions to the wasteful energy guzzling habits that fuel this whole way of life and the media that export it to dimwits globally who discard their sustainable ways to embrace this horror.

Through the ages, more nations and peoples have done the same - Vikings, Islamofascists, Constantine, Rome, Ashoka and more. So quit whining, you know who the enemy is, what are you going to do about it?

But since I am in a good mood, I will leave folks with this.
Robert Kraft as reported in the Boston Globe yesterday:

“Jerusalem goes back thousands of years,’’ Kraft said in Tel Aviv this month. “The spirituality it gives off is something that’s very special. So I guess, yes, it is personal.’’

Happy Holi to Hindus of all nations and people of goodwill everywhere.

su said...

hey les,
there have been no visions here but as i just wrote on my blog - that there is just such a sense of Trust - in what is unfolding right now.
The deepest trust.

Salute. let us drink to the unveiling, the healing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the One who passes this message to us via Les Visible (and to LV for the work)!

This message explains why, literally right now, certain observable aspects of this world, usually under total “zio-orge” control (evidently for a century, likely longer), seems to have escaped that control.

Repeating what Les Visible has cautioned before; let’s not lower ourselves to “their” level, not become like “them”, when the SHTF – particularly when it comes to those most deserving of their just deserts (most humans understand that’s for God to do – and God will mete out the “rewards” like no human can imagine (and no – it won’t be the Talmudic “boiling in a vat of semen” pedantic lameness)).
So, special attention is to be given to the Bauer “rag-merchant” klan (a.k.a. Red Shields, poseur khazars). Like a humane maximum security, bread-and-water-moderate-labor for-life-no-parole-to-human eternity, in Birobidjan (the first, one and only legal, “crypto-khazar (jewish) homeland”). But, they only go there after the true “klan of the circle”, returns everything it owes to all peoples (including some of “their own”) that which they have stolen from everyone (damn near everything). So partial list of whom Rothschild reparations are due to, with the only morally allowable interest: all Americans of African descent. The khazar poseur klan funded most if not all of slavery (along with the likes of the Mon-satan klan of poseurs and US slave masters); the French –because the “rag merchants” funded their “special man” –Weishaupt – who successfully created and caused the mass murder and wealth theft popularly known as the “French revolution” (a.k.a. the trial run for more Talmudic utopia “fun” – communism) –and his attempt to do the same to the American “revolution”, which at first was not successful, but that mistake was corrected with the first American “civil war” (now becoming understood for what that was really about – competition elimination and long range total control by deception); the Italians, because crypto-khazar Weishaupt groomed fellow demon Jewseppe Mazini, tribal agent for Italy –founder of the real M.A.F.I.A. which has ever since been blamed on Italian non-khazars; the Chinese subjected to the pusher-klan’s opium (to replace profits lost from slavery’s end); the Slavic peoples, who suffered the First (ashken)Nazi Reich, a.k.a. Talmudic Utopia i.e. communism, (particularly the Russians and Ukrianians –who were genocided like no other peoples in all history),

Just passin’ through …

Anonymous said...

pt 2
the peoples of the Caucus regions, (particularly the Chechens who, after barely surviving the Talmudic Utopia V 1.0, were set up by one of “crypto-khazars’ finest” -Boris B- (now hiding out in and protected by “People of the Covenant” i.e. Hebrew language- Brit Am (a.k.a. Britan and washing his money via Russia’s wealthiest …); read Paul Klebnikoff, assassinated for uncovering that the “muslim rebel movement in Chechnya” is “crypto-khazar” funded and promoted (what a surprise - not); all other Europeans – as the klan funded and fomented every mass murder man-made calamity and genocide attempt of the 20th century (especially to Germans – for “special attention” the Bauer klan has given them for the past 100 years and to this day); South Africans –all Whites and Blacks; Japanese for funding and promoting its transition to global militarist puppet, the first nuclear terrorism victims and now for and second nuclear terrorist disaster (brought to them by the jewish creation –nuclear “power” –the ultimate weapon of the world’s original terrorists); Native Americans – of all the Americas; without the klan’s funds – their genocides were not possible; the Japanese – as the klan funded their transformation to global militaristic puppets, for being true victims (as opposed to the master-poseurs of victimhood) of the first and now the for the second time of the exclusively “jewish creation” – nuclear power (a.k.a. the ultimate Talmudic terror weapon); human beings of the Middle east, especially the true Semites – the Palestians!; last and least (because they were most capable of being those who should’ve known better) – the humans of the USA – a.k.a. Talmudic Utopia V 2.0; they have to become fully aware and freed from crypto-khazarian control – before any real change –for this world – can occur, and etc., etc.

Just passin’ through …

Dr. Zoidbergh said...

Reading the comments here, it seems a lot of people share this feeling I had reading your post...a feeling which seems to build up since about three or four months now (for me at least). Graduation is just around the corner...
(I also prefer a nice Rothaus over any Rothschild, no dobut about that!)

Liz said...

I must say that I have been concerned on more than one occasion regarding your continued health, well being and safety. Yesterday read this quote from EA Poe..."Invisible things are the only reality" and knew that you are, and will be fine. New Shangri la, indeed! Crazy movie dreams for me lately, act one, wake up sweating profusely, back to sleep and the play continues...Sometimes remember and write down, sometimes remember only snatches. Last night was Unicorns bringing offerings on their horns, and very agreeable serpents...Love to all

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Almost everyone here can consider themselves well and truly awakened and that in itself is a pretty amazing thing but no doubt for many of us it has been an isolating experience too. So Les, if what you are saying is that we are about to be joined by many more then all I can say is ... wonderful! ... and welcome!

Things are happening so fast these days and it seems as though that each night while I'm sleeping a shift takes place and when I awaken in the morning the world has a darker tint and sometimes it's a whole shade darker. Israel has been pushing the world into the dark side of the black to white palette (known as the “grey scale” to photographers) but when this curse is finally broken the world will drift naturally into the lighter shades and dawn not be something to squint at in trepidation. Now I have to go off to see what the "news of Jerusalem" is all about.

abe said...

You The Man LES!!! The nine and the 13 have been added!

wv: hootha; hootha fuck is going to stop the tide now? No one!!

Visible said...

I actually have a very good relationship with serpents that's why I said snakes to differentiate.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately internet allows many mentally ill people to deceive others. This obviously is the case.
All of you will realize it by the end of this year, when you see nothing real has happened.
The Jew is eternal...

Odin's Raven said...

All British Parliamentary parties are under the (usually) discreet supervision of Zionist interests.
It's not just the Millibands leading Labour who are Jewish; Cameron's (part) Jewish ancestry has been talked up recently. Apparently, he's descended from a Levite banker.

Here's a brief account of Jewish influence in the British Establishment.

Jews are exercised over the question whether or not Cameron will prove a better prime minister FOR JEWS than was Brown.What chutzpah!

gurnygob said...

zazz said...8:35 AM

you made some good points there.


trippy-malcolm said...

UFO - JERUSALEM -Temple Mount

Anonymous said...

Vis, that is more than just a song...

It's an anthem.

Perfect, thank you.

Ben said...

I'll admit to being somewhat slow on many things... read this in your blog and then the news about Liz Taylor's passing.
I haven't watched tv for almost ten years and very rarely go see a movie (I made an exception for the Lord of the Rings, despite them not exactly following Tolkien's books).
I can only think of two movies Liz Taylor was in: Cleopatra and Gone with the Wind.
If I think in terms of "types and shadows" then Liz represents the queen of Egypt... which is a Biblical type of Babylon. Right up there with queen Jezebel, who thought she would reign supreme until her own eunuchs threw her from her balcony to her death.
Gone with the Wind... yes. What did Jesus compare the Spirit to? Wind.
I wonder if it's coincidental (I don't believe in coincidences or accidents) that the Wind is blowing so strongly today in my part of the world. May it blow this strongly throughout.
Again, thanks for your part in the unveiling and please know there are many many being awakened. Great times!

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

It's quite possible and ever more likely that jewland played an active roll in the failures of the japanese power plant post-tsunami, in some fashion, whether by the Stuxnet, or by their security.

Speculation isn't my game either Les, however dots connect when you realize that the Japanese prime minister recently refused to go to the IMF in order to bail out the failing Japanese economy. The funny-munny printers were none to happy about that.

But I'm anxiously awaiting, with popcorn buttered, the de-kosherization of the planet.

Visible said...

I believe Vivian Leigh was in gone with the wind, could be wrong but it was before Liz's time

Anonymous said...

Ah, music to my ears. Thanks for that.
I'm wondering if you are familiar with this,
P.S. For those not familiar with electronics, no problem, just stick to the text.

Anonymous said...

ruptured chords
savage center
forged distress
fractured sender
satanic mentor
down of low
broken sound
it seams exposed
the archers bow
swift a lion
arrows pierce
nails of iron
bolt of lightning
bursting forth
charging freedom
swirling north


gurnygob said...

Les I hate it when you tease like that.

Just out of curiosity, is there anything in your messages or visions about a city with a big clock and I don’t mean London but I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Chinese workers sign no sex contract in Israel

Chinese workers at a company in Israel have been forced to agree not to have sex with or marry Israelis as a condition of getting a job.
According to a contact they are required to sign, male workers may not have any contact with Israeli women - including prostitutes, a police spokesman, Rafi Yaffe, said.

Flashback: Migrant workers deportation. (they took loans out to work there legally)

Flashback 2:

TEL AVIV : For hundreds of Chinese workers, a new life in the promised land of Israel has turned into a nightmare. Many of them borrowed thousands of dollars to pay for work visas that later turned out to be invalid.

And now threatened with deportation from Israel, they are afraid of returning to China where they will also be threatened if they do not cough up the money they have borrowed.

tonybinca said...

Watching and waiting for the long overdue. Also hoping to be a part of your creative activities in the future!

Ben said...

Thanks Les,
Yes, you're right, it was Vivien Leigh (I googled). I have become deficient in what passes for "culture" in today's world. No matter, though, since my first thought of Liz was as Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
(And it wasn't an accident that modern-day Egypt was the first to, at least symbolically, recently shake off its shackles.)
I've been reading on-line the eulogies coming from all and sundry regarding Liz. I'm reminded of Jesus' words: "For what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God." A good standard by which to measure the value of anything in today's world.
Again, thanks. Our Father's love, peace and blessing be upon you.

Sergej said...

Check this out:

By the way I think Cliff High's "Israeli mistake" was the sabotage at Fukushima. That's what made the movements begin.

Doug Pearson said...

Sounds like the White Dragons to me....hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

You ended a paragraph this way, "It’s going to be more like a chicken on a griddle." I would have said something like 'spinning overhead (in the grasp of,,,) it sinners circles'

[in ref to their sin erasing procedure]

What you people need to keep in mind is this fraud known as israel. the jew should be side by side with their Rabbi Y.Weiss as he tells them "we are still in our exile" because none of their religious books prophecies regarding their mythical "return" has ever come true. Their 'Hollow Cause' is invalid as one of those prophecies by both the methods of death as well as the numbers of dead. (as one previously described-red cross figures etc) So they pretend one of their many 'pre return prophecies' has come true, yet the rest remain to be pretended as true. This was the goal of the zionNazis, to pretend to the other jews that prophecies have been fulfilled. It seems as if a lightbulb went off after their last expulsion (pre civil war in america times) and that their religious books were after all, fablistic kabalistic crapola.

I can see their meeting and saying, "we've done this and that to them and their children, and all they do is make us move away from them. We wanted to be holocausted so our israel may be. Why are they not killing us for our crimes?".


ps, a funny fact. I typed this up and hit send on another web sites tab in my browser, and they approved it anyway.

Anonymous said...

living loving
heart inspire
sunshine glisten
shining higher
rushing water
deep blue sea
swirling conscious
stirring free
weaving meadows
birds and flowers
turning moments
minutes hours
powers instance
travels change
presence rains.


Rob S. said...

Les, this is great news for the entire world. You have great insight and forsight. I am amazed. Do you or can you give personel advice or insight. I have had some problems lately. I am not sure how to deal with some issues I am having. I know it sounds selfish, but...
My muse has been busy, I think, with some bigger problems. God bless, Rob S.

Anonymous said...

You're right Les it was definately Vivian Leigh in gone with the wind. It's brave of you to say what you say. Hopefully change will come sooner than later, and the cancer that spreads over the surface of our beautiful planet, will go into permanent remission.

Daniel John said...

Wicked Pissah post!
Kudos and good thoughts to you all.

Oldtimer said...

Everybody knows Israel is the instigator of all this yet those that could stop it are bought off bt AIPAC.

amarynth said...

Here is something very interesting on the MSM today. (There is some junk on the video before the actual program starts). A complete 'coming clean' on the Fed and its people.

Now ask yourself why today and why this very clear exposure of the Fed game?

Anonymous said...

I actually got a half-jolly reading that! I knew this year was gonna be a good year.

Patrick V2.0

QuietBear said...

I am on the edge of my seat, Les... I have been wide awake since 1989 and have known of the evils of the zionistas, since the very beginning of my awakedness... (i know that's not a word, but oh well, it works!)

I cannot heap enough praise upon your work... I send your blogs far and wide and do all I can to help build your readership... It needs to be heard by the world...

I am truly looking forward to knowing what you know...


Anonymous said...

Les, what beautiful harmonizing - you've a lovely voice, man, I'm telling, so you know that. (yes, I meant that pause...)

Me dreams were of wet wounds sealing...

The World Is Ending, I Can't Wait To Begin...

Joey Tavares

siamsam said...

anon at 12.50 PM .........

The Jew is eternal I here you say. So it seems:;_ylt=A0oGdSwOy4pNAhkAIQ1XNyoA?ei=UTF-8&p=the%20eternal%20jew&fr2=tab-web&fr=slv1-msgr

PS it is hard to find a link to the full movie for some unknown reason - and poor quality of film

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I just wanted to tell you of what I read in a book about the end times many many years back. In it, it said, there would come a Muslim leader from a Muslim land who would unite all the Muslims and non-Muslims against Dajjal - or Anti-Christ. His name is Mahdi.

At that time I thought, seeing mostly all the Muslim leaders of that time are/were stooges of the USA and Israhell, I was skeptical. But now, my belief is stronger. The Arabs are now fighting, shedding blood - being martyrs to fight against Evil, fighting for Truth to win, for their future as well as for the future of the world.

I believe The Dajjal worshipping Zionists indeed have some knowledge of the future courtesy of their Satanic God and they are trying their damnedest to suppress/block/avoid what our Prophet prophecied in our religious books. They think they are God's children - the Chosen ones. Yes Chosen indeed - chosen to rot in hell.

Salam - Nur Ilahi.

Zurdo said...

Kudos to you Les, and many thanks for all the insights over the years. Like many of those that visit your humble abode we have been awaiting this moment for some time. Let's hope our patience has not been in vain.


Andrew from Sydney said...

I have to say, I've not read a post of this nature previously from you Les, and it left me wondering, whilst you all sleep over there in Europe, what is about to happen. I don't believe I am personally hung up on events, but like everyone am curious especially when vague and suggestive concepts you propose open up possibilities that have previously only resided in my mind!

The anonymous friend on here, who declared mental illness was the cause of those who make such claims of events, of course might be right, delusion is alive and well in all forums. But somehow, I do not see why you would write in this predictive manner without reason and cause. Disclosure is a popular term lately especially among the alternative writers of our time. It would be nice to see this run rampant everywhere!

I read an article in a mainstream newspaper from London that claimed Hamas took control of Gaza, insinuating some kind of force being used, I thought they were elected in a vote? The rewriting of historical events continues. Whilst you slept there has been more bombing I believe.

It's not a question of trust or whether you are right or wrong for me, sometimes just an idea can open up many new roads to visualise. I can only really speak of my own experience at this time as you always do too eloquently of yours. I feel we will get there, collectively, yes there will be casualties and serious problems for us all, it's not all bad, not from where I look from anyway!

Thank You for listening.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, March 23, 2011 12:50 PM

We the People are more eternal.


Sook said...

I would like to express as much love as I am able to all of the good people here. I love you. I love you.
Please take me and my loved ones along with you wherever you go, because you, you are god's chosen people and I want to be a part of your tribe.
Thank you Les. I love you. I prostrate at your feet.
You reminded me of Kabir in this post. The local power jerk tried to murder him in various ways. One was to put him in chains and throw him into the Ganges. Well a wave broke his chains and Kabir found himself sitting on a floating deerskin. This is an autobiographical account in his poetry. This particular passage was added to the Guru Granth Sahib by Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs (in the sixteenth or seventeenth century).
There were other efforts to kill him but all were futile.
God always protects the honor of his saints.

Good-bye. said...

To 'the jew is eternal',

That is what the Romans were saying about themselves up until the end of their empire.

"Everything comes to an end."

Anonymous said...

mmm sometimes you do requests?
can you do isreal again please? reall soon
like 5 aces in spades? again and again and again, like are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?


siamsam said...

Amarynth 6.52 PM ......

Very simple and concise presentation. Yet another revelation at the time of the apocalypse.

Apocalypse = revelation/disclosure (

Anonymous said...

This was published today 24 March 2011. It is a short, rich expose of all things zionist.

The excellent article covers the facts that Ashkenazi jews have no hereditary claim to israel. It speaks to the false zionist claim of a God given right to expand and become 'greater israel' while at the same time not believing in any God whatsoever. It illustrates the 50 US airbases encircling Iran. It addresses the countries of Egypt and Libya as they relate to the land seen by zionists (not jews) as 'greater israel'.

Zionist front man Rothschild and his spawn have deliberately intermarried with the royals around the world.

The final push for a world globalization order and the consequent de facto enslavement of all plebians is happening now.

The thirteenth tribe has gone wild.
But this isn't spring vacation, this is the real world you will leave after you for your children and grandchildren.

God help the world against the zionists in our 11th hour of peril.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Desperate Dreams of the Demon Spawn.

Howdy Infernus, this is Offensus. Great to hear from you!

Brian Crossland said...

Hi Les, unfortunately caught some MSM radiation this morning..your post was the iodine I needed.
better now.
lets hope the Germans get their mojo back.

Frank Agamemnon said...

Rothschild and international fractional banking and of Rothschildlandia itself.

complete the Rothschild PLAN for total MONOPOLY MONEY to CONTROL ALL

We need our MILITARY to turn this WAR thingy around, if people see this video

Your Bro

Unknown said...

Me thinks Israel has a contender, as far as EVIL is concerned. And she ain't gone yet all the way, although she has been transformed; and what Aleric I didn't quite accomplish will happen now. Rome is finally gonna die with the fall of the U.S./UK/Israel. The unholy trinity, but there is a forth. Bleedin' Vatican City. Good riddance to all, as they are.

Unknown said...


I fergot. GREAT article as always, fellow metaphysician.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your essays/posts. It is all very insightful. I'm from South America, I've been awake for about 10 years or so now.

What pisses me off the most is the fact that nothing changes Les.

Why is it that the absolute majority ignores the facts?

I lately came to the conclusion that knowledge of the truth is a curse in the World we live. Since my awakening, my life is upside down and nothing seams to work.

I view the World as it really is and that made me a pariah or some sort of freak. Not to mention the fact that being awake also signifies (at least in my case) being broke...

Why is that so? Why can't we know the truth and still enjoy the privileges of this Earth?

You are lucky to have insights. I don't have it so my misery is worst the usual as there is no end in sight.

Anyways, you're right, Israel is worst than everything we've come across lately. There is one thing I disagree with you though: I don't see them and their "owners" being out of power any time soon. These mother fuckers are too powerful and way up in the food chain. They control everything and it seams the so called "savior" won't show up.

I am no longer a Christian, neither anything else.

I do believe in the ancient history though, like Enki, Enlil, etc., but I would not call them Gods as they are not.

What is your take on Enki, for instance? Do you think Enki and Lucifer are the same? Do you think/believe they ever existed?

Once again congrats on the courage.

Best regards,

Joseph Armagh

Visible said...


I don't know the answers to who is who under another name. The historical trail becomes murky.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Adolph, where art thou?

Anonymous said...

Weird. Right after I posted my comment, my blogs were completely deleted. Wonder if I can get 'em back, not that it really matters. After all, all the critical stuff is in the process of being published, one volume ever 3 weeks, NON-PROFIT!

Wonder if I'll get my blog back. I did ask for an explanation, not that my trashing of the unholy foursome is going to change anything.


Anonymous said...


Maybe you were too pretend (grin).

Anonymous said...

I have seen the waking visions of the destruction of Israel for about six years. I knew a guy over there that didn't believe me. I wonder if he does now? Israel's time is nigh! Too many have hoped, prayed, dreamed and imagined it!!!! And it's right on time and very justified.

SouthHungary said...

This guy is speaking the same kind of language! Times are changing fast at last.

suzie said...

Another terrific site ! But black type on a grey background is hard for us old people to read. Can you lighten up the background without making it look too cheerful?

Anonymous said...

The central belief of every moron is that he is the victim of a mysterious conspiracy against his common rights and true deserts. He ascribes all his failure to get on in the world, all of his congenital incapacity and damfoolishness, to the machinations of werewolves assembled in Wall Street, or some other such den of infamy...H L MENCKEN

suzie said...

by the way, to the person who was asking in what city there is a huge clock, there is a new one in Makkah.

Eat The Trolls said...

Anon 11:33,

"dessert" as in the sweet food consummed at the end of a meal has a double 's' in the spelling.

I'm not calling you a moron, I'm just outing you - er - it.

Anonymous said...

The central bank of every nation makes it the victim of an obvious conspiracy against its common rights and true autonomy. It rightly ascribes all this usury to its failure to get on in the world, all of its orchestrated incapacity and economic paralysis, to the machinations of the zionist international fractional bankers with front man Rothschild. F U TROLL

Bill Duke said...

Apologies if this is repetitious since i have not read every comment, but please check out for voluminous info re 911 and the Mossad.

Anonymous said...

Since Bauer began fractional banking in Hamburg.
And upon discovery of this theft, instead of being hung for fraud, this ponzi scheme was embraced by the royals of the time (for a cut) and went international.
The result after a couple of hundred years is that Rothschild owns central banks in all but 5 of the total 197 countries of the world.
This attest to the "success" of the fractional banking fraud (at the people's expense).

Waiting for the end of the world as we know it to arrive.

The truth will set you (us) free -
rage on dog poet!

You truly are the incarnate "Call of the Wild".

Thank you for everything you are doing. May God guide your hand and continue to give you the stength you need to keep on carrying the yoke of truth He has placed upon you.

May God bless you brother Les.

est said...

my reply to a settler
gloating over stucknuts



you seemed to be pretty pleased with yourself
i’m sure you don’t speak for everyone over there

if you actually think the rest of the world
is going to let you guys destroy iran

you are all in for a very sad wake up call

is-it real will be -gone- before noon
at six in the evening the us-china-russia-india
will make peace [oh yeah + europe etc...]

you will be gone – and as i’ve said before
all your brethren will answer for your actions

i understand you [israel] have nuclear weapons

how many do you think you can actually let loose
before you are targeted
and taken out once and for all ?

in a way the fact that you don’t have the real estate
is your salvation

you will have to join the community of ‘nations’
or you will perish

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

It's Time to Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning.

Anonymous said...

Switch Opens

Hey you slaves go hang your owners
Draw your names among their ashes
Lay your children on their thrones
Gather 'round and fall right down

Den said...

IsraHell-bashing is 100 percent kosher dude!

Den said...


IsraHell-bashing is 100 percent Kosher dude!

We however need urgently more than mere words, tho, sometimes, words do hurt them. Physical power, AIR POWER is what we need. Rusia? Chicken? China? Just words..

Indonesia? Morons all! Pentagon's boy being the president, and takes side with NATO S*t!

If I were the president I would dispatch my commandos to assist Khaddafi v the Coalition of Evil West!


DIE WITH ISRAHELL and its slaves the Western powers (except Germany)

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Our Hidden Enemies who Pose as Friends.

ha said...

You insulted all dogs worldwide when you compared them to the Israelis.
Shame on you.

Afrowoman said...

I seriously hope Mouser is a clairvoyant :)

Hey interesting blog! said...
apparently an open letter to israel from the superpowers warning israel that the awareness of all stuxnetted nuclear plants by other people watching and any nuklear acts of revenge will not be tolerated ...amen