Tuesday, February 15, 2011

His Face and his Posture says it All; Kenneth Feinberg

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today we christen a new blog because finally the right psychopath has stood out in all his lucre stained glory to be the preliminary icon of the face of evil in our times. Enter Kenneth Feinberg, neo-Pharisee money controller for the Black Death Department of BP. As an independent bursar, for The University of Swindle, Steal and Torture, which is also the name of his law firm, Kenny Boy is living proof that some people have no shame but only take delight in the prolongation of human pain; not his own. Kenny Boy gets high from saying, “You don’t have sufficient documentation”. It makes him hard, primarily because nothing else does, or can. As Kenny Boy likes to say; “When money fucks you, you stay fucked.”

Kenny’s coat of arms shows two dead dolphins swimming upside down in an overflowing toilet. The caption says, “We did it so that you wouldn’t have to flush”. Let it run over the sides. It symbolizes abundance. Our cup runneth over. “Now that’s what I call an infinity pool”. I’m going to break with tradition and put today's song right in the post:

911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible♫ Oh Kenny Boy ♫

'Oh Kenny Boy' is track no. 4 of 10 on Visible's 2002 album

911 was an Inside Job

It’s that relevant, except for the mention of Bush and Cheney but... the names don’t matter; a psychopath by any other name... Obama is living proof that it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s still a shit-golem on a Segway, that leaves a hissing, orange radio-active slime in its wake.

Kenny was born in a secret underground laboratory near Bed Springs, Colorado. His mother’s name was Vat #9 and he still has the jar over his fireplace to remind him of his mum. His father was made from the DNA of an unnamed serial killer, whose weapon of choice was a fountain pen. I imagine it’s a little like that Mont Blanc you see around now with John Lennon’s picture on it saying, “Peace and Love to John:. Thank God “Oh no, Yoko” is out there protecting his legacy. Still, times are tough for billionaires and every dime helps. It’s not like reputation means much in the long run. You’re still dead, or… are you? That’s something else for me to ponder, while I’m fielding visits and entertaining friends from far away, like… really, really far away.

Kenny’s got a brother that works for Mossad and a sister who turns inside out whenever she wants to disappear. She’s a little like Obama with that. Kenneth reminds me a lot of Lloyd Blankfein, whose corporation has done more to destroy the United States than all the rest of them put together. It’s the Gatling gun of jail house rape economics.

As is my practice with most vicious psychopaths, I like to imagine Kenneth Feinberg naked, just so I can get an idea of why high end escort services charge so much money. He’s bald but not for the reason you think. He’s bald because his hair all grew in to conceal his thoughts. It looks like somewhere a trapdoor spider might live.

In the masterful article that’s linked in the first paragraph (written by dueling twin neo-Pharisees), you hear certain sources saying Kenny’s doing a good job. One of those is a lawyer and I think the other is a lawyer and then there’s one that’s a lawyer too. It seems, I read that he’s denied half of the claims presented to him for insufficient documentation and also because he’s a Grade A, extra fine sonofabitch, whose nose is so far into the devil’s ass that Old Scratch looks like he has a parrot’s tongue when he speaks. Kenneth, do you mind if I borrow your face for a few days? My ass is on vacation. Seriously though, I thought I’d use it in my work with Scared Straight; keeping kids off of drugs so that they can get into the government pedophile program.

Yes Kenneth, you look like what you are. Your features have shaped themselves over the years so that you look like what people expect from a man in your position AND you enjoy your work. You actually like the work. Well, of course BP is paying you $850,000 a month to attend to the needs of those offended. It’s only fair that an independent and fair moderator of claims like yourself should be employed by the people who have to part with the money. After all, they are the closest to everything, having anything to do with The Gulf of Mexico, in it present state.

As you have probably guessed, this posting is anti-Semitic simply because any and all criticism directed at any of the self-chosen people is automatically anti-Semitic. You know, I can just see God sitting in his Heaven thinking, “I’m going to choose those people as my special go to guys, because of all the things that will later be said about them in some postings some guy is going to write in the far future, where he will mention that I did this and he will probably say I did it because I’ve got such a deadly sense of irony”.

Kenneth, look at you there, the spitting image of Bozo the Clown sans makeup. Actually it’s Bozo the Bloodstained Clown, wading through the tear flooded lives of your clients and imploring them to cry some more, giving them good reason to cry some more. You’ve already distinguished yourself with the hush money 9/11 payouts, for an event that was orchestrated by your primary nation, with the assistance of its larger, catamite cousin. They’re like the oxen that pull the cart laden with explosives that you are driving to the kiddie carnival in Everywhere, U.S.A. Once you get there you can transform into Ronald McDonald and pull cluster bombs out of a hat for party favors. Nothing I am saying here is an exaggeration. If anything, I am being understated.

What’s it like in those meetings Kenneth? The supplicant/applicant stands before you, bankrupted by your employer and possibly given a death sentence as well and you? You have a difficult poise to maintain. I imagine you’re sitting right up against a table because no one wants to be exposed to a vignette of Trout Fishing in America, especially when you’re the angler. Now, that’s what I would call pornography. I know it when I see it.

So there you sit, sweat beading on your brow, like you just came from an authentic Indian restaurant and you’re tapping your feet and you’re about to give it up and take your well earned pleasure right there as you look into the eyes of the object of your passion and say “No, I’m sorry, you have insufficient documentation. See here, according to Section 16B, Item 24, “whatever the petitioner may present, he is to be deemed to possess insufficient documentation, no matter what documentation he may have. This is to be repeated as many times as possible until the petitioner goes away, dies from a Gulf related illness, or is willing to settle for donuts on the dollar”.

You must be exhausted by lunch time. I’m thinking you’ve got a couple of testosterone patches on your body to help with generating replacement body fluids and that the real reason it’s taking so long to process these claims is because it takes so much out of you. You’re a piece of work Kenneth. You are a real Profile in Evil. You are the genuine article. You’ve got no scruples, compunction or conscience. All you’ve got is a bad priapic condition that’s got you thinking about heading over to the Department of the Interior for a fluid depreciation allowance. The little kids are the best. When they bring the little kids in with the sores on their faces from The Gulf poisons and you look into their frightened and confused eyes… you must have a sincere smile on your face. You know you’re going to cum hard and you would be grateful, if that were a state of being you could recognize but you don’t. Gratitude is not a neo-Pharisee liability. Do you exchange pleasantries with the parents? I know you wish you could take a couple of those kids with you to one of those government funded research projects. Well, never mind about that, the pool is stocked, in any case.

You know things that other people don’t know Kenneth. You know that the hardest part about being a blood stained clown is getting the blood out of the clown suit afterwards. You know the excitement of looking death in the eye and knowing you had a hand in it. You’re an Israeli loyal, American born, one hundred per cent psychopath and a worthy first addition to Profiles in Evil. You are the very face of Hell as it looks from the moment we are in. You are the heart of darkness and you only wish you had enough hands and time to refuse them all. Well done Kevin, well done.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:


kenny said...

This is a great addition to your world of words Les, and a very fitting lead off. Looking forward to who is on deck.

Visible said...

Well, there's no shortage of candidates.

Anonymous said...

Who's on first?
What's on second?

How DO these people sleep at night with the images of small children with lesions on their faces from BP oil and spill treatment.


Annsie said...

I have noticed before that most of these sociopths/psychopaths really look as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. The saying "You get the face you deserve" seems to be true, just look at most of the world leaders. they look like a bag of hammers..although there are a few exceptions..

Neko Kinoshita said...

So many Evil psychopaths, so little time.

Anonymous said...

This blog could keep you busy 24/7 for years.

Dave Klausler said...

We need a link to this on your other page headers.

Anonymous said...

I eagely anticipate the Kissinger profile.

Karyn Weese said...

This is great news! We now have yet another place to visit for examples of Visible's fine writing and cutting analysis of current events. It is so true that there is no shortage of potential subjects that fall under this new category, so we'll all have to check back frequently for an exposé on the evildoer du jour. The dirtbag chosen for this first post certainly fits well into a group that includes Attila the Hun, Maximilien Robespierre, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, et al. No longer any place to hide for the world's scumbags! Thanks! Karyn

Anonymous said...

Every-time there's a disaster, there he is, handing out very few of the huge bag-full of crumbs to the victims.

Larry "double-indemnity" Silverstein should be pulling up soon, in a Munster-Mobile knock-off, with pictures of a plane hitting the towers, like on the side of the Moving company van they found with Mossad members on board and explosives residue on 9/11. Of course, no need to investigate this, or the U.S.S Liberty. Move along now.

Visible said...

Kissinger was the number one guy for why I created this blog. I meant to get started on it long ago but it took someone like Kenneth Feinberg to activate me. You woulda thought Blankfein would do it but... never mind, here we are.

Anonymous said...

Les, this should have co-equal status with Origami, Reflections and Mirrors on your site.

Anonymous said...

cold dead heart of bp
childrens lesioned brains
seas and rivers poisoned
contaminated rains
insanity of sain minds
consumed by want of dust
crushed itself in wanting
sold to own mistrust
the lusting of the deathcult
an inebriated pig
desecrates reality
for reputation that are big
disfiguring the functions
the origin of all
with artificiality
and hatred as a tool


Anonymous said...

How about Silverstein next and what he and his boys did?
9/11 and Israel, here: iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000190526

The Soup Dragon said...

Excellent new addition to your portfolio Les. Surely the UK's very own "Middle East Peace Envoy", prolificly mendacious sociopath and avaricious goblin, Tony bLIAR deserves a mention ?

Doug Girard said...

Oh Les, you are SO negative! That is what people I talk to about the state of affairs in the world say to me. I have come to believe that people really do have some internal need to be duped and lied to. It seems to be so much easier for them to believe in the lie, than to confront the truth. The truth is so Negative! Reality is not something most of the Americans I come into contact with focus on. They prefer to be programmed, and mistake their 'knowledge' for intelligence, even enlightenment. Man oh man, when it all comes crashing down they will wonder "how could this happen?"

Anonymous said...

murderous disfunctional
disrespectful and corrupted
artificaly manipulated
meaningless and nothing
conversing in disharmony
desecration bound
equilibrium malnourished
crumble into ground
earth and sky and everything
lift and resonate
scented of the stars
cosmic patterns shape
wakening the essences
weaving frequencies
reaching through the moment
freedom truely frees


crumble into meaningless
crash into a heap
artificialy corrupted
root of pig

Anonymous said...

shattering the shackles
burning through deceit
cracking disrespectful
crumbling the cheat
a sweep of universal
glint of paradise
roar of seven lions
charging heaven strike
forces of invincible
liberation swing
flight of chasing eagle
speed of raging wind
a turn of weaving thunder
swift and sharp and true
rise in equilibrium
freeing conscious root


Anonymous said...

sorry people forgot to wipe that last bit off
also thankyou mr visible's,I suppose the list of
feinbergers and kissingers is endless

respects neil

Anonymous said...

You'll be able to fill this blog for the next hundred years with just the Chosen alone.

Anonymous said...

old farmer palmer
rainbows are calm
whisper sun shining
glisten the stars
humming the flowers
with grandmother green
wandering moments
in spiraling streams
of blue green and indigo
yellow waves scent
wakening trails
of peacefull intent
express in the frequencies
magnetize all around
reaching through everything
sky sun and ground


siamsam said...

Come on on guys, have some compassion. Imagine having to shave that face every morning :(

kindest to all

Anonymous said...

take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
and build them a home a little place of their own
the fletcher memorial
home for incurable tyrants and kings
and they can appear to themselves every day
on closed circuit t.v.
to make sure they're still real
it's the only connection they feel
"ladies and gentlemen, please welcome reagan and haig
mr. begin and friend mrs. thatcher and paisley
mr. brezhnev and party
the ghost of mccarthy
the memories of nixon
and now adding colour a group of anonymous latin
american meat packing glitterati"
did they expect us to treat them with any respect
they can polish their medals and sharpen their
smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while
boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead
safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye
with their favourite toys
they'll be good girls and boys
in the fletcher memorial home for colonial
wasters of life and limb
is everyone in?
are you having a nice time?
now the final solution can be applied

Sauros said...

What is evil? If hoi polloi sit around drooling over Jersey Shore and accept everything we do to them like lobotomized lab rats, surely they fully deserve it and that basic fact absolutely justifies our exploitation of the blighters. I submit that we are no more evil than lions hunting gazelles on the Serengeti. Society is our cattle ranch. Since the subhuman masses are incapable of true and lasting rebellion and lack the capacity to reason, they clearly deserve to be harvested like crops. Hadn't it ever occurred to you that your ilk might be the evil ones?

Mediocrity, laziness, apathy, slovenliness, ignorance, stupidity, a pleasure principle run amok causing viral overpopulation, willingness to be deceived, total trust in their betters and our products, an infinitely malleable dereistic psychosocial substructure of terminal naiveté, and addiction to mindless entertainment typify the breed of insentient useless eaters.

This is not evil. This is the natural order of things. Get used to it because we’ve only just begun the cleansing process.

Anonymous said...

the whole thing hinges on the loyalty of the enforcement agencies-ie the military,police,intelligence services and of course the mass media.if people would for once do what conscience dictates,refuse to tell lies,refuse to do the rich controllers dirty work and be prepared to risk livelihood e.g. general strike then we the people could get back in the ball park.the so-called bank-bailout was the last straw ! yet the people have swallowed it ! Otherwise we're doomed to the "age of austerity"

Anonymous said...

and as each monster bank that agrees to turn a blind eye to the corruption, more souls are bought off, and another small mom and pop bank is boarded up each day......

and as each government division is doled out millions to create new "government jobs for the needy", the devouring machine entices the peoples the "self perpetuating machine" is the only salvation from starvation and loss......

and as the lotto create trillions and trillions in tax revenues, that line the coffers of the machine heads, what was once called the "servant of the people", each day convince another school teacher with a family that to work around the clock to survive is just and good and noble......

and as the machine spew forth the entitlements wished and craved and begged for by the people, disillusioned souls are fed the food of tyranny that enslave even the children in cradles, offered up to the god's of money and power......

and the glamour and wealth disguised bring a once sovereign peoples to it's knees' in tears, as the machine rumble's forth spewing the blood of the innocent and ignorant.......

Anonymous said...

and each day the great hollow void grow larger, and the earth swell with the atrocities thought buried forever within it's belly.......

and the forever tellings broadcast forth of the bad and terror that roamed the streets, wishing and wanting to harm the good and faithful, causes the giant fist to open it's greedy sweaty hands, to accept into it's palms the slaves, as they run into it seeking shelter and safety......

and as the airwaves pumped out the illusions as dreams of happiness, the clamber of running feet was deafening, and drowned out the cry's of the children and dying and poor, as the great giant fist patted and rubbed the heads that love to be praised, and stroked the minds of those that long to be called as good and faithful citizen's......

and as the unwitting souls tried to make the leap to join the elite ranks of the "successful", they were fed notions of unsanity pumped out each day, the inconsistencies of the words and directive's as tall towers unto the skies, and true reality was hidden from sight, from anything that wished most for itself, and from all that wished to be validated from the outside frequencies......

and at the top of the tiers and tower's, where the walking dead roamed to and fro, the stench of self worship and corrupted power filled the skies with black smoke, and as each poor beggar soul that stepped close to the room of power was engulfed in flames, and the fire's of injustice burned hot, and the souls that sought to find gain for self fell into the ashes, as each one learned there is was no turning back, and no exit from within the inner circle, that was longed for day and night by the ruthless minds......

Anonymous said...

and as the consequence and risk of exposure of the truth grew larger each day, the mountain became high to the skies, and far too great to ever be told except for the sake of blood, for the atrocities perpetuated in the name of right and good and god, stained the very soil of the feet the brave and real once walked upon, that fought for valor and love of other's loved......

and the voice of the heart that beckoned to those who left it behind, to awaken to courage and passion, was quelled and quieted with the realization's of reality, that the cost be not only self, but one's own family and children......

and the silence and obedience was bought with new offering's of a show, and as promotion's unto power, or the voice's faded away into the bowels of the unsane rhetoric, and disappeared from sight into the abyss of the lost, into the sea of the dead prophet's of truth, that died not for only a few, but for all and many and many, seeing with sight ahead how all would die as slaves, even while praising it's slave master's promising words of safety and passage......

and even as the curses of the followers and faithful ring in the ears of the dying, another honest heart is dissolved with the acids of greed that eat away at the truth......

and the souls that lament in silence cry forth in the quiet places, with the seeing it's own shall come to destruction if the tale be told, as who and what voice can stand and say take my loved one's and imprison them, seeing it was but self's own greed that caused the blindness, and caused the pitiful demise of it's own, or the demise of many and many more, and even so, as a thief in the night the great dragon came to steal helpless crying babies with no knowings from the cradle's of comfort.......

and the trail of destruction of the machine was covered with blood, and the cost of salvation and redemption came to be mortal life, and the ranks of the neutered were added to each day, and marched on as drones to the beat of the manipulated and contorted drummer......

and as the big iron fist reached out it's hand, to acquire it's ownership of the hearts and souls of human beings, the insatiable thirst for money and power grew exponentially, and the level of respect and servitude demanded from the less or's as common peoples grew with each passing day, and the death grip that clutched anything that dare dissent, caused the roar of the same machines that rumbled in the ears of past Faithfull's to grow louder each second, and as the meek follower's convinced of self guilt before god, stood silent in fear, the silence for the sake of self that in day's past perpetuated unquestionable power gave rise to the destructions of many, powered with the fuel of self preservation, and the despise of proof and scrutiny was alive, and millions of insubordinates were churned forth thru the grist mill, spewing bone and blood and hearts into the soils of the earth......

Anonymous said...

and as the big iron fist reached out it's hand, to acquire it's ownership of the hearts and souls of human beings, the insatiable thirst for money and power grew exponentially, and the level of respect and servitude demanded from the less or's as common peoples grew with each passing day, and the death grip that clutched anything that dare dissent, caused the roar of the same machines that rumbled in the ears of past Faithfull's to grow louder each second, and as the meek follower's convinced of self guilt before god, stood silent in fear, the silence for the sake of self that in day's past perpetuated unquestionable power gave rise to the destructions of many, powered with the fuel of self preservation, and the despise of proof and scrutiny was alive, and millions of insubordinates were churned forth thru the grist mill, spewing bone and blood and hearts into the soils of the earth......

and the peoples that ate of the expert definitions of evil put forth by the dragon, stood by while it's neighbor's were fed into machines of torture and violence, and hate fed the flames of passion of killings, while the people's despised by the machine sang praises to the machine......

and the cowards that thirsted for safety were engulfed in a tight fist, even suppressed unto the thoughts and speech of the mouths, and as the king of false promises defined morals and normal code's even unto death, the lion roared forth, to lap up the brains of the oppressor's, even being cursed by the gullible and convinced subjects that hollered for their inferior brother's and sister's to be put to death, and the species that once bought vanity and flattery was enlightened, and the inner chambers that has devised devices of control and control were overcome, and the exterminations of the less or's, purported as the filth that inhabited the planet, came and lifted up the once self professed holy diver's, that had given up their loved ones for self merit and safety, and the machine ground to a halt as the earth come to a stop, and as the skies reigned in new days of peace and love, the prize and glory of the bold and courageous that served the people's was fulfilled, and handed back in recompense.

Masher1 said...

Great new blog Les!

Love the name and think it will serve you and us well.


Copernicus Kidd said...

Rascals. Hare Krsna.

rickslagle said...


It's all we really need to know... or ever needed to know.

Anonymous said...

Good blog Les. Thanks.

So, an endless procession we'll expect?


Pstonie said...

Oh, Sauros, I knew that had to be you friend, while I was reading the RSS feed with no names. First I want to thank you for presenting your rump as a representative of the self-chosen predator class.

I've long considered doing an open letter to the animal-minded on my blog but have not been able to conjure enough negativity to fill a post. There's enough of that going around without my help, but this bit has been clogging up my works, so to speak, so have some.

I won't argue with your assessment of greater humanity, surely no one here will argue that point, we all live with them. Consider though it's not a natural occurrence, since the situation came about when those without the skills required to feed themselves the sentient way hijacked the many creations of those who have the ability to create.

Considering the path that any people must surely walk, this is part of a cleansing process that has to happen for spiritual advancement. The proverbial scum must present itself nakedly and in no uncertain terms to the greater field of popular vision so that it may be dealt with appropriately. This kind of thing is on autopilot, apparently, since the scum are unable to help themselves, drawing ever more and more attention to themselves. They show us a whole manifestation of the evil inside ourselves, so that it can be typified and guarded against.

But enough of that high-minded lunacy, here are the animal terms. I invite your kind to our party that you've been stalking in fear of greater numbers. Surely we're weak and defenceless, you said it yourself. We're human animals, what are you afraid of? I invite you to the lesson every predator must learn. Show us again your insatiable drive for consumption, and we will show you what happens when you push any animal into a corner.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks I'm going to enjoy this new blog. There is so much material to be had here and I know I count on you Les. Very exciting indeed.



Unknown said...

Awesome blog, as always. Anti-Semetic post? Since when were the Ashkenazis Semetic? Not that I care what anyone's background is. What are they as an individual person. That's all that matters.

I've known a few psychopaths not in positions of power, these people do make me cringe, and happy not to be a direct part of their world. It also makes me glad I have done very little to 'feed' them, being a rather ' Spartan' consumer who only buys what it has buy, and is not in debt.

It also makes me glad I have absolutely NOTHING vested in life, and KNOW that I walk the next world, as well as this one which quite a few of us will be leaving rather soon, before their so called 'natural' time due to the genocidal policies of those who are under the illusion they hold power over the masses.

After all, what if the masses choose to STOP PLAYING THE GAME????????

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

I'm betting that the next evil psychopath to come under the scrutiny of this blog will be either Avigdor Lieberman or the ADL'S very own Abe Foxman.It's too close to call.

Visible said...

Well Covkid, those are both excellent choices, however I am thinking Kissinger is next because he is who I put this blog together for initially. Anyone who wants to throw some facts at me about Kissinger, please do.

My problem is finding enough gentiles to flesh out this pig sty. That means Tony Blair and Bush(es) are coming up too. When are you coming to Italy to build that treehouse?

Anonymous said...


Pass the Grey Poupon mustard, while you're at it.

Deb Simon said...

Brilliant, as always Les

Anonymous said...

Staff Sergeant Henry Kissinger, Army Counter Intelligence Corp. 1943-46. Military Intelligence 1946-49. Harvard, B.A. 1950

And that was just his his apprenticeship.

From '50 to '69 he was a journeyman.

The moment he was tapped by Nixon to ne National Security Advisor he came into his own as Master of his Craft.

Les, another piece of work that warrants inclusion on the Roll of Honor would be Alan Dershowitz, wife beating neo(con)-Pharisee par excellence.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of boot camp for insurance agents, "What do we say, we say no, what do we do, deny the claim."

What a fertile mind. With your writing skills do you realize how many federal reserve notes you could command if you were a tiger of a different stripe? Hope you never weaken and defect to the other side. Remember Paul in the New Testament was a pharisee and converted to Christianity. He then wrote the word of god for us all to follow. At least that's what we are taught in church. Another gift of the Joo, writing gods word.

One thing is for sure you will never run out of candidates for Profiles in Evil. I would love to through a copy on Kenny boys desk and watch his reaction as he read it. Bet he would make some anti Caucasian (is that a word) comments.


Anonymous said...

The chosen set up the BP fund for the benefit of only the chosen.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest Saul, a fictional character from the TV series Breaking Bad, a lawyer who flew the flag and contitution proudly, and had no scruples, no doubt neo-pharisee, but he was a but likable.

I'd exclude Hitler, because he at least had some integrity (I don't doubt it), despite his blinded side (racist supremecist shit, ego, lack of self criticism) and eventualy big time evil acts, and he was onto the "problem" and is quite vindicated in that respect these days I reckon.

good idea for a blog and a good new addition, another face of the diamond.


Anonymous said...

This site could never end. I was thinking bugger Kissinger myself. He and the little miss should walk around the house with paper bags over their head.

I see with Sauren you picked up a new demon along the way. He is the reason pole shifts have to happen periodically.

Anonymous said...


I another idea, this monkey has suggested occupying all mideast countries and force converting them to Churchianity. She/He is on record as saying Lenin was right we have to be ruthless.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, and first choice.
You have a great talent for lampooning those that need it, in a
most colorful way (I realize that
being colorful ain't your first
priority, but it don't hurt).
Let's not forget the "ladies?".
Hillary Rothead, Nancy Pelousy, and
my favorite, Madeline Notsobrite.
{The war against Serbia was really
Anyhow, THANKS for what you do. Rob

NadePaulKuciGravMcKi said...

the Chosen
the Superior
of 9/11 Fame

Dodgy One said...

Hmmm I duno about this thing you got here ?
I'm thinking I wana spend Les time peaking into Desolation Row !!

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Looking for a Smack-Down on the Road to Damascus.

Peter said...

Mr Visible,
HERE"S a rather long list.(perhaps to give you some more ideas)
Perle and Pipes immediately come to mind. Also, the media certainly contains some fanged and clawed ones. Last but not least, Big Pharma's Eugenicts crew.
Shivering with anticipation as to your next choice. :D

bholanath said...

Chairman, president and CEO of Monsanto, Hugh Grant, "CEO-of-the-Year 2010".
Chained exit-doors, and disabled fire-alarms for the next board meeting.

Anonymous said...

That was the wrong link it was supposed to be to Man Coulter.


chuckyman said...

Just when I thought that my cup was full it now floweth over. Thank you Les for yet another blog.

Your heart is an inspiration as is your art. As dark as the times seem your candle burns brightly and blazes back the veil.

Anonymous said...

Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of
them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.”

Excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

The world has been infected by a bacteria/virus/fungus, depending on which reliable school of Cancer
research you study. All three have their merits. The Cancer is known as The Jew, coloquially. The 1st
stage of course is infection and is known as Jewish infiltration/immigration. The 2nd and 3rd stages
are known as Jewish influence and Jewish Control respectively. The 4th and final stage which is
terminal for both the host and the Cancer is known as Jewish Domination. However, the Jewish cancer is quite intelligent and becomes aware of the terminal condition of stage 4 and before the host expires sufficient numbers of the Cancer cells abandon the host looking for a new one and the cycle of it's
existence is reinvigorated and repeated. It is amazing how such a small organism can destroy something as large as a planet in such a short time ... population and fauna and flora, the whole works.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Love in the Time of the Hadron Collider.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

The Coronation of Trivia and the Headsman's Axe.

Melchizedek said...

Many Thanks Truth Knight
Re Kissingrrrr, see Cathy O'Brian's Trance Formation of America; also, Kay Griggs Talks: Desperate Wives (Blackmail in US Government)