Thursday, February 24, 2011

Petraeus and Lieberman sing the Arias of Hell

NOTE= I think a little introductory statement may do well here. I intended to use this site to showcase slimeballs from every operating theater in life, who are deliberately and/or have been deliberately engaged in enemy actions against the human race; either specifically or generally according to the nature of the agenda.

Without even thinking about it, I can list, off the top of my head, more people than I could cover in a year of posting at this blog, maybe more, which are cold-blooded anti-life, bad serpents that get up in the morning thinking about what harm they can do that day and go to sleep reflecting on what they’ve done and visualizing what they may, or will do, on the following day. If I were to try to do that with people who are in the same relationship with good, I have to really concentrate to find very many at all. It’s because of the times, the coming... summing... up and the effect of the negative whirlpool in relationship to the positive whirlpool. People are being sucked away in one of two directions and we don’t collectively have the character of salmon.

I created this site while thinking about Henry Kissinger and his mentor, David Rockefeller and had intended to write about the Herr Doctor Kissinger in the first posting but I don’t make hard and fast rules about anything because I never know when a seemingly wrong move will very quickly right hook into a major time and effort saving shortcut. I leave those decisions to my angels. They can see around corners and through appearances.

Before this introduction becomes a posting all by itself, let me say that I have a couple of features that I am going to introduce today that I hope will add to the flavor and impact of the site and grant us something of a right hook as well.

Each month, one of the subjects of this blog will be named as ‘Extraordinary Slimeball of the Month’. This month, that honors falls to our featured profile of General David Petraeus. Also, each posting will contain a dishonorable mention that may or may not receive a future posting of their own but who reeks to the Heavens with evil taint and must be acknowledged quicker than would be possible in the normal scheme of things. This dishonorable mention will feature someone who exemplifies that image of a goat pissing all over itself with excitement, prior to engaging in an act of coitus (true animal story). Such a person pisses all over themselves, in their impatience to do evil and that honor today goes to the odious and unctuous King of Sanctimony himself, Joe Lieberman.

I had purchased a deck of those playing cards with the faces of Iraqi leaders on them in the hope of making my own deck of cards with Israeli, American and Crown Colony leaders. I realize now I would need a eight deck Las Vegas Blackjack setup to adequately cover the candidates, speaking of which, if anyone out there can get me an ornate, suitably blank (except for number or trump) playing card template, I suspect I could begin to put headshots of the candidates on them to serve as a graphic for each posting.

Well, I’ve gone on too long, you get the general idea, I’ll be away for Friday and maybe the weekend on a minimally invasive, body adjustment so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“Ahroooooooooooo! May your noses always be cold and wet’

General David Petraeus is our feature subject today and also the winner of the Extraordinary Slimeball of the Month Award. If I had to think of a movie character to represent him it would be Natalie Portman in the Black Swan, simply because you rarely see such a uniformly bad actor, in such a terrible script with such poor direction, dedicated to the tastes of a specific pretentious niche group, that determines awards, being singled out for an award other than deposit in a burning 55 gallon drum, trash container.

Petraeus is a PR flack in a military uniform. He knows what his superiors want and he delivers without concern or conscience. Other lives, careers, dreams, families and what have you are meaningless in his calculations about his own. He has been an unredeemed shit-heel for a long time but he has finally distinguished himself, in a rare opportunity to cast all compassion, reason and reality aside, in order to justify a horrendous act. Never before have we been given such dramatic proof of the way the US Military Machine sees its collateral damage.

As a matter of fact, family and one’s children are far more important to this culture, being brutally assaulted, than they are to the culture assaulting them. I don’t even have to qualify that with evidence.

I’m not surprised that there is talk of running Petraeus for president. One thing you can be sure of, if he achieves that state, is that it will be Joe Lieberman who will be running him, once he is president. Here you can see what websites that sell for three hundred million dollars think of Petraeus.

I’m not going to concern myself with other horrors accomplished by this armchair general or engage in ridicule (well maybe a little) about him getting the Combat Action Badge because General Petraeus served in combat in 2003. Pray tell what combat Petraeus saw at that time that wasn’t on a video monitor or War Films of the Week recap? It appears that Petraeus hasn’t been near any directly engaged combat unless someone tried to punch him out in the Officer’s Club for hitting on their wife.

Petraeus has been groomed from the beginning, as can be readily appreciated by reading the bio at Zio- Wikipedia. Someone detached from the actual realities of combat engagement are made capable of the kind of statements attributed to him, in respect of this particular Afghan massacre. It’s a heinous statement. It’s a vicious misinformation that cannot be justified or redeemed in ten thousand years. It’s what makes him this months Extraordinary Slimeball and he can wear it proudly next to his Combat Action Badge, knowing he deserved at least one of the awards.

Joe Lieberman has accomplished so much evil in his time that it is hard to know where to begin or even if one should. One could just say, he’s one of the truly evil sonofabitches in contemporary American politics and be, not only right, but done with it.

We can accept without research that he was connected to the 9/11 attacks; most certainly connected to the cover-up, got himself launched into the chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee, was directly involved in pushing for all of America’s illegal wars on behalf of Israel and, man, there is so much, all the way up to his latest caper. He is a traitor to his country and I would also call him a traitor to the human race, if he were actually a member of it but the contrary has been demonstrated often enough that no one should be confused about it any longer. He was Bush the Stupids go to guy among the Democrats, who he was also a traitor to. He serves only the interests of the Neo-Pharisees like his soul brother, Eric Cantor and a host of other Israeli controlled crime-bots in Congress.

Lieberman has more slither and leaves larger slime-tracks than any other member of Congress. You can close your eyes and literally see him and Chertoff sitting down to a holiday dinner of suckling baby, with a permeating herb pacifier in its mouth, basted and buttered and hot from the oven. I can hear Lieberman saying, “Look David, they burned the feet just like you asked them to, a round of hearty laughter goes round the banquet table, Petraeus has his eyes on the roasted sweet breads, that ring about the body in a special stuffing, which tells any informed gourmand that he is in the presence of true art.

Lieberman jokes, “It’s too bad we couldn’t cook him in one of your scanners Michael”, more laughter follows.

The fact that men like Lieberman and the rest of the Zio-Ogres can prosper at the highest places in government is testimony to why America’s revolution will not be peaceful. There are far too many Americans who have bought into the lies and mass murders of the New Crusades. Will awakening come to them in time or... will it be too little too late? Time and circumstance will tell.

General Petraeus is a prancing pony, beribboned and bedecked for a festive parade. He’s Sarah Palin’s soul mate. He’s one stop short of Dancing with the Stars. One day he’s headed toward that great firing squad in the sky. Joe Lieberman is something darker and more consciously malevolent. Petraeus may be no more than a fool who cannot hear the entreaties of his deeper self but, which once revealed, would cause shame and suicidal despair; a Cardinal Wolsey moment. There is no such hope for Lieberman who is a stone cold psychopath and who gains a sexual thrill from his power to do harm.

It should be a wakeup call to everyone that this blog could feature nothing but dual nationals from various countries and professions for a good long while and never fail in treating with only the top ranks of the damned. In the US alone we’ve ample proof of that and though I have posted this on several occasions recently, it needs to be linked yet one more time. It is a glaring and ugly truth that the ship of state has been hijacked by those who intend to loot it to its iron bones and then sink it at sea.

It is times like these that I take an enormous comfort that there is more to everything than what the senses report. I have direct, first hand evidence of this and it soothes my days and my nights. It speaks to me at intervals throughout and travels in my dreams with me to future times, when much of what torments us has been washed away. I cannot tell you how great the joy and peace are which this knowledge confers. I can imagine that many, who lack the faith or experiences to affirm this truth, are driven to deep despair and cynical stasis, running in place, or frozen in place with no vision of the light upon their horizon.

I have been at pains to say many, many times that this planet, this plane, this sphere of conditions is like a military basic training camp. It is like a Shakespearean play. It is like a classic movie and anything which demonstrates the varieties of human action, ambition and character. It gives us all the opportunity to play our part, be it ever so humble or challenged. I have been in very dark places more than once but there was always a light and unexpected friends and defenders who appeared at the necessary times. We must all of us develop the faith to force our hearts and minds to see what our fear and self-interest have hidden from us. I witness to you that a tiny hole can, with effort, widen incrementally and that it is possible to see the stars as holes in a curtain of darkness, where the light is shining in from another place.

Pretend to yourself that you are a miner. You have a head lantern, just as they do but you need to find the switch, Irrespective of that, dig in the darkness, dig against the entrenched, hard matter of crystallized light. Dig against the karma and blindness that can turn a man into someone like Petraeus or Lieberman. Dig with all your heart and all your hope. Tell yourself that even though you do not know, you know something is ahead, or below, or above. Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter if there is nothing there, that you would dig regardless, because a life spent otherwise is a wasted life. Tell yourself that even if there is nothing there that you will generate it anyway with your persistence and indomitable spirit. Tell yourself that you are digging for everyone and yourself; that there must be something more and that you have the assistance of unseen friends and an eye that watches you from the center of a heart that holds a love so great that only it can contain and command it. Tell yourself it’s all a test and that the only failure is to give up because you cannot and will not fail otherwise; not a single man/woman Jack of you.

There is no stain upon you, no legacy of failure and selfish action so great that it cannot be assuaged and eradicated simply by digging. We are all miners digging in the dark. Some have found the darkness they were looking for, like our protagonists here defined, and some have found the light. Believe nothing except that you will find what you seek and believe that the answers to everything are contained therein. Believe it because it is so.

End Transmission.......

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Neko Kinoshita said...

"Believe nothing except that you will find what you seek and believe that the answers to everything are contained therein. Believe it because it is so."

I keep coming here because you always seem to know what it is that I need to hear.

Nose is still cold and wet(although it seem to be running a bit).


Anonymous said...

Right off the subject but...
Gov. Scott Walker looks a bit like Mister Bean??

Visible said...

Here is yet more proof.
of how much Israel controls America, look at the senators that were targeted and consider their tribal affiliations.

Anonymous said...

Very moving Les
(I put this somewhere and can't find it so here it is again – it was in answer to lumbering the good guys with the eradication of the bad guys... Egypt, Libya, more to come)

I really think the 'good guys?' will be spared the job as 'the angry masses' will do that job in their 'acting out'.

Much like any violent revolution, the baddies will be dragged from their lairs and disposed of by the good peoples of the world who will have, by that time, nothing to lose.
To watch what Egypt does with its 'new found freedom' (if that be the case) will probably be a good indicator of what will happen when 'our' time comes.

Fortunately I am a pessimist (ha ha) and after 'the cleansing' we will have more of the same of what we have had leading up to this mess. Unless we can pluck up the courage to seriously limit the actions of psychopaths, paedophiles and those others who have no care as to their fellow man we won't be able to do it; we haven't got the intestinal fortitude (we are too easily bullied), our religions forbid it, the laws of our lands are made to protect these people, most people are wannabes anyhow, etc., etc... human nature is against us – isn't it?


Angelovski said...

Lieberman is worthless ectoplasm,like many of his felons. But some f....g imbeciles vote for him so we had that shit too long in our reality. But even if he goes, it doesn't change anything. There are too many of them out there. I hope you are right and the answers to everything will show us the way.
May peace break into your house and may thieves steal all of your debts.

Pietro Spina said...

Les, I send you my love and my admiration. Not only can you turn a wicked mean phrase, but when I read your exhortation to "dig," my eyes filled with tears, and my aged heart was stirred by hope. You are, I suppose, an unlikely prophet, but a prophet nonetheless. Thank you.

Rob said...

Great profile. You present Petraeus as puppet and Joe L as puppetmaster.
Joe L probably only pulls one of the
general's many strings, his "act" is the product of many nasty puppeteers.
I was a soldier at the front. When the shooting started, I backed up. I ran. Many miles from the front, I encountered a car with a general in the back. "Why are you running, son?"
he asked. "Because I don't have a chauffered car like you,sir". (From
an old Redd Fox album).

kikz said...

good luck and speedy recovery w/the adjustment :)

Anonymous said...

I have sometimes thought that as a person with a great deal of curiosity about many things, it would be interesting for me to get inside Lieberman's perverted, putrid, pomp-ass, pee-uny brain ... take it all apart, examine all its bits and bobs, try to figure out how it works ... and ... well at this point I have to be honest. I’ve taken many things apart in my lifetime but I wasn’t all that good at putting them back together again ... OOPS!
M. Rocknest (Em)

Kenneth Wallace said...

Ken1010 Calgary Canada,

Les, I read your articles often but I rarely comment because people like yourself can say things much better. Today I would like to say that using the word "extraordinary" is really a compliment, like "special, but more or extra". To me General Betraeus is an example of evil and yet he has no real power of his own, he is just another dupe that gets ahead by doing what the pupateer makes him say or do. There must be a better word for these slimeballs like...whatever you can think of? One more point is the " Combat Action Badge" Should it have "special" at the front? then for short it would be SCAB - much more appropriate. There nothing to say about Liebeman he is simply a traitor and should be strung up. But what of the dieased minds of the people who elect him? These are sad times because we have somehow failed to see the evil that has taken over. May things will improve but they have such power to destroy almost anyone steps up. Continued good wishes for all people who finally waking up. Even if we are a little late, there is plent of work to done.

Anonymous said...

My Brother Les,

I have been a big fan for many years. Your masterful prose has been a joy to my heart to see. So glad you are in comune with your HGA. I have been like wise with mine for many years. They are wonderful, Yes? I stand with you my fellow child of the Big Kahuna. God has blessed you with a magical musical gift like no other I have seen. Keep up the good work. Much love to you and may God bless you. It sure is exciting times!!!

Anonymous said...

"...Petraeus has been groomed from the beginning..." is so true & yes Neko, I agree with you that this is this is where we can "always" find what is really happening.

Read new thriller and yes, we are now being forced to choose sides in America. History is finally showing us our true destiny in life.(

I recommend it. History is finally showing us our true destiny in life.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. “ Thomas Paine

Horace said...

Has anyone else noticed how much Senator Lieberman resembles Senator Palpatine-both in his looks and in his career?

Visible said...

OK my friends;

I'm off bright and early for the body repair shop in the morning. I'll have a moment to post whatever comes in overnight and then I hope to be in the saddle for the radio show Sunday night. Susanne will post comments while i am gone but there may be more of a delay so this is just to update you on the whatever of it all.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I dig it. Jung pointed out that in one's personal endevours, you have to go through initially the personal unconscious, not least the shadow. The shadow representing the less savoury, more neglected, initially abrasive aspects of the psyche. Im sure you know all this. It's one of those ironies that all can appear dark when you are still on the right track. Like the fever before the final cure (or death).Eyes open for that light at the end of the tunnel (I've got a happy feeling in my tummy) , but cautiously listening to that canary in the mine.

I'll bet Obama will end up looking increasingly goulish like Conaleza Rice did. get the faces we deserve. although boy Clinton looks good, so WTF?


thought criminal said...

you only got one thing wrong :: to wit, "People who hate The People never sleep." -- Ted Rall

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to describe Lieberman but the word ghoul comes to mind. You are right he is a stone cold killer.

If I am not mistaken Betrayus is one of the George town educated types. It is like an assembly line.

abe said...

Hey LEs, Like the new blog.
One of the financial blogs I read seems to be confirming your take on Mother Nature having her say:

Looking forward to 2016!

GodSend said...

I see that old Les Visible has become a new (and improved?) More Visible - and a lot more colorful (and mercenary, to boot). Could these be lighter shades of the 'New Nirvana'?

NevertheLes, I enjoy the fact that Les has adopted my favorite description of the Zionist Slimeballs. Ha! Good choice of word, if I do say so myself - and have for about 10 years now. :)

So, Les, are you still Jesus-bashing and slipping in the occasional elephant-headed lesser gods with 8 arms or so, when people least suspect it, enraptured by your New Nirvana?

Haven't been here for eons but I'm happy to see that Les and I still seem to agree on about 99% on what we so colorfully write. NevertheLes, the fact remains that the 1% of difference makes ALL the difference in the world - as well as the NEXT WORLD! :o

Anonymous said...

Man this is good writing. Les Visible -you got a way of packing a lot of thought, knowledge, info into a small space. Only takes a few minutes to read, but weeks (or longer) to full fruition (and free of charge so far?)!

No surprise that the "general" is a poseur with that "combat action badge" ("they" must've learned "they" gotta do a better job on character camouflage/image creation from the last poseur puppet "general" (genocider-extrodinaire Eisenhower) "they" installed in POTUS job; and making genocide don't count as combat).

Also a nice "package deal" or two P.I.E.s in one with bonus: the phony "left-right paradigm".

Perhaps in future you could do P.I.E.s on Hess (unleashed talmudic ideals) and Hegel (refined Hess's talmudic ideals into "dialectic") -a.k.a. the endlessly destructive to non chosenites "left-right" political paradigm. Maybe tie it into another of your "litmus tests" - those who (still) fall for the "left-right" mind game...

May you find quick recovery from physical aliments (perhaps consider to go vegan/organic - for physical and spiritual (especially the karma thing) reasons).

oh, and beware the "smiling faces" bearing/offering very nice "free things"/gifts/$$$, etc.

Thanks for all your works!

just passing by

Anonymous said...

AS in the times of ancient rome and many others where the people stood up and had their Spartacus Moment.

Shall we wait until we the people are all standing in bread lines with are hands out and our eyes down? They put it in our face

Look! They have but left us the crumbs of what was built on the backs of the working people. Whose hands wielded the tools that built this country. Whose blood was spilled in useless wars for profit?

Should we continue to be slaves of a modern society? Shall we forever be beholden to psychopaths whose herts, minds and souls are filled with greed and evil?

Should we sit back and watch others stand up while we sit upon couch?

It is time for our spartacus moment! Now!

wv: shallyou

GodSend said...

In case some of you Truth Seekers here may not have noticed, ;) I also made some minor improvements to my website recently ( Turn up the volume and SEE! if you can detect and identify that lyrical and musical message. Then, click on the approaching "911", emerging from a wormhole at the top of the screen and SEE! where it takes you, Alice! - it's what TERRORIZES the Zionist Slimeballs every waking moment.

Great post, Les! :)

Anonymous said...

GodSend, February 25, 2011 3:09 PM
How are you mate, raptured yet?

GodSend said...

Here's a hypothetical Zen question to ponder:

Imagine that there is this hard-boiled 911 Truther who commits a highly visible crime of the Wilkes-Boothe order of magnitude. The crime is committed in a highly visible place with many eye witnesses.

What is likely to happen?

(A) The offender is arrested and jailed (like 'Raymond Davis');

(B) The offender is shot (to death) by body guards or a "bystander";

(C) The offender commits "suicide";

(D) The offender miraculously "escapes", never to be heard from again;

(E) The offender dies on the spot of a "heart attack".

How likely is it that the offender will be arrested, tried and executed, while giving evidence in Court that "God made him do it" because nobody else had the guts to deliver Judgment to the greatest TRAITOR to America since Dubya?

If NONE of the 911 Relatives' pending Court cases made it to Court (thanks to Judge Alvin Hellerstein), how likely is it that ANY case which would trigger 911 "Discovery" or "Disclosure" for ANY offense, would make it into Court? Is it OPEN SEASON on any Zionist Slimeball of choice for 911 Truth "Hunters"?

Anonymous said...

union draw
lifting truths
stirred on change
moving through
travel swift
tip of spring
mountain river
weave and spin
hum of earth
walking sky
rolling wind
freedom fly


Anonymous said...

thunder clap
disperse a cloud
walking sky
lifting ground
living earth
roll inspire
union reach
floating higher
shining spring
mountain water
sunlight glisten
rolling forth on
rush in cause
river free
freedom sweep
stir the sea


Anonymous said...

Fucking brilliant as usual. The description of Petreaus as being headed for Dancing with the Stars and then the "great firing squad in the sky" had me doing some much-needed belly-laughing this morning, and the bit at the end some much-needed belly-crying.

Bach's compositions weren't performed until 100 years after his death. Somebody's going to need to hold on to these essays and get them translated into Chinese so our great-grandkids can enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Les, maybe you can do a critique of Rhambo the new mayor of Chicago. He's certainly a contender for number one slimeball. Can't help wondering if he's planning, along with the usual suspects, a perfidious surprise party, they can hold it at Larrys place. If it goes off with a big bang, celebrate by invading another unfortunate country.

GodSend said...

Hi, matie (Tony)!

Just like there are mini-nukes and micro-nukes, deceptively planted by those Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (see my wordpress blog for details), that "go off" undetected by most American Sheeple, so there are mini and micro-raptures that "go off" largely undetected - and by which Followers of the Christ are "elevated". However, rumors of my micro-rapture have been greatly exaggerated and I'm still sowing seeds of Truth in the many fields in cyberspace, while the sun shines.

Just the other day, I got banned after a single comment somewhere. I think it was a "financial" blog. Financial blogs are literally and liberally littered with Zionist Slimeball Shills!

And what about you, matie - are you still following in the magical footsteps of elephants and other phantoms of a hyperventilating human imagination? Have you seen the allegory of "Mt. Truth" on my blog? Click on GodSend and scroll down a few posts until you see a BIG mountain. We are all somewhere on the slopes of "Mt. Truth" - some lower and some higher. ;) Keep on climbing, matie, bloody knees and bloody nose and bloody blobs and all. Goodonya!

GodSend said...


I recently "did a number" on that half-middle-fingered Zionist Slimeball Extraordinaire Rahmbo on my wordpress blog. You can easily get there by clicking on GodSend and following the directions to my New Address. Chris Bollyn also "did a number" on Rahmbo - it's linked on my blog. The Zionist Slimeball MATRIX is extending its WWW of Deception into the States and Cities of America. Look for Chicago to nominate Tel Aviv as its "sister city" and begin channeling Zionist Slimeballs between them in great numbers. Of course, Chicago, like New York, Miami and LA, is already a snake pit of Zionist Slimeballs.

Anonymous said...

Les --

May the BIG ELEPHANT hyperventilate until his TRUnk STANDS STARIGHT UP TO THE SKY!




what happens to graft when it meets the WHIFF of everlasting truth and LAFFter, evuh after...

Anonymous said...

The situation with Dual-Citizens in high office of the US government is nothing short of ridiculous.

Why some genius doesn't do something to point this out is beyond me.

How about making up a Flag, or a cut out, that is a facsimile of the US Flag BUT with 50 Blue Hexagrams instead of the 5 sided Stars, and Blue Stripes instead of Red Stripes.

Could you imagine seeing these 'truer' pepresentations of the situation in America ALL OVER the place? (an undeniable and in-their-face statement of this ridiculous fact)

OR - how about seeing this?


A series of 3 numbers that relay the TRUE people behind the Twin Towers attack. (the LAST number is the kicker, an International Area Code)

I can think of more than a few ways to ridicule the ridiculousness that of having these pond scum foreigners running America.

PLEASE, someone start printing up, of spray painting these 2 ideas everywhere, and you may find it's easier to bring down scum with the light of truth than but heads with the Shitheads.

Anonymous said...

ok so
Jan 2009
les started (coined) using this around what, Dec 2010 or so.
doesnt mean he is plagiarising, and his definition is much narrower than a wowser god botherer.
and these are flexible and abstract words, even basic inventions (like the evolitionary theory) have had parallel and independent manifestations.
once again, context is everything, and you'd have to catch LV out on a lot more fronts to match the originality of all his posts IMO.

why the need to attack all the time from some commenters? why not ask and pont out in the first place , then see the response.


Robert said...


Anonymous said...

moving swift
sharpened breeze
tiger charging
buffalo weaves
thunder spins
lightning rolls
rainbow glisten
lifts and glows
reaching far
shining high
touch the lips
ever fly
heavens caught
a brush of spring
mountain tipped
reach within


Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Madman Sees a Kindred Spirit.

GodSend said...

From a distance the world looks blue and green,
and the snow-capped mountains white.
From a distance the ocean meets the stream,
and the eagle takes to flight.

From a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
It's the voice of hope, it's the voice of peace,
it's the voice of every man.

From a distance we all have enough,
and no one is in need.
And there are no guns, no bombs, and no disease,
no hungry mouths to feed.

From a distance we are instruments
marching in a common band.
Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace.
They're the songs of every man.

God is watching us. God is watching us.
God is watching us from a distance.

From a distance you look like my friend,
even though we are at war.
From a distance I just cannot comprehend
what all this fighting is for.

From a distance there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
And it's the hope of hopes, it's the love of loves,
it's the heart of every man.

It's the hope of hopes, it's the love of loves.
This is the song of every man.
And God is watching us, God is watching us,
God is watching us from a distance.
Oh, God is watching us, God is watching.
God is watching us from a distance

(Bette Middler)

And then the Zionist Slimeballs had to come along and try to ruin it all!

At the END, THEY will not succeed - Thank God!

Visible said...

Actually it was 1993 and posted by the webmaker who insisted on using that photo on his own. I objected because it wasn't recent but there are recent photos of me up. I don't know why you take the trouble to write me these kind of emails each day. They don't have any effect except to occupy your time which I suppose isn't all that important apparently.

Martin said...

This blog is bloody brilliant.

Thanks Les.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Killing People Starts with Making them Sick.